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The Tale of Nokdu Episode 24 Recap

When he returned to the palace again, Dongzhu saw the empress in the nave arguing with the guard at the door, walked to the front, and realized that the empress had lost a very important thing and wanted to find it, but the guard was in accordance with the king’s The will not allow her to come and go freely. Seeing the medicine and clothing that Dongju had brought to herself, the empress suddenly remembered that Dongju could go in and out of this palace freely, so she asked Dongju to help her find it carefully. When she heard that it was the right one. Dongzhu didn’t dare to neglect the very important thing about the empress, and looked for it carefully, but there was no gain.

Dongzhu seemed to remember that when she was with Mung Bean, she had seen Mung Bean drop this half jade pendant. When Mung Bean asked her what she was looking for, she asked about the source of the half jade. Mung Bean lied that her mother left it. For yourself.

Luwu and his accomplices wanted to rebel rightfully. Luwu ordered the king to kill his own son for the throne, and Luwu wanted to bring the mung bean to the king again, using his own son who had wanted to kill himself. It turned out to have been around to stimulate the king to let him kill the mung bean in public. In that case, the king’s reputation for unrighteousness would spread. At that time, Luwu and the others could use this excuse to rebel.

For this contest with Lu Wu, Mung Bean thought of all the details. Not only did he transfer Xiao Ying ahead of time, he also asked Master and Yan Genji to create a case of provocation and provocation to bring his brother who had been staying at Lu Wu’s house. After he came out, Mung Bean was relieved to do what he had to do after his brother was put in prison. With the help of Jin Ai, Mung Bean also succeeded in taking out the record of heroes that was important to Luwu and could contain everyone.

He was holding the mung bean to report to the emperor and wanting to rebel, but he accidentally heard the emperor’s personal statement at the gate of the prison. More importantly, after hearing this, Mung Bean’s hand holding the hero Lu could not help but tighten his hand. This may be the truth he wants to know.

Dongzhu, who had planned to meet in the evening, had not waited for the figure of Mung Dou, at this time Mung Dou was busy with more important things for him. Worried about the safety of Mung Bean, Dong-joo found Lu Wu’s family. Seeing that Dong-joo was so desperate for Mung Bean, Lu Wu was very angry. He forgot his plan to tell Dong-joo about Mung Bean’s life experience later and regarded Mung Bean as the king. I told Dongju about his son. Recalling the half piece of jade in Mung Bean’s hand and the unbearable look in the eyes of Empress when she asked her to help find the jade, Dongzhu believed that all this might be true.

Dongzhu recalled the bit by bit when she was with Mung Bean. The moments that touched her, and now it seems that they will never happen again in the future. They have all become out of reach.

Mung Dou and Dongzhu, who were in the same depressed mood, came to the swing that brought them extremely happy time. Mung Dou, who knew the truth of the matter, was also heartbroken at this time. Now that he is happy, he has now unlocked himself. He is puzzled by the disaster of his life experience, but he has to face the reality of being abandoned by his biological father or wanting to be brutally killed. Dongzhu ran up and hugged Dongzhu, who was already in tears from behind. The two people who were tied to the king now needed to comfort each other.

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