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A way of life from the Old Stone Age to the Neolithic to civilization

Speaking of human evolution before becoming human today, it is known as Homo Sapiens Sapiens, which is modeled after Homo Sapiens, but today we are not talking about human traits. Because we are going to talk about lifestyle changes of people in the Old Stone Age. Developed later in the Neolithic And eventually led to the birth of civilization.

This will show the development that occurred in different eras that followed that human way of life. And how much has changed from the original So do not wait any longer. Meet the changes that occurred in the way of life from the Old Stone Age, the Neolithic to the civilization.

Old Stone Age Paleolithic Era

  • In this Old Stone Age, it is known that it was the earliest human form of life that uncomplicated traces of life were discovered, hiding for wild things, hunting day to day. Is definitely clear And always travels to find new habitats and food
  • The tools used for their livelihood were tools made of stone. And in this age it has been learned to use fire
  • With the development of language communication And causing it to start recording things naturally, such as painting cliffs, caves and making sculptures.
  • In this age we can see the burial as well.

Neolithic Era (New Stone Age)

  • In this new Stone Age, it will begin to see mass coexistence and a firm foothold. Because with the beginning of the development of agriculture Raising animals and growing more stable food crops in the Neolithic Because there is no need to wander around any longer
  • Later, tools were developed to be more specific to the purpose of use.
  • An increase in activities in the agricultural community such as the exchange of goods Social stratification began to take place during this Neolithic period. Although it may not be very clear
  • The development of various technologies, from pottery, weaving to plowing, is the lifestyles seen in the Neolithic.


  • From the development of the Old Stone Age And the Neolithic This led to the great transformation development of the civilization that began to change among the more urban society. People settlements have broadened. Not only family members were together as in the Old Stone Age and the New Stone Age. But the way of life of the people in this era is living surrounded by people from different places and families. Living together as a big society
  • This coexistence as a large society also leads to an organized society that allows for peaceful coexistence. By starting to develop the regime Centered on religious beliefs
  • There was a clear division of the social class. Divided by ability Occupation Or the family born The occupation will begin to have more expertise and specialized. Not only doing agriculture But there are also rulers, soldiers, warriors, art holders, merchants, engineers, craftsmen. The social class found in almost every age is slaves. Which is a class that arose from hunting, hunting, etc.
  • In addition, irrigation systems that stabilize the consumption were also developed. Which may be causing a lot of overflowing

Therefore, the transformation of the first urbanization Which is very different from the farming village lifestyle Early cities were different from agricultural villages. In terms of size, the early cities were larger. There is a variety of people In which the farming villages lived as a family But in the city it will be a living together with others. Like a neighbor So the population is denser. When the society became as follows, the organization was established to organize society in the city. There are clearer boundaries. And also has a center for both trade and faith.

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