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The Tale of Nokdu Episode 20 Recap

When the king learned that Zheng Yun was escaping, Long Yan was furious and ordered his subordinates to catch Zheng Yun in front of him whether he was dead or alive. It just so happened that all mung beans heard what the king said. Da Ti Xue suffered all the torture in prison. When the king came, he was already ragged and his blood stains had condensed. Old friends who have met for many years now look like this, both of them are full of sadness.

The king took out the strategy map that was not burned out by the big school, and asked whether he wanted to establish a new king, whether he wanted to abandon himself, and whether he also felt that he was not worthy of being a king. Every sentence of Wang Shang asked like a needle pierced in his heart, and every question that he asked about learning to listen was like a sharp knife across his heart. Da Ti Xue wanted to explain, and wanted to tell the king about Che Luwu’s conspiracy, but before he entered the prison, Che Luwu threatened his family’s life, so he stopped, and the words came to life. Swallowed back.

After escaping, the guards of Da Ti Xue told Jin Ai that Da Ti Xue was arrested and Cha Liwu wanted to seek rebellion. But Che Luwu said the same thing before, so Jin Ai didn’t know who to trust now.

The king will sneak into the folks recently, and Dongzhu learned that the king might stay at the prostitute at Yunmi Shanyue tonight. Entering the prostitute, Dongzhu thought of Quan Mungdou and recalled the scene of the family being wiped out, and suddenly fell to the ground. She worked hard to adjust her mentality and finally gathered the courage to prepare for the assassination.

Quan Mung Bean patrolled the palace with great anxiety, but suddenly he found that his official hat was missing. Just as he was looking around, the Empress of the Middle Hall appeared with his official hat. Inadvertently, Quan Mung Dou saw the half-moon-shaped jade hanging on the middle hall girl, and he was shocked. This is exactly the same as the jade that Dati Xue gave me. When I gave this jade, Da Ti Xue also said that it was a piece of jade that could prove his identity at a critical moment. At this time, Quan Mung Bean seemed to have guessed something, but did not dare to continue thinking about it.

After the scene just now, all mung beans sat in despair under Qianqiu. At this time, Dongzhu suddenly appeared from behind. When Dongzhu came, Quanmungdou’s heart slowly let go. He said something strange to Dongzhu, which made Dongzhu full of worry. Afterwards, the two wandered in the night, and the wildflowers on both sides also looked particularly beautiful. Unable to help, the two gradually took each other’s hand.

After letting Master Huang hand over his gift to Quan Mung Bean, Dong Zhu went to the prostitute. But it just so happened that the king was walking towards him. Dongzhu told the king that he wanted to enter the palace to find a job. Seeing that the king was full of sadness, Dongzhu thought that he had insomnia again, so he gently enlightened him. After chatting with Dongzhu, the king’s bound heart gradually relaxed. After thinking about it again and again, the king actually took the initiative to apologize to the middle hall.

But when Dongzhu entered the prostitute’s shop alone, he accidentally met the man in the gambling shop. Dongzhu fled all the way, accidentally hitting him and entering a plague-ridden village. More unfortunately, she accidentally fell into a well.

After dawn, there was a sudden pouring rain in the sky. Quan Mung Bean was very worried about Dongzhu, so he found the gambling shop and then learned about Dongzhu’s whereabouts. The rain was getting bigger and bigger, and the water in the well gradually rose, and Dongzhu was almost flooded. Fortunately, Quan Mung Bean arrived in time to pull Dongzhu out of the well. When Dongzhu woke up, he went out angrily, clearly thinking of revenge, but Quan Mungdou kept holding his heart. Dongzhu finally expressed his thoughts at this moment, and the two loving couple finally kissed in the rain.

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