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Our 7-day War

Our 7-day War (Anime)
Other Name: ぼくらの7日間戦争, Our Seven Days War

Genres: Anime
Osamu Soda
Kadokawa movie work
August 13, 1988
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On the day of the closing ceremony of the first semester , two groups of boys, including Eiji Kikuchi, who attend a junior high school in downtown Tokyo, suddenly go missing. Parents try hard to find Eiji and others, but cannot find them at all. In fact, Eiji et al., And barricaded the abandoned factory of the Arakawa River, and Junko Hashiguchi et al girls who are outside, corporal punishment in cooperation Satoshi Tanimoto and which suffered a serious injury by, abandoned factory in Japan university university-wide united front conference mimics the “liberated areas He was rebelling against teachers who oppressed by school rules and parents who forced him to study. However, Naoto Kakinuma, a boy student in the 1st and 2nd class, is kidnapped before joining it. Eiji and his colleagues struggle to rescue him with an old man, Takuzo Segawa, who he met at an abandoned factory.

At Aoba Junior High School, domineering teachers and unreasonable school rules bound students. When eight male students, including Eiji Kikuchi of Group A, leave home, they bring food and daily necessities to an abandoned factory and stand up. Mothers and teachers find a factory and try to take the students out, but Kikuchi and the others drive them away with sand and water. Hitomi Nakayama and three girls will join the factory. The teachers cut the entrance with a grinder and invade the factory, but the students chase after the tank found in the basement of the factory and retreat the teachers. Hitomi names the tank “Elena”. Finally, the school reported to the police and the riot police rushed into the factory. Students set up all kinds of traps to play with intruders and hang teachers in cages and nets. Students escape the factory through the sewer. Fireworks set on Elena were launched one after another at the factory at night, and the students cheered.

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