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Proud Genius: The Evil King Against the Heaven

Proud Genius: The Evil King Against the Heaven
Other Name: 傲世天才:邪王逆天宠

Genre: novel, fantasy
Author: Mi Xiao
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Mi Xiao’s new book “Proud Genius: The Evil King Against the Heaven” is a fantasy-style novel written by Mi Xiao. The protagonist Bingxun and Nalan have a fascinating plot and is highly recommended. The main point is: “Xianya, this time I really wronged you to come to this place, but don’t worry, I will help you find the Dragon Seeking Grass.” Nalan Ling said to Ouyang Xianya vowingly. “Thank you then.” Ouyang Xian

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“Xianya, this time you are really wronged to come to this place, but don’t worry, I will help you find the Dragon Seeking Grass.” Nalan Ling said to Ouyang Xianya vowingly.

“Thank you then.” Ouyang Xianya’s tone was quite disdainful and perfunctory.

In fact, this time looking for Dragon Grass also hired a lot of gold-level mercenaries to come along.

There are five levels of mercenaries, which are gray, silver, gold, dark, and black.

The money needed to mobilize mercenaries is a lot, and their ability to do things is not low.

Therefore, in Ouyang Xianya’s view, she would definitely win the Dragon Seed Grass this time, and Nalanling’s courtesy was nothing but worthless in Ouyang Xianya’s view.

Dark-level mercenaries above the gold level, if they want to mobilize them, the price they pay cannot be estimated, and usually only the royal family of various countries will take care of them.

And the black-level mercenaries above the dark level no longer do tasks for money, and if they want them to take over the main task, they must pay what makes them heart-warming.

However, there are already too few mercenaries that can become dark-level mercenaries. After all, it is not so easy to become a high-level mercenary.

“Xianya, you and me don’t have to say thanks.” Nalan Ling naturally also knows how Ouyang Xianya feels about herself, so this time, he will want to make Ouyang Xianya change even more.


“Master, master, where are we going now?” Dark Ye Yunlang asked cutely, now it is so uncomfortable lying in Bingxun’s arms.

Bing Xun fixed his eyes and replied, “I don’t know.”

“Master, the Lun family knows that there is a place here that is suitable for the master to practice. There is a lot of aura, and the little things that the master should want will also be there!” It has destroyed Bingxun’s medicinal materials before, so of course it needs Seize the opportunity to be diligent.

“Where is that?” Bingxun looked at the little wolf in his arms, thinking about it, Dark Night Yunlang had also been in this death forest for a long time, knowing that there is a good place here, so Bingxun was willing to believe it. .

Seeing that his owner was interested, Dark Ye Yunlang stunned his little tail, looking at his owner with cute eyes, and said, “Master, the Lun family will take you there, as if to move forward first.”

“Master, this stupid guy doesn’t know whether it’s reliable, do you really want to listen to it?” Little Black Snake asked Bingxun, his tone full of distrust of Dark Night Yunlang.

“You, you, bad snakes are just soliciting discord. Master don’t believe it, huh.” The little cute wolf was angry.

“This is a fact.” The little black snake looked at Dark Ye Yunlang with disdain.

“Oh oh oh, you…”

“Stop.” Bing Xun interrupted Dark Ye Yunlang with a headache. Why do these two guys often do this? She was afraid that if she didn’t interrupt now, they would be noisy again.

“Master…it…” Dark Night Yunlang felt wronged. Humph! That bad guy.

“Continue to lead the way.” Bing Xun’s tone was cold, but it was stern.

“Oh oh.” Dark Ye Yunlang had no choice but to agree. It didn’t want to make the master unhappy, Bing Xun kept going all the way…

The dark night cloud wolf took Bingxun away in the high part of the Death Forest. Because the dark night cloud wolf is a celestial beast, naturally, there will be no dead monsters coming to find death.

After walking for a long time, the dark night Yunlang said, “Master, it’s almost here, oh! It’s ahead!”

The scenery of the place where the dark night cloud wolf brings the ice is good. There are many plants everywhere. There is a small lake not far away. There is a small stone cave near the small lake. The end of the small lake is not far away. Bottom cliff.

This place is indeed just like what the dark night cloud wolf said, the aura is very abundant, and there are a lot of precious herbs, so Bingxun decided to stay here for the time being to practice.

Bing Xun began to practice in the small stone cave. Not long after practicing, Bing Xun heard the sound of fighting not far from here, and quickly approached where she was.

Bing Xun wrinkled her shoulder slightly and walked out. To be honest, she didn’t like being disturbed.

As soon as Bing Xun left, he saw a large group of people fighting with a dragon-like beast.

“Master, don’t go there. That god beast is also a heavenly beast, and it’s not weaker than the Lun family, and the Lun family doesn’t think that group of guys are good things.” Dark Ye Yunlang said.

It can clearly feel the strength of the underworld beast, but generally speaking, the underworld beast will not casually attack others. It can force it to do it, and it must be the reason.

“Yeah.” In fact, Bingxun didn’t plan to take risks either. These people had nothing to do with her, so she thought she didn’t need to take them at all.

Even if she herself had the Dark Night Cloud Wolf, the Heavenly Rank Divine Beast was not inferior to her strength, but in this way she wouldn’t make an aggressive move, and neither would it be necessary.

On the other side, “Xianya, let’s take things first and let them resist here!” Nalan Ling said to Ouyang Xianya.

“Okay.” Ouyang Xianya answered with a frown, and then followed Nalanling to the back.

That’s right, this team is exactly the one that Ouyang Xianya and Nalan Ling came to look for Dragon Grass, because Xun Long Grass is something of the Underworld God Beast, and they just started to think that the Underworld God Beast is an ordinary spirit beast.

So stealthily robbed Xunlongcao but attacked the Underworld beast guarding Xunlongcao. This made the Underworld beast completely angry, and the scene in front of Bingxun happened.

In a moment, the Underworld God Beast wiped out all the people except Nalan Ling and Ouyang Xianya, because these people were like ants in front of the Underworld God Beast.

However, the Underworld Monster killed these people but did not feel relieved, and was still very angry. After all, it knew that the real mastermind had not only gone, but also taken away its things. How could this make it angry?

Suddenly, it raised a pair of black eyes, saw Bingxun not far away, and flew towards Bingxun.

Seeing being discovered, Bing Xun frowned slightly. In this situation, she knew that she would definitely not be able to hide, so she planned to use her mind to control the beast.

Bing Xun didn’t know what would happen, after all, this was the first time she started to control the beast, and the other party was such a high-level beast.

Bingxun quickly condensed spiritual power and transformed it into thought power. When the underworld beast came over, it wrapped the thought power around the underworld beast.

“Roar!!” the cry of the underworld beast.

Gradually, the spirit of the god beast seemed to stabilize, but Bing Xun was also sweating profusely, and his face turned pale.

If you want to control the heavenly beasts of the heavenly beasts, the thought power required is inestimable, and the thought power is equivalent to the spiritual power. Therefore, Bing Xun’s face is naturally not very good.

In fact, Bingxun didn’t intend to completely control the underworld god beast. He just wanted to calm it down and stabilize it temporarily.

Therefore, Bingxun quickly took his two little guys away and left after calming down and stabilizing the god beast.

After leaving the Underworld Beast, Bingxun returned to the cave where she had practiced for a while. After returning to the cave, Bingxun quickly began to sit cross-legged and began to practice, in order to repair the spiritual energy she had just consumed.

Dark Ye Yunlang and Little Black Snake also knew that Bingxun needed to repair their bodies, so they stayed quietly.

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