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Crash Landing on You (2019) Episode 13 Recap

Li Zhenghe gently embraced Yin Shili from behind. He promised to accompany her for her birthday. Thanks for her birth and thought about her. Yin Shili turned around and hugged him. Yin Shili held his hand and said he thought he was gone. Crying a lot, Lee Jung Hyuk hoped that she would not cry anymore. Yin Shili said that she would not cry after the vaccination. She persuaded Lee Jung He’s father to make him embarrassed and let him go back. He used Fawn as an example to prevent him from being pushed out by his compatriots, and promised that he would His own strength protects his security position and allows Lee Jung Hyuk to return to his own world. At this time, several people were sitting in front of the cake and worried. Biao Xiuzhi saw Yin Shili crying for the first time. Li Wanfu was worried that he would go out and watch the two of them come back. Originally, Zhao Zhegang sat in the car and looked at the two, knowing that there was a police car behind him. Before leaving, Li Wanfu felt strange looking around, but found nothing.

Yin Shili returned home to celebrate the birthday with everyone. She smiled that the cake was too old-fashioned. Everyone was happy to sing a Korean birthday song. Yin Shili learned that everyone did n’t know that she had to make a wish before blowing out the cake, and taught everyone to close their eyes and make a wish. Extinguish the candle. Before going to bed, Lee Jung Hyuk knocked on Yin Shili’s door. Yin Shili thought he was going to give a birthday gift. Lee Jung He hid something behind and explained that there was no special meaning to buying a gift. Yin Shili saw him nervous and sweated over and saw that it was a ring, but the ring I tried a few fingers before putting it on my thumb. Lee Jung Hyuk took out the other hand and took out a female model. It turned out to be a couple’s ring. Lee Jung Hyuk put it on for her gently. Yin Shili also put a male model on him. And guarantee that no matter what happens, it will not come off.

Xu Dan’s mother took a taxi to the military yard to get off the train and met the people’s monitor. She quickly took out skin care products and bribed the two. She said that the person living in the new house was her nephew, Alberto, and hurried to the apartment to open the door. Gu Shengjun was cooking a sober soup, Gu Shengjun told her that Xu Dan was sleeping here after drinking vodka, and Xu Dan’s mother was annoyed that she was the same. Gu Shengjun cooked dinner and asked them to come out for dinner. Xu Dan’s mother at the table Asking his origins in detail, Gu Shengjun honestly replied that he loved Xu Dan alone, and knew that she already had the person he wanted and was engaged. He said that he liked all of Xu Dan and said that the advantage was that he inherited his mother. Xu Dan is very satisfied with Gu Shengjun, but Xu Dan insists that he is Li Zhenghe’s fiancee.

Lee Jung Hyuk found the intermediary and forced him to say what he wanted to know. Yin Shili asked Li Wanfu about the end of the World Sports Congress in five days. Is Li Zhenghe also returning to North Korea with their bus? Li Wanfu said that Li Zhenghe ’s father risked them to perform this task. If he did not return to North Korea that day, Next time you know what time it is. Yin Shili heard that Yin Shili didn’t need the helper to go home. She was very surprised. Yin Shili told Piao Xiuzhi and others that the black card can buy a lot of things. She was frightened by Piao Xiuzhi’s fashion, so several people went to buy clothes together. See the world, bought clothes and watched the street singing.

Yin Shili’s second wife wanted to use Yin Shili’s absence to hold a shareholders’ meeting and ask everyone to vote, saying that there was evidence that Yin Shili could not operate things. At this time, Yin Shili’s mother came in and asked her to call her husband who was away on a business trip to Hong Kong to go home. In the past, Yin Shili’s entertainers uploaded information about her to the platform. Yin Shili quickly turned off her anger and let the secretary go out to work. Li Zhenghe started to be jealous and said that he was also a passenger. Yin Shili smiled and asked if he was jealous. Blame it. Why didn’t he show up earlier, and finally decided to go to class to watch a movie, and watched the movie and drove for a drive.

Lee Jung Hyuk asked Yin Shili if he was satisfied with coming out of class today. Yin Shili said that he always felt a little less without a plan. He was curious to ask if he had missed it too. Lee Jung He said he went out to take photos in Switzerland and encountered an ideal type on the bridge. Yin Shili said that she had met a beauty, and Li Zhenghe said that the woman was her. Yin Shili was surprised to say that the person she met at that time was him, and the person next to him was Xu Dan. Sigh The two had met before when they didn’t know.

