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Crash Landing on You (2019) Episode 16 End Recap

The doctor gave Yin Shili first-aid and finally recovered her heartbeat. Everyone was relieved. Yin Shili’s mother asked the people in the National Academies if she could leave Li Zhenghe. She was afraid that Yin Shili would find him when she woke up. Can promise. In North Korea, Xu Dan cried to Gu Shengjun in the ambulance and admitted that he was happy to wait for him because of his confession. Gu Shengjun took off the oxygen mask and asked her what she liked. Xu Dan admitted that the two had eaten together. Ramen said that he likes it, and Gu Shengjun listened to her and lost his breath.

A few people from Buji Zhixiu ate together. Boji Zhixiu said that he received an invitation to dig a corner. The people from the National Academies told Buji Zhixiu to send him back to China if he wanted to, but respecting his personal wishes could help him. After settling down here, several people said with anger that they were all asked the same question. Lee Jung Hyuk’s father requested that South Korea secretly send all personnel back to North Korea, and the National Intelligence Agency reported all the investigation results, proving that several people had no espionage while in South Korea, and agreed to deport. Yin Shili woke up, and her mother came to tell her that Lee Jung Hyuk was about to be sent back, and it was immediately.

Although Yin Shili was lost, she was still happy for him. Her mother asked her if she wanted to see him farewell. Now she doesn’t want to be known by Lee Jung Hyuk, her mother tells her distressedly that Lee Jung Hyuk keeps beside her even after the operation. Many people leave after the operation, and he stays with her until she wakes up Only then did she feel relieved to follow the people from the National Academies and the mother knew that she still wanted to see him. Yin Shili cried and asked her to take her.

Li Zhenghe and his subordinates sat on the repatriated bus. Everyone was frustrated because they couldn’t say goodbye to Yin Shili, and they were sad because of the feeling of parting. Yin Shili’s mother drove Yin Shili to chase the bus. After receiving a call from the Chief of the National Institute of State Affairs, the car stopped in front of the military demarcation line of the city. The personnel of the two sides stood on the military demarcation line.

The section chief looked at the time and said that he had five minutes to wait, but the other side ignored the need to immediately exchange personnel. Li Shihe just arrived at the transnational dividing line. Yin Shili just arrived. Yin Shili saw that they were distressed in handcuffs. Yin Shili was crying and ran up. Li Zheng He was anxious to stop her from running. Regardless of the obstacle, she pushed back and ran back to hug Yin Shili. Pull a gun to face off. Yin Shili was worried and asked why he was handcuffed, and begged him not to leave. Lee Jung-hye comforted and said that they were okay, and the two of them teared their eyes apart and said goodbye. The people from the National Institute of Social Affairs took away Lee Jung-hye and sent him back to the dividing line. Yin Shi-li cried with several people. \

Sure enough, the military minister attempted to kill several people halfway, the chief political officer led an ambush to prevent the assassination, and the chief political officer killed the military minister on the spot. Going back to the car, Lee Jung-hyok apologized to his father, which made him worry. No one from the Chief Political Bureau blamed him for asking him if he was okay, and Lee Jung-hye wept. Back at home, Lee Jung-hyuk’s mother heard the door open and thought it was bad news. She picked up the medicine on the table and committed suicide. She saw Lee Jung-hye come in and ran to hug him crying. Li Wanfu returned to the family to reunite with his family.

Xu Dan was lying down because Gu Shengjun’s dead water didn’t stick. My mother and her uncle were worried. My mom finally calmed her willing to talk. She said with excitement that she would help her find a handsomer person. Boy, Xu Dan’s mother chased him out and beat him. Xu Dan opened the door and told her mother and grandma to take revenge. Xu Dan called President Qian to know that it was Yin Shili’s second brother who chased Gu Shengjun, and determined the goal of revenge. Yin Shiheng learned that Gu Shengjun died in North Korea. He and his wife started to quarrel. Yin Shili accepted it. After the investigation by the National Intelligence Institute, people from the National Intelligence Institute have arrested the organizers who identified Yin Shiheng and the couple.

