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May you be safe and happy for me

May you be safe and happy for me (Novel)
Other Name: 愿你平安无我也欢

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Diao Xiaochan
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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She loves him like her life, but he forced her to marry another man for five years, while occupying her while not allowing her to divorce, she is very painful and she wants to end this relationship. But she loved him again and couldn’t help herself…

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“Ding Dong—” The doorbell rang, and I opened the door as if running away.

Shen Yifeng and Lu Xinmei stood at the door.

I looked at both of them, their cheeks were flushed, and the corners of Shen Yifeng’s lips were still faintly stained with Lu Xinmei’s lipstick, which was not cleaned.

I snorted, bent my lips and walked over, pretending to hold Shen Yifeng’s arm: “Dad, grandpa, Yifeng is here.”

“Yifeng?” Grandpa walked out of the kitchen and untied his apron. “Yeah, the heartbrow is also here. Why are you two here together?”

Shen Yifeng had obviously prepared a standard set of rhetoric, “Hello, grandpa, I happened to meet Xinmei downstairs, so I came up together.”

Lu Xinmei smiled and ran over, and gave Grandpa a big coquettish hug.

She was quite good, she was still sick this morning, and now she has become more flexible, not at all like a miscarriage.

“It’s not big or small, don’t tire grandpa, come down.” Lu Tengfeng sneered at his beloved daughter.

Seeing the intimacy of their father and daughter, I stood quietly and waited.

I’m used to it, the pure blood is there, I’m just a fake daughter under the fence.

But after a while, everyone came to the table.

The atmosphere at the dinner table was good, until Lu Ran appeared.

He appeared at the floor-to-ceiling door of the living room halfway through our meal, which was connected to the garden.

I bit my chopsticks and pretended not to see him, thinking that he probably jumped into the garden from the window of my room.

“You child, the family banquet celebrating your return to China, you just got out now.” Grandpa put down his chopsticks and bowl, although he was blaming, he still served Lu Beiheng a full meal.

Lu Ran has always been very filial, Qu leaned forward with a 1.9-meter figure and nodded lightly, “Thank you, Grandpa.”

I always bowed my head and dared not look at him, for fear that I would look at him and I would be seen by the Lu family at the dinner table.

Lu Ran was about to sit down, but Lu Tengfeng yanked away the chair to his side.

The air froze for a moment.

“Let everyone wait for you for so long, it’s not proper! Stand and eat!”

Dad has always been strict with Lu Ran.

I don’t know if I have an affair with Lu Ran. I always feel that my father has over-controlled him.

On the contrary, my father was too spoiled for his eldest son Lu Yan.

Lu Yan is unlearned and skillful, and often takes his sister-in-law to play games with friends outside. At first I didn’t understand what it was, so I asked Lu Ran, who seemed to know everything. He pinched my nose and scolded me for breaking my studies, and refused to tell me why.

Lu Ran curled his lips in response to his father’s accusation, without saying anything, standing at the table with his pen, leaning over to pick up vegetables from time to time.

The atmosphere on the table was suddenly depressed.

Lu Ran was eating very elegantly, and glanced at Shen Yifeng, “Qing Qing husband?”

Grandpa answered, “Yes, you fly around on business trips every day, and you haven’t seen Yifeng. President Shen, a high-end enterprise.”

Shen Yifeng took the initiative to stand up, with a handsome temperament, and stretched out his hand to him, “I heard the name of Mr. Lu early.”

Lu Ran faintly glanced at the hand he stretched over, without holding it.

I bit the chopsticks, and he has another problem with cleanliness.

“Qing Qing is also pretty.”

Who knows, he suddenly turned his head to praise me, his voice still smiling.

It just took my half life.

I blushed and got up and touched the cup with him. Under the eyes, stretched out the man’s generous palm.

My heartbeat suddenly became very violent.

He didn’t touch Shen Yifeng’s hand, but took the initiative to shake hands with me. Will grandpa and dad think too much?

But I didn’t have time to think about it, half of my hand stretched out and he held it tightly. That reassuring sense of gentleness wrapped me lightly.

Until I pulled my hand back, I secretly clenched my fingers, and the position of my palm was still dense.

“Second brother is eccentric, praise Nanqing and don’t praise me.” At the seat, Lu Xin gave me a displeased glance, arguing with me for everything.

“Heartbrows still need to say? Of course beautiful.” Lu Ran gently brushed her hair.

“Hehe, second brother is the best.” Lu Xinmei pouted at him, glancing at me triumphantly from time to time.

I ate the vegetables and chewed them plainly, as if they were invisible.

Our Lu family is such a group of seemingly harmonious members, and it is unknown how many crises are lurking in secret.

“Ouch.” Grandpa got up suddenly, stretched out, and knocked on his back, “I went upstairs first, and I couldn’t hold it for a long time.”

“I will help you up.” I consciously put down my chopsticks and got up.

“Sit down,” Grandpa looked at me with a smile, “I’ll do it myself.”

Lu Xin glared at me, and the glittering nails dangled my eyes, and said in a low tone, “If you are hypocritical, you know to please grandpa.”

Lu Tengfeng sat like a steady clock, his eyebrows calmed, “Xinmei, don’t talk to sister like this.”

Lu Xinmei didn’t dare to say much, still humming slightly from his nose.

After Grandpa left, the family banquet gradually came to an end. I wondered why the lady hadn’t come. I didn’t expect Cao Cao to come.

Walking down a slender figure on the second floor, the gentle hand brushed over the spiral staircase.

Lu Tengfeng, who had always been serious, suddenly stood up, walked towards the woman, and gently embraced her in his arms, “Why did you come down? Isn’t it uncomfortable?”

The woman looks young, in her twenties, dressed in graceful cheongsam, and has a slender figure.

She is the wife of Lu Tengfeng’s second marriage, Tang Qingxi, and also the woman Lu Ran puts on her heart.

I looked at her in a simple attire, her temperament was like orchids, and she was so beautiful that she couldn’t look away.

I think I will never reach her level in my life.

Without looking away, I saw that Lu Ran was also looking at Miss Tang, his eyes were filled with deep affection, which was the look that would never give me.

The former girlfriend, turned into his stepmother, is really bloody.

But Lu Ran hadn’t been able to let go of Miss Tang all these years, so he was so lonely and approached me, probably to show Miss Tang in revenge.

Only Miss Tang knew that I had stolen love with him. I didn’t deliberately anger her. What else could it be?

“Aran is back, can I not come and have a look?”

Tang Qingxi raised a faint smile and raised her eyes to look at Lu Ran.

Lu Ran withdrew his gaze indifferently, bowed his head and wiped his mouth gracefully, and stood up on the table, “Use it slowly.”

“Boy, don’t you know how to shout when you see your second mother?” Lu Tengfeng’s voice was deep and loud, staring at him displeased.

I pouted and pouted a little bit. This is how Dad was going too far. Knowing that Miss Tang is Lu Ran’s ex-girlfriend, he deliberately irritated him.

Obviously, Tang Qingxi’s sudden arrival touched Lu Ran’s bottom line. Not only did he ignore his father, he also put on a gloomy face.

Turn around and walk upstairs without turning around.

“You stand still! I dare not talk to you anymore?!”

Lu Tengfeng rushed to the top with a moment of annoyance. He directly picked up the golf club leaning against the wall and slammed it at Lu Ran.

Everything happened too fast.

I don’t know how to think, my brain suddenly impulsive, lost my chopsticks, rushed to Lu Ran, and blocked him tightly.


A deep blow hit me on the back.

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