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Handsome Siblings (2020) 绝代双骄 Episode 39 Recap

The two palace masters and the little fish fell into Wei Wuya’s predicament and Hua Wuqian was trapped by Tu Jiaojiao’s Yirongshu. Wu Suying did not guess wrong, something happened to the Toothless Palace. There was a situation near the toothless palace, and they found that many dead people were hanging, all of whom were masters of the toothless palace, indicating that the toothless palace had encountered a strong enemy, and the teeth of the deceased were beaten, and it was less than an hour before they died.

The two palace masters stopped for a while when they entered the toothless palace. They knew that Wei Wuya was famous for its organ design, but they still entered. A few people felt that someone was not there, and they felt that the other party had done a good job. They found that someone had seen footprints on the ground, and invited Yue to say that people ’s concentrated spirit would have something that showed regularity. Xiaoyuer analyzed this person and did n’t know When the authorities attacked, they held their breath and stared at him. Lian Xing felt that this person was Yan Nantian, and Yueyue thought it was impossible, and Xiaoyuer thought of it as impossible, because Yan Nantian would not recover so quickly, or he would not let Lu Zhong Far play himself.

Everyone walked to a palace, and the two palace masters lamented that the toothless palace in front of them was exactly the same as Yihua Palace. Then I found that the bluestone chair was cut off by the sword. Lian Xing took out the sword and was ready to test the strength of the cut. Xiaoyuer marveled that her sword was the famous blue blood Zhao Danqing. Unfortunately, only half of the blue stone chair was broken. Can not help but marvel at each other’s skills above her several times. Xiao Yuer thinks that’s not the case, but the opponent’s technique is exquisite, mainly fast, so he has power. The opponent is likely to want to kill people, and the natural power is very large, but Li Xing is only trying to be tough, and he is already 70% weak.

Wucai and Xinlan saw Jiang Biehe and Jiang Yulang talking. They said that the owner of Yihua Palace was fooled in accordance with his own plan. Wei Wuya contributed a lot to their plans this time. They managed to succeed, and they were about to get revenge soon. They would kill Nothing and the little fish here. Xiao Yuer went to Wei’s toothless residence and recovered his strength after taking the wicked grass. Unexpectedly, Wei Wuya is still a poet who reads poems and finds a lot of books. Su Ying’s culture is taught by him.

Xiao Yuer wondered why the mice suddenly moved neatly and neatly. They should not know the invasion of foreign enemies, and they were so clean. They would not be willing to accept expensive palaces. They must be deliberately designed. The twenty-six wicked men were also ambush in the distance. It was strange that Wei Wuya hadn’t moved at all, knowing that it was Wei Wuya’s game, and let Wu Que and Xiaoyuer and the two palace masters close the door as soon as they entered. Wu Que and Xin Lan arrived at the entrance of the Toothless Palace and found that they had been closed and could not get in.

Xiao Xiaoyu recalled that Wei Wuya had met a friend at that time. If he joined forces with Jiang Behe, it would be even more powerful. Although this toothless palace is empty, it is full of murderousness, like a grave, and Yueyue thinks he is too suspicious. Wu Wei suddenly appeared, claiming that this place has been sealed by megaliths, and no one wants to run! Xiaoyuer didn’t believe he was even sealed here, and thought that someone else controlled the institution, but Wei Wuya hoped to see Yueyue face the despair of death, and then he would not be supreme. Xiaoyuer warned him that Yueyue’s martial arts were higher than him, but Wei Wuya thought that he was their only hope, and Yueyue would not kill himself.

Su Ying asked Yifu why she did it, and Yifu didn’t answer, and revealed a secret to her, saying that because Su Ying looks like invitation to the moon, she has always been good to Su Ying, and also deliberately cultivated her indifference . Wu Weiya recalled that he was a master at that time and sincerely asked for invitation to the moon. He was a natural couple but was rejected and humiliated. His words were immediately sneered by Xiaoyuer, because his appearance did not deserve to be invited to the moon, but his heart was very good to invite the moon.

Wei Wei finally yelled to wait until this day, specially designed the same palace as Yihua Palace, so angry that Yueyue was yelling to kill him. Wei Wuya fled immediately and claimed in a small window that Yueyue was the most beautiful woman in the world. She could refuse her love, but she couldn’t humiliate herself, she had to pay a price to invite Yueyue. Xiao Xiaoyu wanted to be an understandable ghost, and asked who killed the master outside Wei Wiya ’s palace, and who cut the marks on the bluestone chair. Wei Wiya began to admit that he had done it, and later admitted that it was Jiangbeihe.

Pian Pingxing inspected it again and found that the Toothless Palace was indeed sealed off, but felt that Wei Wuya must have left a trail for himself. I hope that Xiaoyu will anger Wei Wuya to come out, and teach Xiaoyu to do better than Wei Wuya. Xiaoyu is not convinced. Ping Xing tempts Xiaoyu to learn how to play without defects. Xiaoyu is strangely hoping to kill himself without defects. Let them kill the young master they raised themselves, but Ping Xing hesitated to tell Xiaoyu the reason. Su Ying pulls Xiaoyuer to the side and analyzes, she thinks that there is a complicated relationship between Xiaoyuer and Wuqie. Xiaoyuer thinks that the two have not grown up together and cannot be related. Su Ying suggested that he follow Li Xing’s opinion, only first Go out to investigate everything.

Xu Tujiao Jiao took advantage of Tie Xinlan’s face and shot uncontrollably. He was overpowered. The six wicked men immediately appeared, told him that he was looking for treasure, and blamed him for blocking the way. In order to see Tie Xinlan, Wuxi deliberately said that the six wicked men are too timid and too kind, and they are not worthy of being called a wicked man. Even Tie Xinlan did not have the courage to see himself. come out.

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