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Ying You Chang Feng Yi Bi Yuan

Ying You Chang Feng Yi Bi Yuan
Alternative: The Heirloom Recipe ; Cánh Diều Xanh Bay Trong Cơn Gió ; Cánh Diều Xanh Bay Trong Gió ; The Fair Wind Must Lean On The Blue Kite ; There Must Be Fair Wind Leaning On Blue Kite ; Ying You Chang Feng Yi Bi Yuan ; 应有长风倚碧鸢 ; 愛の隠し味 ; 應有長風倚碧鳶 ; 비법은 비밀이에요 [스크롤]
Author(s): 毛啾
Status: Ongoing
Genres: Comedy – Drama – Historical – Romance – Slice of life


The chef Nibi, who was stalling on the snack street, was famous in the capital with a recipe for a bowl of exclusive “Acacia soup”. The recipe was swept into the palace by the food-loving Wang Zhaofeng. Wang Ye insisted on asking for the secret recipe, and the chef certainly didn’t agree … So she was detained in Wang Ye Mansion …

The two gradually saw the other side of each other while they saw the secret recipe while the tension between them started to warm up…

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