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Crash Landing on You (2019) Episode 14 Recap

Li Wanfu did not get a shot, but Zhao Zhegang fled. Li Zhenghe followed 119 ambulance to Yin Shili to the hospital. The bus at the sports meeting had to leave without waiting. Li Zhenghe stood at the hospital and watched the rescued Yin Shili panic. Yin Shili’s family arrived when she was undergoing surgery. Finally, she waited for Yin Shili’s operation last night. Li Zhenghe was sorely praying that she could survive.

The Chief Political Officer learned that none of the crew members had returned to North Korea on a bus, and ordered his subordinates to arrange countermeasures, cursing him even if he did not return to send someone to find someone. Several people from Li Wanfu stood outside the hospital. After three days of observation, they discovered that Yin Shili hadn’t woke up and was worried, and the youngest Endong cried. The police went to the company to investigate Yin Shili’s shooting. Li Zhenghe was questioned as a witness. The police asked him to show his identity card. Li Zhenghe took out the passport of a Chinese overseas Chinese and asked the police if he received reports from other shooters and suggested that he investigate. At this time, Zhao Zhegang was rescued by President Lu. President Lu saved him because he did not get the money. Zhao Zhegang sneered that capitalism had saved his life.

After being reminded by his wife, Yin Shiheng should fire Li Zhenghe first. Leader Li had no choice but to let him leave. Li Zhenghe had to stay outside the hospital. North Korea ’s Li Yingai ’s husband was released without incident. Everyone in the village prepared food to celebrate. Li Yingai put on Yin Shili ’s changed dress, and even Xu Dan ’s mother came with champagne. Li Yingai thanked Xu Dan ’s mother for his help before letting her husband It ’s okay, the leader of the people was drunk again and started to tell the truth, saying that Xu Dan ’s marriage was messed up, and felt that Xu Dan and Gu Shengjun were more suitable. Who knew that Xu Dan ’s mother heard the key and asked her what Li Zhenghe ’s splits were, Xu Dan My mother remembered what Drunk said before the show, and she felt sad that Xu Dan was disappointed and worried that Xu Dan couldn’t be happy because she looked at her.

Yin Shili woke up when the two elder brothers quarreled over who sent the security guard. The first sentence was to let a few people get out. Yin Shili called Li Zhenghe with strength, Li Zhenghe ran into the hospital and cried her with tears. Being able to rush into a dangerous place like that, Yin Shili said that he was not the same and almost died because of himself. Yin Shili raised his hand and told him to pass. The two hugged and cried affectionately. Li Zhenghe said his confession and said that he was really scared. After this sentence, the two confessed to each other with tears, and the couple of Biao Zhixiu ran excitedly but saw the scene of the two hugging. Fortunately, Shilin Yin saw them, Zhou Mo was excited to step forward and hugged him and was stopped by Li Zhenghe. Shaking hands, Lee Jung Hyuk responded and asked how they got the news. It turned out that Li Wanfu installed eavesdropping in the ward, and Li Wanfu pretended to be a cleaner and installed an eavesdropper, so he heard everything about Yin Shili. Yin Shili’s housework was clear and plain. When she ate, she heard Yin Shili woke up and got excited. Li Wanfu handed the recording to Yin Shili and said there was something she had to listen to.

Gu Shengjun was worried because Xu Dan cried and left last time, but Xu Dan was unwilling to answer his phone and sent a message saying that he was waiting downstairs in her house. If he didn’t come, he might be arrested. Xu Dan said why this man was so strange and he walked to the dressing table involuntarily. Xu Dansu Yan came out to see him curled up and waited. If he didn’t ask him angrily, he wouldn’t be afraid to be taken away by the security department. Gu Shengjun asked her to treat herself as Li Zhenghe. Xu Dan was annoyed about how the person he wanted to fight could continue. Gu Shengjun said that if it was himself, he would be punched hard by Xu Dan before he finished speaking. Gu Shengjun comforted that she was too attractive to make herself. Fascinated, Xu Dan let him continue to praise, Gu Shengjun confessed his own voice, saying that Xu Dan is a good woman to make her heart, Xu Dan moved to cry and pulled him directly to kiss.