Yin Shili and Li Zhenghe arrived at several places where their subordinates ate, and found that everyone cheered to watch the football game, and cheered for South Korea. Yin Shili was pleased to invite everyone in the store to eat fried chicken. When Li Wanfu went out to smoke, Li Zhegang appeared and threatened him to recognize the reality. Don’t feel that returning to the Chief Political Officer of North Korea, it is impossible to let him go when he knows that he is the culprit who killed his eldest son, and took out a picture of his son to threaten Li Wanfu and let him choose.

Before going to bed at night, Lee Jung Hyuk and Kim Eun Dong chatted about the novelty they saw in South Korea. Speaking of a bragging king when they played a game, when they said that Lee Jung Hyuk knew he was secretly clenching his fists, he got up and drank water. Go to sleep. Li Zhenghe went to the hall and saw Li Wanfu crying, thinking he was missing his family.

Gu Shengjun and Xu Dan went out and told her that Li Zhegang had travelled to South Korea and planned to tie back Yin Shili and ruined Lee Jeonghe’s family, and Lee Jeonghe also went to Seoul. Xu Dan cried when he heard it. Xu Dan’s mother asked her brother to inquire about Gu Shengjun’s origins. It was learned that Gu Shengjun had given instructions to the British Entrepreneur hiding in North Korea to be thoroughly investigated by the Chief Political Officer. Xu Dan’s mother was shocked and asked what was good. Said that the good thing was that Xu Dan knew this fact, but he was not cheated by the scammers, and the two siblings were noisy again.
Yin Shili made a mask for everyone, saying that she was dressing for Zhou Mo and told him to run errands and pick things up.

Zhou Mo was handsome and went to the cafe to see that the person in front of him turned out to be Cui Zhiyou. He suspected that he had an illusion and hid behind the pillar. It turned out that Yin Shili asked her to eat with Zhou Mo. Zhou Mo talked to Cui Zhiyou about the lines in the TV series. Zhou Mo completed her dream and returned without even eating. She murmured to Cui Zhiyou’s group photo. Yin Shili was right. Several people said their final farewell again, and saw a few people did not spend much money to prepare gifts separately. Li Zhegang used Li Wanfu’s recording to tell him the situation of the two, and he also called Lee Jung Hyuk, who arranged for a few people to follow the bus back to North Korea, saying that he would go back after finishing his work.

Yin Shiheng handed over Yin Shili’s road map from home to his home to Zhao Zhegang. The thugs arranged by Zhao Zhegang intercepted Yin Shili halfway, and he himself called on Lee Jung Hyuk to find a group of thugs to kill Lee Jung Hyuk. Lee Jung-hyuk appeared as promised, and President Lu took the opportunity to escape and found Yin Shili’s car. Several of Li Zheng-he’s subordinates got on the car. It turned out that Lee Wan-fu had told himself that he was threatened by Zhao Zhe-gang. At first Yin Shili didn’t believe that her brother would collude with Zhao Zhegang to deceive herself, but decided to follow Lee Jeonghe’s arrangements and stopped Yin Shili’s thugs. Several people arrived, and then they reached the place agreed by Li Zhenghe and Zhao Zhegang. The triad of their own real estate, let them help with rent-free conditions.

Zhao Zhegang saw Li Wanfu betrayed himself and took out a gun to kill him. Li Zhenghe first pulled Li Wanfu and the two men fought. Zhao Zhegang grabbed Li Wanfu as a hostage and planned to run away. Seeing that the situation was anxious, Lee Jung Hyuk came out, Zhao Zhe Gang hid in ambush to kill Li Zheng He, Yin Shili watched the scene and drove the car forward to block him. Li Zheng He turned back to see Yin Shi Li passed out and she was killed by Zhao Zhegang Angrily shot Zhao Zhegang directly. Zhao Zhegang was injured and was about to return with a gun. Li Wanfu got the gun and killed Zhao Zhegang directly. Li Zhenghe looked sad at Yin Shili who was shot. Yin Shili was shot in the abdomen. Li Zhenghe regretted that he had not said what he loved her.

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