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Loi Krathong Festivel History Story

Loi Krathong Day is a Thai tradition that has been practiced since ancient times. Loi Krathong Festival starts from mid-11 to mid-12, which is the flood season. The water will fill both banks of the river. Very popular is During the full moon of the 12th month because of the full moon Make the river clear Moonlight shining at night It’s a beautiful atmosphere. Suitable for Loi Krathong. Formerly the Loi Krathong ceremony is called Royal ceremony of chalking chicks.

Floating lanterns, which are the rituals of the brahmin To worship the three gods, namely Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, when Thai people believe in Buddhism Performed a lamp lifting ceremony to pay homage to the Lord Buddha’s relics in the heaven of heaven Floating lanterns worshiping Buddha’s footprints at the Nammathi River beach ,India.

Loi Krathong floating along this stream. Noppamas, the concubine of Phra Ruang, Sukhothai. Think of making a lotus-shaped krathong And various images offered Phra Ruang allowed Loy Krathong to flow along the stream in the Thao Sri Chulalak book. Phra Ruang said “But this is foreseeable. By order of kings in Siam country At the end of the 12th day of the month of the lunar month, lotus lanterns were dedicated to worshiping Buddha’s footprint. As long as eternity

When the Rattanakosin period There are making large and beautiful krathongs. As the royal chronicles of Rattanakosin Of the Chao Phraya Tipa dynasty said that

“When it came to 12 months, 14 nights, 15 nights, one night, the reservation In the past, please ask for help. Royal family members in the front, the inside and the government officials who have the vehicle to make a large krathong Those who are recruited into tanks Made a floating raft, some 8 cubits wide, some 9 cubits, some Krathong high throughout the top 10 cubits, 11 cubits to do various contests Do like Mount Sumura on all 4 continents and make them into a basket of some layers Fine with fresh ingredients Hundreds do Think of investing in making a krathong, both human and monk alms. Total up to 20 weighing some, more than 20 weighing some “

Current Loy Krathong tradition There is an event in almost every province. It is an important annual event, especially in Chiang Mai. There is a large Krathong parade, a small Krathong contest, a Krathong contest And the beautiful daughter contest of Krathong as well

As for floating lanterns Villagers in the north and northeast still prefer to do it. Villagers will bring paper Made into a large size lantern in various colors If floating during the day Will make lanterns floating using smoke If it is at night, it will be used to light the point at the mouth of the lamp so the smoke will crept into the lamp. Causing to float along the cold wind At night I saw the lights in the sky with the moonlight and stars, very beautiful.

The motto that comes about Loi Krathong Day

There are many myths about Loi Krathong Day as follows:

  1. Loi Krathong to ask forgiveness from Phra Mae Khongka
  2. Loi Krathong to worship God according to Brahman motto Worshiping Vishnu, sleeping in the ocean
  3. Loi Krathong to welcome the Lord Buddha On the day of his return from the celestial world When he went to stay in the heavenly heaven In order to preach the metaphysics for the Buddha’s mother
  4. Loi Krathong to worship the Buddha’s footprint Of the Lord Buddha At the sandy beach on the Nammathi River When he went to perform his favorite dharma in the world
  5. Loi Krathong to worship King Chulalongkorn Which is the home of the Lord Buddha’s hair
  6. Loi Krathong Festival to worship Phra Phok Phrom Phrom In the world of the Brahma
  7. Loi Krathong to worship Phra Upakutta Thera Who practiced incantations in the deep sea or navel

Loi Krathong in Thailand. It has existed since Sukhothai times. It is called floating lanterns or lantern lanterns. Is a festive public event for the general public. Later, Nang Noppamas or Thao Sri Chulalak, concubine of Phra Ruang Invented a lotus-shaped Krathong instead of floating lanterns Loi Krathong or lantern floating during the Noppamas period Done to pay homage to the Buddha’s footprint on the Nammathi River Which is a river in Thakinabod region of India Now called Neraphuttha River

Current Loi Krathong
Current Loi Krathong Maintaining the original style as appropriate On the full moon day of the 12th month, the villagers will prepare the krathongs from materials that are naturally easy to find, such as bells, bananas and lotus flowers. Made in a beautiful krathong Incense, candles and flowers Before floating on the river, he prayed for what he had intended. Ready to ask for forgiveness from Phra Mae Ganga.

According to the value of many temples or venues There is a krathong contest Miss Noppamas pageant And there was a theater at night There is also a fireworks pyrotechnic fireworks, which in the game must be especially careful. Materials used for the Krathong Should be something that can be naturally digested

Reasons for Loi Krathong – Summary of reasons of Loi Krathong in Thailand as follows:

  1. To ask for forgiveness of the Ganga Because he relied on him to eat and use And another thing, humans tend to throw and dump waste into the water.
  2. To pay homage to the Buddha’s footprint In which the Lord Buddha imprinted the footprints on the sandy beach of the Nammathi River In india
  3. To float the suffering, grief, disease and bad things, similar to the floating ceremony of Brahman.
  4. To worship Phra Upakhut Northern Thai people highly respect the Phra Upakut. According to legend, it is one of the great monks who have the power to defeat the devil. Loi Krathong has no ceremony Just ask to have a krathong to do with anything, such as banana leaves, banana leaf, persimmon, coconut shell, paper, incense, candles and embroidery in the krathong and pray as you wish. Finished and then floated to the canal
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