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Leng Mei’s Royal Highness’s Alien Princess

Leng Mei’s Royal Highness’s Alien Princess
Other Name: 冷魅殿下的异界公主

Genre: novel, fantasy
Author: Ghost Dance Qianpian
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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This time, I will bring the book friends a reading of the wonderful ending chapters of the original fantasy novel “Leng Mei’s Royal Highness’s Alien Princess” by Ghost Dance Qianpian. What will happen to the two protagonists of Zuo Tan and Feng Xuan in the end, let us Let’s wait and see! The thick burning flames of hell surrounded the Bat King, circle after circle, layer after layer, and soon the smell of burnt fur was heard from it, and the next moment there was a crash. How can it be counted without exploding

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The thick burning flames of hell surrounded the Bat King, circle after circle, layer after layer, and soon the smell of burnt fur was heard from it, and the next moment there was a crash. How can it be considered “blasting” if it doesn’t explode?

Everyone never thought that just like this, the Bat King would be wiped out by them. The fact is indeed as they expected. When the Bat King was awakened by the heat and pain of the whole body, the numbness, numbness, and sensation had already weakened and disappeared soon, but it was still uncomfortable.

When it thinks that the child in its stomach will be burned by this nasty heat because of its own negligence, it has an urge to destroy everything. Feeling the obstructions from all directions and keeping it from leaving this nasty heat wave, anger rekindled in the turbid gray-brown eyes of the Bat King, and the silent, sharp yell once again hit everyone’s brains, even though the scream just appeared. At that moment, Qingyan had already closed the gap on the light screen in front of everyone, but the cry still didn’t weaken much.

Everyone also relaxed their control of the Bat King because of the lack of concentration. So, the Bat King found the most vulnerable place around the obstacle, the point between the soil wall and the ice wall that is close to the ground, it makes With the strength of the whole body, it slammed into the slit, and the place where the ear was missing was even more serous. It seemed to have no head pain, and just wanted to take the child in the abdomen away from the heat of the whole body. .wave.

Qingyan wanted to attack the Bat King to interrupt its screams, but was unable to attack the Bat King due to the skills released by everyone. If he rashly destroys it, it will not only leak the residual heat waves from the “Prison Flame Blasting” inside, It may also aggravate the impact of that kind of yelling on everyone.

I don’t know if “Ambilight” can eliminate this negative state, try it, I just hope that there is enough time, I just hope that their previous demon output is not in vain. Qingyan thought this way and activated the skill “Ambilight”.

It is true that everyone is gradually not disturbed by that sound wave, but the Bat King also rammed out of the prisoner cage made by everyone, and the ice wall and the earth wall cracked together. Bat King felt that he had gotten rid of the shackles, and immediately flapped his large wings, and the huge gray-brown wind blade instantly destroyed all obstacles beside him.

Everyone scattered, avoiding the products of the Bat King’s ability to disperse them before. After the dust rolled, everyone looked at each other and gathered again. They all know that the bat king in front of them who has been burned to the blood by them has already rioted, and then they are not allowed to retreat, even if they are slapped or sucked blood. Face the difficulties!

Qingyan changed the light group again. The previous “Ambilight” had relieved everyone’s previous physical state, so this time she used the “Light Star Sea” skill. Although bats are not dark race people, nor are they dark demon spirits, they are darkened by the evil spirits and become alternative dark race people, so the “Star Sea of ​​Light” did not promote the attacks of those little bats before.

This time, to deal with the Bat King with all his strength, wouldn’t it be a pity not to use this skill that can suppress the Bat King? Or is it considered self-abuse… She doesn’t have this hobby.

This time, no one said much, they lined up and surrounded the Bat King. Their mentality at this time is surprisingly consistent. What is the point of injury? Healing, purifying, assisting, attacking, defending, controlling, they have all the demon who are good at these, even if they are seriously injured, unconscious, and physically exhausted. , The devil is overdrawn, isn’t there still Ye Yan? At this time, Ye Yan seemed to be their strongest backing.

They have never seen the night face exhausted. Are all the light demon spirits as powerful as the night face? This is a question that gradually popped up in the hearts of everyone except Huo Ran. It’s not that there are few light demon in the class, but they don’t have other familiar light demon friends, and they haven’t taken risks with other light demon.

All the guesses and thoughts were only in a flash, and the only thing that mattered was the Bat King who had already launched an attack on them.

This time, apart from the defensive film applied to their bodies, everyone did not use any defensive skills. They released their strongest attacks to the Bat King, took advantage of other people’s attacks to ease the cooling of the skills, and then continued to use the same skills.

“The power of nature! The crystal sky appears!” Countless orange-yellow diamond crystals appeared in the sky above the Bat King with the spell of the glass beads, ten times more dense than the skill “Ling Jing Pendant”, as if to Take up every corner of the sky above Bat King.

This time, these crystals did not fall down, but rushed directly towards the Bat King, with an aura of never giving up without poking the Bat King into a plug.

Of course, the Bat King’s defense is indeed strong, but once he does not take the initiative to defend, only relying on his bloody body to withstand the blow, how can he be safe?

Although he failed to plug the Bat King into a plug, he also let it bleed.

Across the bat king, Zuo Tan Xiao on the right side of Wu Tingkang opposite Li Zhu issued a skill first, “The force of nature! Spring!” Water-blue water flowed down from the sky above the bat king, washing away the blood stains on the bat king and causing the wounds. All rushed, even if the power of this skill was not strong, it made the Bat King a pain.

