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Rebirth of Shopping Addict 我不是购物狂 Episode 44 End Recap

Gao Yang came to Yi Nenggou. She told Huang Yannan her thoughts. She wanted to use the enthusiasm of new designers to help Yi Nenggou to promote positively, but her power alone was far from enough, so she hoped that Yannan could help, Yan Nan agreed without hesitation. Gao Yang embraced Yannan enthusiastically and brought Yannan over to see Ye Minglang and Wang Xiaozai. This time, Ye Minglang and Wang would no longer help.

At the meeting, Gao Yang brought up her strategy and decided to use her national style design to launch a large-scale event of “the first style of domestic products” in YiEngo, so as to regain consumers’ trust in YiEngo. After that, Yan Yanran met with Gao Yang and Yan Li. She told the truth about everything. The copy of the previous contract was forged by Jiang Weilun. Gao Zhongda has nothing to do with Yan Li’s mother’s death. The property was also transferred by her.

Although she was deceived by Jiang Weilun, she still knew what she had done wrong. The person she was most sorry for was Gao Zhongda. Gao Zhongda entrusted the company to her when she was terminally ill. , She personally destroyed the Gao Family Group. Gao Yang knows Yan Yanran’s dedication to the Gao family for so many years. She does not blame Yan Yanran. If it were not for Yan Yanran’s love for her, she would not have lived in such a happy family environment.

There was a recent turmoil statement about YiEngou on the Internet. All the recent things are very strange. Yan Li has long suspected that someone is behind it, so he is not surprised by this statement. Gao Yang also instantly guessed what this statement is. Yan Yanran sent it out, but she was deeply afraid that Yan Yanran would do something stupid, and Yan Li couldn’t contact Yan Yanran at this time.

Yan Yanran was ready to take responsibility for her mistakes. She came to the police station and surrendered. The police formally arrested Jiang Weilun and Yan Yanran. Yan Yanran also deeply regretted herself in jail. If it weren’t for her even the least trust in Gao Zhongda No, she will not ruin her life with her own hands.

Li Mingche’s father had seen the results of Li Mingche’s efforts, he finally recognized Li Mingche, and personally handed Chenming Department Store to Li Mingche’s hands. On the other hand, the event organized by Esco has also been very successful. All the staff of the company participated in the celebration party to celebrate Esco’s rebirth. At this moment, the police called Yan Li. Yan Li and Gao Yang rushed over to the hospital.

Only then did they learn that Yan Yanran’s heart knot had been there all the time. She had a serious stomach problem and she had a poor appetite. Stomach bleeding. Gao Yang never blamed Yan Yanran, so she didn’t want Yan Yanran to torture herself like this, and Yan Li and Yan Yanran have always had a bad relationship. This time Yan Li reversed his previous attitude and truly accepted and forgave Yan Yanran. He will wait for Yan Yanran to come out together with Gao Yang to establish their Yan Group.

Weilai Investment went bankrupt, Ma Jiajia wanted to return to Chenming Department Store, but Li Mingche rejected Ma Jiajia. Before Ma Jiajia could walk out of the company’s door, she was invited to the Public Security Bureau for investigation on suspicion of a criminal offence. After that, Ye Minglang came to Li Mingche to resign. Li Mingche did not hesitate to agree to Ye Minglang. He sincerely thanked Ye Minglang for his dedication to the company over the years, and he also understood that Ye Minglang would have a new life that belongs to her. After resigning, Ye Minglang left Chenming Department Store with ease. Wang Xiao rode a bicycle to pick up Ye Minglang, gave Ye Minglang flowers, and re-entered their brand new life.

Gao Yang is going to take Wang Xiaozai and Ye Minglang to Suzhou with him. Li Mingche took Gao Yang back to Gao’s villa before Gao Yang’s departure. He wanted to give Gao Yang’s villa as a gift. Lu, she rejected Li Mingche and believed that one day she would buy the villa back with her own strength. Looking at the back of Gao Yang leaving, Li Mingche decided that no matter how long he was, he would be here waiting for Gao Yang to return.

Gao Yang returned to the Embroidery Workshop and unexpectedly met Yan Li at the Embroidery Workshop. He also learned that Yan Li was a new investor in the Embroidery Workshop. The two smiled at each other and walked together on the small road in the old city of Suzhou. In this quiet and slow-paced city, Yan Li gave Gao Yang the bracelet left by his mother. This bracelet was something he had cherished for half his life. In the future, this bracelet can only have one mistress. After going through ups and downs, the two finally grew up all the way and successfully came together.

The End

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