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Crash Landing on You (2019) Episode 15 Recap

Gu Shengjun was forced to the roof, and President Qian held a gun at him. Here, the National Intelligence Agency surrounded Li Zhenghe and Zhao Zhegang. The snipers all pointed their guns at Li Zhenghe. Zhao Zhegang suddenly turned his head and fired at Li Zhenghe. Li Zhenghe flew away quickly. Zhao Zhegang was killed by a sniper on the spot. Zhao Zhegang told him before he died, He ca n’t go back now. He has passed all the evidence back. If he returned to North Korea, his parents would be sentenced, and he said why his father had not been thoroughly investigated for what he did. It is because his father will be involved, so his father hopes that he can’t go back, saying that he can’t go back anywhere now, and invites to die with him. Facing the dead Zhao Zhegang, Li Zhenghe lost his soul and pointed a gun at himself. People from the National Institute came in and let him throw away the gun. Li Zhenghe dropped the gun with tears.

Here in the hospital, watching the rain was getting worse and thunder and lightning, everyone began to worry, Yin Shili was even more worried when she called to shut down. On North Korea’s side, Li Wanfu’s wife and son were taken away by the Ministry of Defense. Li Yingai took everyone out to stop him. Li Yingai realized that the two were not members of the Ministry of Defense and threatened to call someone to come and arrest them as personnel of the Ministry of Defense. Save Mingshun and Weizhou.

Biao Zhixiu was teasing that there was someone in Yin Tong’s subsidy for the beverage machine, because Yin Shili’s sister reported to the National Institute, and everyone in the National Institute went to the hospital to take away a few people. Yin Shili unplugged the infusion tube, and the people who caught up with the National Intelligence Agency said that they would go to be investigated together. Several people in Piaozhixiu cried and told her to go back and lie down. Yin Shili’s mother came to hold her and said that everything would be OK. Yin Shili only Can go back and continue treatment. Several people who were taken away were worried that they might face horrific punishments when they entered, giving examples of various terrible punishments. After entering the National Institute, several people went through physical examinations in turn, and finally performed a polygraph. Piao Zhixiu was still installing a tough guy, and the heartbeat on the polygraph was beating up and down. People from the National Institute showed Yin Tong a satellite picture of his hometown. After the investigation, they were sent to dinner.

Li Zhenghe didn’t say a word from entering the National Academies, and Li Zhenghe’s father also learned that he had been arrested and that Zhao Zhegang was dead. He knew that Li Zhenghe was safe and sound, but the situation was out of control. Yin Shiheng took the opportunity to find his father and said that Yin Shili is now in violation of the National Security Law and is related to spies. He persuaded his father to give up Yin Shili. His father was very cold to him and did n’t want to hear him say more. Let them think about their future. Yin Shili Brother and Eryi overheard this incident and hurried to find Yin Shili to ask. Gu Shengjun was caught by someone sent by Yin Shiheng and was ready to be sent to South Korea.

President Qian couldn’t bear to take advantage of the thugs and fell asleep. He removed Gu Shengjun’s rope and let him tie himself, Gu Shengjun ran away alone. Going out and wandering on the street, I was almost found again in the market. Fortunately, he was rescued by the two siblings who were homeless. Gu Shengjun listened to the child’s song and remembered his life and burst into tears. He left a roll of dollars to the child. When I saw the pawnshop, I remembered that Yin Shili had taken his proposal ring. Xu Dan returned to the apartment and found that he was in a mess. He thought Gu Shengjun ran away. He saw that his luggage was still there, but no one answered the phone.

The National Intelligence Institute is analyzing how to deal with Lee Jung Hyuk, but the videos found after the subordinates’ investigation are all about Lee Jung He doing good things to help others. Interrogated Lee Jung-hyuk again, Lee Jung-hyuk confessed everything truthfully and took all the crimes on himself. Yin Shili heard Li Zhenghe ’s confession from the National Academies. Yin Shili cried and said it was not true, because you never wanted to leave her in North Korea, but tried her best to help her with her life. Yin Shili said she was willing to accept any punishment.

To allow Lee Jung-hye to leave Korea safely, several people in the show were reluctant to say anything about the questioning, and only cared about Lee Jung-hye’s life and death. The National Intelligence Agency had no choice but to let Yin Shili meet Li Zhenghe. When Li Zhenghe saw Yin Shili, he said that he would not accept interrogation. After Yin Shili persuaded him to sit down, Li Zhenghe still said he wanted to use her. Yin Shili was taken hostage, and Zhao Zhegang was reported to kill her brother. Yin Shili cried to persuade, but Li Zhenghe said that it was more painful to face her than to ruin her life. The frail Yin Shili could only leave when he said harsh words, and fainted after leaving the door. fall down. Knowing that Yin Shili had fainted, Li Zhenghe hurriedly chased out, watching the figure with her back saddened.

Yin Shili was immediately taken to the emergency room. The doctor said that the mortality rate of septicemia was 40%, and she had to eat it overnight. Several people gathered in the army village. Mingshun still did not receive the news of Li Wanfu. Everyone was worried. Li Yingai instantly felt that the fortune-telling was very effective. Mingshun wanted to ask again, but learned that the fortune-telling was because It was calculated that someone was derailed and was blocked by the inspection department. Just then, Gu Shengjun was hungry and found the village to find a place to recharge. Several people from Li Yingai prepared food for him, and Gu Shengjun was hungry. In the evening, Gu Shengjun hid into Li Zhenghe’s house while he wasn’t paying attention.

Xu Dan was worried that he finally got on the phone one day before he learned that he ran to Li Zhenghe’s house and hurried to find him. Xu Dan lamented that he would not come to Li Zhenghe again At home, Gu Shengjun told her about being chased by her. Xu Dan wanted to help him find a way. Gu Shengjun refused to say that he didn’t want to bother her. He had to solve his own life. After learning that Gu Shengjun was leaving, Xu Dan was very frustrated. Gu Shengjun asked her to take her to the airport. Xu Dan agreed, and Gu Shengjun thanked her sincerely. Finally, she couldn’t help pulling Xu Dan to confess. He brought the ring retrieved from the pawnshop to Xu Dan, saying that although he was very sorry, he could only do this, and said that if he had the opportunity to give Xu Dan a chance in the future, he would embrace Xu Dan deeply and say that he now knew that Where he ran, Xu Dan cried after hearing it.

On the side of the National Institute of Investigators, the investigator’s behavior of Jiu Xiuxiu in South Korea, through Yin Shili’s credit card spending records, found that they were really simple and simple. Zhao Zhegang’s notebook was repaired, and the email was shown to Lee Jung Hyuk to inform him of his current situation. Xu Dan sent Gu Shengjun to the airport. Xu Dan turned his head and walked away. He cried on the returning car, but she did not know that she had been tracked. Gu Shengjun received a threat phone before he boarded the plane.

Those people threatened to After killing Xu Dan, let him rush to the place within an hour, Gu Shengjun tangled. Yin Shili was still on the verge of life and death, dreaming that she had foreseen everything, and still chose to meet him without hesitation. Li Zhenghe learned that her life was dying and rushed to the hospital. And Gu Shengjun also tore his ticket and went to find Xu Dan with a weapon. Eventually he killed those people, but he was shot himself. He passed out and saw Xu Dan crying and running towards him.

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