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Find Yourself 下一站是幸福 Episode 41 Recap

He Fanxing opened her heart to her parents. She told her parents about her relationship with Yuan Song, saying that she hadn’t told her parents that she had too much anxiety at first and she didn’t need to say anything after break up. Mother He asked her why she still liked Ye Luming with Yuan Song. He Fanxing was aggrieved. She said that she wanted to get married since he was ill. He wanted to reassure Father He and tried hard to like Ye Luming. But how? This is impossible.

He Chanyang overheard the movements in the room at the door. After opening the door, Mother He said he bought the yellow croak er he liked and asked him how he wanted to eat. He was flattered and offered to fry. He Chanyang received a call from Cai Minmin. She had already come downstairs to He Canyang’s house. He Canyang asked Ye Luming’s situation. Cai Minmin said that he could not see Ye Luming’s love affair. He Canyang said that Ye Luming had passed the age when he lost love and died. He bears a lot of responsibilities and can only digest his emotions silently.

In the evening, Yuan Song ate with Wu Meiyin and Luo Wenyue. Wu Meiyin intentionally or unintentionally matched Yuan Song and Luo Wenyue. Yuan Song took a call and left. Wu Meiyin asked Luo Wenyue how he felt about Yuan Song. Luo Wen Yue said that although she likes Yuan Song. she feels that she still remembers He Fanxing, but she likes to do such challenging things. He Fanxing told the two girlfriends that he had confessed to his parents, and both admired He Fanxing’s courage.

He Fanxing led Lord Belle to the downstairs of Yuan Song. Seeing that the lights were off at Yuan Song house, she called Yuan Song. Then she knew that he had gone to Suzhou and asked him. Yuan Song last night. What was said, Yuan Song said that Luo Wenyue was next to him and a lot of things were inconvenient to say. He Fanxing heard Luo Wenyue and Yuan Song were traveling alone. She get some worried Yuan Song would empathize. He Fanxing decided to recover this relationship. She planned to go to Suzhou the next day. He Fanxing asked He Canyang to help inquire about hotel where Yuan Song stay.

When Yuan Song put down his cell phone, Luo Wenyue knocked on the door of Yuan Song and asked him to go to the hot spring together. He also allowed Yuan Song to talk to himself, but Yuan Song said Luo Wenyue was not his favorite type. He Canyang sent the address of Yuan Song to He Fanxing. He Fanxing asked his parents how he felt. Although Dad and his mother felt that He Fanxing and Yuan Song were not suitable, they still supported He Fanxing to do what she wanted to do. He Fanxing after reading the message of He Dad, the whole person relaxed. He Fanxing checked into the hotel where Yuan Song were staying. She looked at the photos of Yuan Song and Luo Wenyue, and she was jealous.

The following evening, when Yuan Song and Luo Wenyue were walking, He Fanxing pretended to meet the two. After the first confrontation, He Fanxing lost. He Fanxing and Song Xue said in the hotel that they saw Yuan Song today. He Fanxing suddenly regretted it and felt that he was too blind and confident. He Fanxing still wanted to try to recover Yuan Song, Song Xue and Yang Xiao Yu also decided to learn from He Fanxing and get her work done as soon as possible.

Luo Wenyue brought wine to Yuan Song. She had a bit of criticism about He Fanxing. Yuan Song were a little unhappy. She wanted to maintain He Fanxing, but Luo Wenyue said she was here to help Yuan Song. It is speculated that He Fanxing came to Yuan Song only because of jealousy, but Yuan Song said that he already had a plan and refused Luo Wenyue’s request for help. The two were chatting. The hotel waiter came to deliver snacks to Yuan Song rooms. Yuan Song thought that He Fanxing was here some were lost. As soon as they closed the door, He Fanxing sent a message to Yuan Song and let Yuan Song come to the yard.

When Yuan Song met He Fanxing, he deliberately said that he had just had a drink with Luo Wenyue in the room. He Fanxing asked Yuan Song what it meant to be cold or hot, but Yuan Song asked He Fanxing what it meant to come to Suzhou. He Fanxing stubbornly said that she was here for tourism. By the way, he asked what she said to Yuan Song when he was drunk. Yuan Song asked He Fanxing whether he could be responsible for drunk words he said. He Fanxing asked Yuan Song to talk, as long as it was her. If she can do it, she will do it. Yuan Song said He Fanxing asked to marry him, but He Fanxing didn’t believe it. He felt drunk and would not say such nonsense. Yuan Song invited He Fanxing to go to the lake tomorrow. While playing, He Fanxing agreed.

On the second day, when the three people were eating together at the lake, Luo Wenyue had been deliberately stimulating He Fanxing. After Luo Wenyue and Yuan Song went to the lecture, He Fanxing went to the hot spring and did not receive a call from Yuan Song. He Fanxing had an accident and returned to the hotel early. He saw that He Fanxing was okay before he felt relieved. He Fanxing followed Yuan Song and entered the room. She said he had something to say to Yuan Song. He Fanxing said she had broken up with Ye Luming. He asked the answer to Yuan Song after he proposed to Yuan Song last night, but Yuan Song said that it was not possible. She also said that if he wanted to reunite, he would openly have a relationship. He Fanxing quickly explained that he had confessed to his parents and she would not shrink back. However, Yuan Song still pretended to be reserved, pretending to think about it, in fact, my heart has been blooming.

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  1. Are there any plans to create a new season of find yourself? I liked all the actors in the story! All their characters played a purpose in the story line. I think it would be a great continuation if Victoria Song and Yong Song became the now stable characters part of a new storyline! There were so many great character portrayals in this show where I wanted to know how their stories would continue on as part of the main love interest lives!


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