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Find Yourself 下一站是幸福 Episode 33 Recap

He Canyang and Cai Minmin’s relationship was discovered Yang Xiaoyu decided to give Shen Fanfan another chance. Cai Minmin questioned He Chanyang. He did not expect that He Chanyang was angry. He let Cai Minmin get out of the car and reflect on it. Cai Minmin quickly relaxed his attitude and confessed his mistake. After Cai Minmin coaxed for a long time, He Canyang forgave her. Song Xue and his colleague got off the show and went to the beauty salon to do care together. Fatty said that someone had swiped the screen under Song Xue ’s Weibo to talk about Shen Fanfan ’s derailment. Song Xue hurried out of the beauty salon, but how could he contact He Canyang? Unable to contact, he called He Fanxing to meet her.

After He Chanyang stopped the car, Cai Minmin cried awkwardly. She wanted to please He Canyang, but He Canyang taught Cai Minmin. The lovers should be equal. Cai Minmin was a little sad, and she felt that she liked He Canyang better. If she lost her temper, she could not say anything to He Canyang. However, He Chanyang could rush her off the bus at any time. He Chanyang saw that Cai Minmin was so sad and a little bit guilty. He apologized to Cai Minmin, and then Cai Minmin was happy, and felt that He Chanyang finally liked himself. When Cai Minmin and He Chanyang ate together in the restaurant, he encountered his ex-girlfriend Yang Dongya. Yang Dongya took her boyfriend Bin Bin and had to fight with He Canyang to fight the table. Yang Dongya kept talking at the dining table before He Canyang dated himself. Things happened, the two finally managed to leave, Cai Minmin met Liu Zannini and the big head again.

Tong Songxue took He Fanxing to find Shen Fanfan Xing’s teacher to plead guilty. Shen Fanfan had been quibbling and begging them to help him conceal. He Fanxing became more and more angry. He poured a cup of coffee on Shen Fanfan, and started holding Shen Fanfan with a bag. She told Shen Fanfan that Yang Xiaoyu watched Song Xue’s Weibo every day. Shen Fanfan could not hide it. Shen Fanfan returned home with Song Xue and He Fanxing, but Yang Xiaoyu still pretended not to know. Song Xue looked However, go directly to the photos of Shen Fanfan and Xiao Kou to Yang Xiaoyu, Shen Fanfan kneeled down and hugged Yang Xiaoyu for mercy, Yang Xiaoyu asked Shen Fanfan to first send Doudou’s mother’s house, do not let the adult matter Affect children.

Shen Fanfan was gone, Yang Xiaoyu was very calm in front of Song Xue and He Fanxing, which made them both worried. He Fanxing asked Yang Xiaoyu what to do. Yang Xiaoyu had to choose to forgive Shen Fanfan and give Shen Fanfan a chance. Song Xue was angry, arguing with Yang Xiaoyu. He Fanxing persuaded Song Xue, but also persuaded Yang Xiaoyu to consider carefully, but Yang Xiaoyu questioned why Song Xue and the two had been forcing her to divorce. She felt that she could not survive the divorce. Song Xue saw Yang Xiaoyu not to speak. The truth, angry turned and left, He Fanxing then went out.

He Fanxing talked to his parents about this after returning home. They all felt that Shen Fanfan was very asshole. Dad He thought that He Fanxing and Song Xue were too impulsive. Mother He also said that even if Shen Fanfan was an asshole, he had to wait. Yang Xiaoyu made a decision. He Fanxing and their relationship with Yang Xiaoyu were so good. Finally, Shen Fanfan and Yang Xiaoyu lived together. He Fanxing said that he could n’t be more mad and had to go out.

Cai Minmin waited for Liu Jenni and the big head to get off work. The three of them ate together. Liu Zhanni rebuked Cai Minmin for concealing herself. The big head couldn’t work the next day, so she let Cai Minmin replace herself. In the company, Wu Meiyin asked He Fanxing to have lunch together and asked about He Fanxing and Ye Luming. After knowing that He Fanxing and Ye Luming had not planned to get married, Wu Meiyin talked about Yuan and Song again. Wu Meiyin felt that He Fanxing had not invested 100% before With Yuan and Song’s feelings, she was too concerned about the eyes of the people around her. Wu Meiyin advised He Fanxing to give more trust to Yuan Song and give him more time to grow. He Fanxing took Wu Meiyin’s words and said that Yuan Song would meet To a person who is more suitable for him than himself, I do n’t know when it started, He Fanxing also began to consider the matter of being suitable. She thinks Ye Luming is really suitable for herself. She is just an ordinary person, so she has to cultivate with the right person. Feelings, go the way ordinary people go.

In the evening, Ye Luming wanted to eat with He Fanxing, but He Fanxing said that he and his colleague had agreed to go to the hospital to see Chang Huan. Ye Luming saw He Fanxing and Yuan and Song walking together downstairs. He Fanxing and Yuan Song and Cong Xiao visited Chang Huan. When the three of them ate together, Cong Xiao looked at Yuan Song and took great care of He Fanxing. They felt that the two of them were very couples, and she couldn’t figure out what kind of relationship. Yes, who can predict what will happen in the future.

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