The National Intelligence Institute took the couple directly for investigation, and Yin Shili’s father made a clear distinction with the two on the spot.
When Yin Shili returned home, she was very sad to see the refrigerator full of stuff. Before going to bed, she was shocked to receive the message from Lee Jung Hyuk. It turned out that someone from the National Institute of Social Sciences gave him a cell phone for him to send. She used a bibliography to confess to her. Li Zhenghe sent messages every day according to the date, and the two returned to daily life, but both were doing the same thing as if they were around.

However, several people of Puji Zhixiu were not used to returning to North Korea, and each said something they were not used to. Xu Dan’s mother went to the village to tell everyone that Xu Dan was moving out of the new house and gave everyone skin care products. Skin care products were made according to everyone’s face and name. It was a new series made by Yin Shili company called Miss Products, everyone was feeling Thousands couldn’t help crying. Xu Dan moved to see Gu Shengjun’s left jacket, and remembered that they were wearing Gu Shengjun for the first date. They cried while holding their clothes. One went to the place where the two had been together and thought of Gu Shengjun. What Xu Dan said was painful.

Li Zhenghe’s mother and Xu Dan’s mother met. Xu Dan’s mother apologized and said that Xu Dan was not married to Li Zhenghe, and informed the termination of the engagement that Xu Dan was in love with others, and Li Zhenghe’s mother also had relatives. The two finally apologized and sincerely agreed thank. Xu Dan came to Li Zhenghe and handed him the camera. Xu Dan took the camera from his home and repaired it. He also saw the photos inside before he understood the reason for everything. After Xu Dan left, Lee Jung Hyuk took the photos on the camera and saw Yin Shili, who he had taken in Switzerland, missed him. Yin Shili received a message saying that it was a mang seed, and Li Zhenghe also sent her a pot of plants that had not yet grown to allow Yin Shili to take good care of it. In Li Zhenghe’s house, the tomatoes left by Yin Shili also bear fruit.

Li Zhenghe’s appointment message was sent within a few days, reminding Yin Shili to live well. Soon after December, Yin Shili received the message on her birthday, but the appointment text message was only one year, and the birthday message was the last one. People from the North Korean village gathered at Lee Jung Hyuk’s house for dinner. Lee Jung Hyuk told everyone that he would retire, so that everyone could take care of the next squadron leader, and the new squadron leader died. Everyone was too disgusted. Everyone was very fond of Lee Jung Hyuk. Reluctant to pile all the vegetables in front of Li Zhenghe, Li Zhenghe was very reluctant to watch everyone, and left the village alone in the early morning.

Yin Shili put forward a proposal for his brother to promote the Foundation for Classical Music Genius Scholarship, regardless of country. One year later, Yin Shili came to Switzerland but did not meet Li Zhenghe. The foundation is held in Switzerland once a year. Yin Shili goes to Switzerland every year. When I met Lee Jung Hyuk, my mother was also distressed. She was disappointed and returned every time, but Yin Shili was waiting with hope. Every time she heard someone playing the piano on the street, she thought it was Lee Jung Hyuk. Yin Shili went to glide and was not covered when she landed. She was complaining that she couldn’t do it every time. Li Zhenghe appeared in front of her and said that she missed her. Yin Shili ran to hug him and asked him how he came. The two loved each other in the beauty of Switzerland.

Xu Dan’s mother finally got in touch with a fortune teller who was very accurate. The priest said that she had recently been possessed by a virgin ghost and her marriage and marriage were accurate. Xu Dan’s mother hurriedly asked Xu Dan’s marriage. But she missed it three years ago, but she had a spell that would allow Xu Dan to find a marriage partner in one month. Xu Dan’s mother did not hesitate to spend money to buy it. Good news also came from the village. Li Wanfu was promoted to Pyongyang to work, and engaged in art-related work. A few people in the table show were happy when they discovered Yin Shili’s products. After Yin Shili and Lee Jung Hyuk reunited, they met in Switzerland every year to participate in a concert. When the time came, Yin Shili took annual leave and handed over work to her subordinates, and began a two-week happy time with Lee Jung Hyuk.

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