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Qing Qing Yu Jun Qing Qing Yu me

Qing Qing Yu Jun Qing Qing Yu me (Novel)
Other Name: 卿卿于君清清于我

Genre: novel, Ancient
Author: Su Jingyao
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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The story between the heroine Sanskrit and Yunling. He was the dawn of her life, and she was just a joke and plaything to him; her affection for him had slowly dissipated through his indifference, and he realized that everything about her had already been carved into his mind.

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The woman on the chaise longue slowly got up and stood up, walked a few steps towards the woman on the stone bench, looked at the woman on the stone bench contemptuously, and sneered a few times, “You really want to know?”

Madam Qing did not answer her, but instead asked her, “Military Officer Qing, don’t you always pretend to be clever and countless, then calculate how I survived? How did you lose?”

The woman on the stone bench did have some ideas in her heart, but she believed that the woman on the stone bench was cheating her, “Madam Qing, I have been a military officer for so many years, and I am best at making suggestions.

I have to say that your plan is really bad. He is already dead. Do you think you can still separate us? You may not be too naive!

And do you really think it’s okay to use a dead person? “Why don’t you let go of a dead person, he is our relative!”

“Do you really think this is the case? If you want to make your heart comfortable like this, just think so.” Madam Qing turned her head to the side and stopped looking at her.

Originally it was just a guess, but after hearing Madam Qing’s words, Military Division Qing confirmed his guess. I secretly said, “Fortunately, I didn’t believe her nonsense, playing tricks, I am an expert, play with me, you are still a little tender. ‘

After a while, Mrs. Qing still felt that she had to make things clear today, so she took out a dagger from her sleeve. The outer shell of the dagger looked clean and smooth, but the pattern on it was somewhat worn out, but it was still visible. It’s what it is.

“You should be familiar with this dagger. It has been with me for almost ten years.” Madam Qing gently put the dagger on the stone table, her eyes a little bit dissatisfied, but she quickly moved her eyes away.

Seeing this dagger, Army Master Qing seemed to have suffered a thunderbolt from a blue sky, and his body was limp. He didn’t have any strength. If he hadn’t been sitting on a stone bench, he would have fallen to the ground.

She stretched out her hand to the dagger with a trembling, tears finally couldn’t help but flow down. This dagger has been seen many times and used many times, but this is the first time, the first time I feel that this dagger is so heavy. I can’t take it anymore.

Although I am familiar with this dagger, I still looked at it several times, as if I didn’t know it, and it seemed that I didn’t see enough. Finally, I carefully placed it in my heart, and cared for it like a treasure.

“Why, why… is it like this?” Army Master Qing had already sobbed so much that he spoke intermittently.

She didn’t want to believe this result, and she couldn’t believe it, “It’s not like this, it’s not like this, it’s you, you stole the trick, yes, it must have been stolen, otherwise you have never dared to take it out for so many years. “

At this time, she frantically looked for various reasons to prove that Madam Qing obtained the dagger by means, and she was not wrong.

Looking at this crazy woman, Madam Qing suddenly felt that she was very pitiful. For so many years, she had used any means to break her bottom line for revenge, but in the end she found that the truth she thought was false and not the real truth. .

But Madam Qing would not choose to deceive her because she was pitiful. After all, a lie is a lie after all, not a fact. Sooner or later, she must face what she should face.

“You think there are a few people in this world who can steal things from him without knowing it, and a few others can break his seal.”

“No, he was deceived by you, you deceived the dagger.” Army Master Qing still wanted to quibble, staring at her fiercely, wishing to stare out a hole.

Madam Qing didn’t seem to see Military Master Qing’s eyes, “Do you know why he died? In fact, he didn’t need to die.”

Army Master Qing looked at the woman opposite in disbelief.

Madam Qing continued to beat her. “I told him you were poisoned, and the antidote is in the hands of those people. Guess how he did it.”

“You…” Military Master Qing picked up the dagger in his hand and stabbed the opposite woman fiercely. “Since you killed him, then go to the funeral.”

Sister and younger sister are separated after all! Su Jingyao, this is a story about cause and effect, the cause planted in the previous life, the future life will bear its effect.

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