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Find Yourself 下一站是幸福 Episode 40 Recap

He Fanxing suddenly apologized to her father, crying and hugging, he kept saying sorry, Dad He was unknown, so she had to hug her to comfort her. He Fanxing slept unconsciously. After sitting in the living room for a night, Ye Luming met at night. Song Xue went to the hospital for a pregnancy test. When He Fanxing arrived at the hospital, Song Xue had already done it.

When the two were shopping, He Fanxing advised Song Xue to tell Dongyang about the child. Song Xue promised to think about it. He Fanxing said with emotion that things that happened to others can be solved, but he couldn’t really empathize with others. Song Xue recently She also began to reflect on herself. She reminded He Fanxing that love is obtained without effort. What needs to be done is how to keep love around. He Fanxing regretted a little, realizing that she had not completely let go of her relationship with Yuan Song. When she saw Yuan Song and other girls, she would still be jealous. She is also aware of He Fanxing’s intentions, and He Fanxing was thoughtful.

On the way to Ye Luming’s house, He Fanxing was thoroughly drenched by the heavy rain. Ye Luming took Cai Minmin’s clothes to changed for He Fanxing, and then poured wine to He Fanxing. He Fanxing hesitated for a while and wanted to talk to Ye Luming. Ye Luming is interrupted He Fanxing, and he proposed to break up. He wanted to be friends with He Fanxing. He chose to let himself go and he no longer forced He Fanxing. He Fanxing was very guilty. Ye Luming in turn comforted He Fanxing, saying that she was just a victim. He Fanxing felt that she had failed Ye Luming’s efforts, but Ye Luming persuaded He Fanxing to start something, and she got a lot in the process of giving.

He Fanxing thanked Ye Luming for taking the initiative to break up. In the end, he became that bad guy. All kinds of emotions were blocked in He Fanxing’s heart. He Fanxing could only thank him with wine. After the two became friends, they got along much more easily. When the two were drunk and were chatting drunkenly. Cai Minmin went home and saw this scene a little at a loss. He Fanxing met Cai Minmin and told Ye Luming that he was in Yuan Song’s family was recognized by Cai Minmin as cleaning aunt. Ye Luming laughed at He Fanxing and told Cai Minmin that he had dumped He Fanxing. Cai Minmin hurriedly called He Canyang and said that the two were drunk and let He Canyang come home quickly.

When He Chanyang came to Ye Luming’s house, He Fanxing was telling his troubles. He Fanxing felt very sorry for his father. He Canyang listened to He Fanxing’s words and looked at He Fanxing’s fragile appearance. He also felt guilty. He Canyang wanted to take He Fanxing home. At that time, Cai Minmin looked at Ye Luming’s sad look, blaming He Fanxing, He Canyang and Cai Minmin argued, and finally He Canyang picked up He Fanxing and went home.

When Yuan Song came to work at the company, the employees in the Amazing decoration were packing and preparing to move to the headquarters. Cong Xiao was promoted to the manager of the marketing department of the headquarters. Several people made a few jokes, and Xiao Bai told Yuan Song his annual leave. After approval, Cong Xiao casually asked where Yuan Song were going. Yuan Song said that he was going to Suzhou with Luo Wenyue to attend a lecture of an architectural designer. Cong Xiao enterprising about Luo Wenyue’s thoughts on Yuan Song. Yuan Song said that they had no idea about Luo Wenyue.

He Fanxing woke up from a hangover and drank a whole bottle of water at He Canyang’s house. He Chanyang saw He Fanxing like this and was worried that something would happen. He Fanxing planned to tell his parents about breaking up with Ye Luming and told He Canyang that if his mother passed out. If so, remember to call an ambulance. He Canyang wants to persuade He Fanxing not to stimulate his parents, but He Fanxing can no longer hide his inner thoughts. After knowing that He Fanxing broke up, Ms. He said she had some regrets but she was not too surprised. He Fanxing said that she already had someone she liked, and then ignored He Canyang’s block, she said she liked Yuan Song. He always maintained He Fanxing. He Chanyang felt that his parents were eccentric and slammed the door and left. He and Dad let He Fanxing sit down and talk carefully about what was going on. They were willing to listen to her daughter to understand.

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