Yin Shili took the tape recorder to hear what her stepmother said to her unconscious. Yin Shili was raised by her stepmother less than a month ago. Although she always saw her stepmother as her biological mother, her stepmother did not accept it. Her stepmother tried to Throw her away until she faints and is taken to the hospital, her stepmother crying and apologizing to her, hoping she can survive. Lee Jung-hye waited outside the door and waited for her to walk in. Yin Shi-li said she was sad and could n’t wear a bikini and had a big scar on her chest. To show her comfort, she showed her the scar on her back, showing off that she did n’t sew anesthesia. He took off his shirt and showed him other scars. Even the scars on the head were shown to Yin Shili. He also said that there were scars on his face. He kissed Yin Shili. It happened that a few people from Pujizhixiu came in and saw the two. Started mocking Lee Jung Hyuk.

The passage from North Korea to Seoul has been discovered and has attracted South Korean attention. It is speculated that the two who entered Seoul through the passage were related to the shooting of Yin Shili. Li Zhenghe was extremely concerned about Yin Shili, and the dog food could not be seen by his subordinates. Li Zhenghe stayed beside Yin Shili and did not let Yin Shili do anything. The paparazzi lurked in the opposite high-rise building to shoot Yin Shili’s scandal. Only when Li Zhenghe picked up Yin Shili, he was found by Li Wanfu and pulled the curtains. Yin Shili praised the paparazzi for taking a good photo and took Lee Jung-hyok’s shoulder line very well. Oujihide laughed at her being shot silly. Leader Lee coped with the news and saw that Lee Jung Hyuk was coming out and was about to teach him. At this time, Yin Shiheng brought someone over and was stopped by Lee Jung Hyuk. Lee Jung Hyuk directly knocked down his two bodyguards and said that Yin Shili was forbidden to visit his family. Respectfully.

The National Intelligence Agency found Yin Shili’s father, asked Yin Shili about her abduction in an underground parking lot, and showed her photo of Zhao Zhegang, saying that this person was from North Korea and directed Yin Shili. An additional investigation of Yin Shili is needed. When Lee Jung Hyuk went out, he met his stepmother Yin Shili. The stepmother asked him to drink tea. Piao Zhixiu and others eavesdropped to outline a grudge, but Yin Shili took out her business card and asked Li Zhenghe to stay beside Yin Shili. Next to Yin Shili, Yin Shili’s stepmother didn’t speak after listening. Father Yin brought the people from the National Academies to Yin Shili and asked if he knew the prisoner. Yin Shili asked him if he knew if the prisoner could catch the person. Yin Shili called all the people in the family. In the presence of Father Yun’s conversation with Yin Shiheng and his wife, Yin’s father quit all duties of Yin Shiheng. Yin Shiheng was anxious to push things to his wife. The dog jumped over the wall and started yelling at his father. His mother slapped him before he calmed down. The State Council asked Yin Shiheng and his wife to cooperate with the investigation to arrest Zhao Zhegang.

Gu Shengjun was also found here. He chased the apartment and sent a killer. Gu Shengjun ran to the roof in anxiety, knowing that he had reached this point, and laughed at Xu Dan at this time. Zhao Zhegang conveyed to his subordinates in North Korea to deal with Li Wanfu’s wife and son, and Yin Shiheng’s wife also learned of Li Zhenghe’s identity and told the National Academies. Li Zhenghe learned where Zhao Zhegang was hiding, and told his subordinates to protect Yin Shili. They also explained that if they did not return, they must return to North Korea. Afterwards, one person took a taxi to go out, and the National Institute of Social Sciences followed. Lee Jung-hyak found President Lu’s hiding place, and President Lu took him to find Zhao Zhegang. In surprise, Zhao Zhegang threatened that he would lose his father’s protection. He would have ruined his father’s reputation. At this time, the State Council had surrounded them. The key was targeted, Zhao Zhegang sneered and said that people like him could not shoot. At this time, Zhao Zhegang turned around and suddenly shot a gun at Li Zhenghe.

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