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The Tale of Nokdu Episode 25 Recap

Seeing Dongzhu’s exhausted look, Mung Dou asked her with concern. Dongzhu felt very uncomfortable when she recalled what Lu Wu had said, but she didn’t tell the truth to Mung Dou. She just prevariably said that she was not feeling well, and Mung Dou couldn’t help but sigh. He took a sigh of relief, but after facing Dongzhu’s questioning gaze, he reluctantly said that being a errand could not be so easy. Dongzhu stroked the clean face of Mung Bean with his hands, unable to connect him with the blood-stained king. Mung Bean also felt the warmth from Dongzhu, and the two of them leaned their heads together, comforting and warming each other.

After sending Dongzhu back to the palace, Mung Dou was a little reluctant. He took Dongzhu’s hand and emphasized once again their plan to see the sea together. Dongzhu happily agreed. After sending off Dongzhu away, Mung Dou turned and saw Wei Wu standing behind him. Lu Wu wanted to use Mung Dou as the most critical piece of his rebellion. He personally exposed the king’s attempt to kill his own son. Pulling the people’s heart to his side, Luwu’s plan was perfect, but he incorrectly estimated Mung Bean. After hearing his so-called shortcut, Mung Bean turned and left without listening to what was behind him.

Mung Bean wanted to go to the prison to visit Yun Ning who was detained here, but was refused. When he was shooting arrows with the king, the king left the mung bean alone. When he heard the king inquiring about his previous report, the mung bean said that he had inquired about Yunning’s whereabouts, but now it seems that the news is useless. Hearing this, the king immediately remembered the general and Yunning’s betrayal of him, and his words brought out a bit of hatred, and then he inadvertently said that he would kill the child they were trying to protect as well. At this moment, Mung Bean was holding the bow and arrow that the king had just handed him to him. When Mung Bean standing behind the king heard that the king was still planning to kill himself, he couldn’t help but pointed the arrow at the king, but he listened again. When the king wanted to appoint him to a higher office and stay by his side to protect himself, Mung Bean’s heart softened. He removed the arrow and shot at the rake in the distance.

Dongzhu, who walked out with the other palace ladies, stopped when she heard that Mung Dou had been promoted to the waiting guard by the king’s side. She didn’t understand how things would change like this. From now on, between her and Mung Dou It’s no longer the obstacle of the king’s son, and he will face the embarrassing scene of life and death.

The maid in the same group looked at Dongzhu always in a daze and was very puzzled. She thought it was because she had been sent too much to live. What she had been insisting on all these years, Dongzhu didn’t want to give up so easily, she muttered. , The unknowing palace lady couldn’t understand why she was a servant and had so many troubles.

Mung bean wanted to discuss with his brother about saving his father, but his brother blamed all the incognito days he had now on Mung bean’s life experience. But when Huang Tai, who had never planned to have a long conversation with Mung Bean, heard that her father was in the palace prison, she immediately stopped preparing to leave and turned back. Hearing Mung Dou said that he wanted to announce to the world the king’s attempt to abandon and kill his son 20 years ago, Huang Tai thought it might be more effective to leave this matter to Lu Wu, but Mung Dou rejected his proposal.

One quiet night, Mung Bean posted a notice saying that the king abandoned his son and planned to kill his son. At the same time, a large number of handwritten notices were scattered in Hanyang City. The king who received the news was very angry. He ordered the matter to be investigated and seized the mastermind behind the matter. But after seeing Mung Bean, when I heard Mung Bean’s suggestion not to do anything at this time, just watching the change is the most ideal solution to the problem. At the same time, he also told the king not to go to the prison anymore so as not to arouse the suspicion of others. When Mung Bean said that he was willing to take the place of the king to monitor Yunning’s activities, the king agreed without hesitation.

When he came to the prison, Mung Bean blamed himself for leaving his mother without a doctor, his brother being threatened, and his father being imprisoned because of his own sake. He asked his father why he saved him in the first place. Looking at the son who was deep into the tiger’s den, Yunning couldn’t help but remember the situation when he first saw mung bean twenty years ago. At that time, the dying mung bean still cried. The child was telling the world in his voice. His existence, looking at this child who didn’t give up even at the last moment, Yunning felt soft and saved him desperately.

Mung Dou, who came out of the prison, only wanted to take a look at Dongju in his heart. At this time Dongju appeared in front of him, remembering their plan to see the sea together, both of them put down their hands and ran away. Going out, two people walked happily around a nearby lake, chatting about the past between them, accidentally, Dongzhu brought the topic to whether Mung Dou knew who he was, and heard Mung Dou talking about it. I already knew it all. When he heard Mung Dou say that he wanted to protect his father, Dongzhu mistakenly thought that the father in Mung Dou’s mouth was the king, and instinctively pulled out his hand in Mung Dou’s hand.

On the border, the Ming Dynasty and the Japanese pirates were at war. The ministers believed that the Ming Dynasty had helped a lot in the rebellion that took place in their own country 20 years ago. At this time, they should also send troops to help, but the emperor thought it was his own troops to counter the rebellion. As a result, the Ming Dynasty just took the opportunity to scrap a lot of wealth. Hearing the emperor’s remarks, the minister who made the remark missed the rumor that the emperor killed his son. The emperor’s soft underbelly was touched, and he killed the minister with a knife, and the court immediately burst into voices.

From outside the palace, I learned that the king is still looking for himself and intends to remove the roots of Dongju. After returning to the palace, I saw the chaotic scene. Although I don’t know what happened, I saw that Mung Bean was doing his best to help the already weak king back. go with.

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