The washed blood stopped flowing out at the feet of Bat King, and it rose higher and higher. If Wu Tingkang did not take advantage of this attack, then the blood water might rise to Bat King’s mouth. Take a sip, then “beautiful” The situation is really hard to imagine.

Because of Li Zhu’s attack, the Bat King originally wanted to attack Li Zhu, but he was entangled in Zuo Tan Xiao’s attack in the next instant. Before it counterattacked, Wu Tingkang’s attack was released in the next second when Zuo Tan Xiao released his skills.

“The force of nature! Thunderbolt!” A series of thunder and lightning slashed straight down from the sky above the bat king, there was a posture that wanted to split the bat king in half in an instant. A drenched Bat King is more likely to conduct electricity, and it crackles and cracks. All of the Bat King’s wounds are scorched and attacked at the same time.

Ten wind whirlpools spun out from under the wings of the Bat King swinging fans, attacking everyone, trying to involve them.

The crowd led the wind in the direction away from the Bat King, but did not leave the Bat King’s attack range. They just got together in pairs, and then worked together to defend and attack, otherwise they would weaken their overall strength if they were involved.

Lizhu, Xuanmo, You Lulu, Wu Jiarou, Xiya, Huo Ran, Wu Tingkang, Zuo Tanxiao, Binglan, and Qingyan, they were in pairs of ten, one attack and one defense. Although it took a little effort, after all Each wind whirlpool is not as powerful as a whirlwind released by the Bat King. Just as they were about to attack, Bat King’s next blow came again.

Qingyan looked at the large wind-element gear with her waist height that was rolling towards her in front of her. Does this mean to fight a war of attrition? Want to compare whose demons have the most left? Ah! Everyone already knows that there is an auxiliary like me, but even this trick is used, do you look down on me? This allows you to feel the warmth of being illuminated by the scorching sun in the clear sky. Is your only IQ in the wrong place?

Qingyan spoke to the Bat King in secret while dealing with the big guy in front of him.

The Bat King didn’t expect someone to talk to himself. Some were puzzled, some didn’t understand, but there was a familiar feeling. The head was tingling and it hurt so much that it temporarily forgot to keep a close eye on it child.

Although everyone is a little unclear about the reason, they also know that they can quickly solve the gear in front of them, and then work together to attack the Bat King.

Qingyan and Binglan dealt with the two gears together, while buying time for everyone to communicate to the Bat King, “Want to know who I am? Want to know what I’m doing? I want to leave this dark and dry state. Is there a bright place? Know that you want to leave, because you are compelled to do so many wrong things. But do you think about your children, they don’t see a ray of light when they are born, so they never know, in Nikko Under the shining, you are not afraid of being scorched and flying freely in the breeze. The world is full of soft brilliance, and the breath of nature is blowing on your face. All the good things are turned into ashes because you lose your mind. Even if your soul is scattered, it is also Isn’t this the purpose of your family to protect your children? But because of your negligence, they have become completely irrational, as if they are the puppets that you have manipulated. Indulgent puppets become the existence that can only be lost after death. , Is this what you hoped for?”

In Bat King’s mind, the phrase “Is this what you want?” was circling back and forth, gradually awakening its already incomplete soul, its lovely children, because of its momentary negligence, it gradually lost its soul like it. The presence.

So sad, so sad, the soul of the Bat King seemed to be crying, screaming, and infected everyone around it. Because its voice is silent, even the crying of the soul can make people feel that emotion.

Self-blame, hatred, helplessness, compassion, longing, all of it, what should it do? It doesn’t want its about to be born children to follow in their footsteps. Soon after they are born, they will suffer the pain of their souls being burned until their souls are scattered after death.

By the way, it’s her, that blood family, she has a smell of sunshine on her body, so warm, so yearning, the child will be very happy with her, right?

Everyone stopped attacking when the Bat King was stunned, closing his wings, and crying, because they knew that the Bat King had the control of the soul at this time.

The Bat King stretched his wings and slowly turned his head to the direction of Qing Yan. Suddenly, the gentle and sweet female voice sounded, “What about a noble child. Can you help me, can’t you?” However, the Bat King did not speak because of this. It is the voice of the soul of the Bat King.

Qing Yan didn’t expect that the soul corroded by the evil air in the Bat King would have a day to wake up. “Are you sure, you can keep their souls from being corroded by a trace of evil and dark air?” Qingyan heard her answer.

“You already believe me, don’t you? From the time I wanted to ask you for help, I have burned my remaining soul. I was destined to fly away, and the child has support, and I am willing to leave. Even if I really have a chance to live , The killing evil that was once consciously made will also make me uncomfortable. It’s better to leave on my own and find a good master for the child.” The gentle female voice said, a beautifully dressed woman with a gentle appearance. The shadow floated into the air, looming.

“Child, go with your heart, don’t be constrained. There are many beautiful scenery in the sky. Pursuing what you want, even if your soul is scattered, you will be fulfilled? Besides, if there is no accident, you will have reincarnation. What are you afraid of?” The woman said, her figure gradually disappeared, and only one sentence remained, “Be careful.”

When everyone heard the last two words, they all reacted quickly. The Bat King’s body hasn’t dissipated yet, how can they relax their vigilance?

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