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The Beauty of Allure is Unparalleled

The Beauty of Allure is Unparalleled (Novel)
Other Name: 倾城佳人世无双

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Lu Feixi
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Lu Lingzhi and Murongzhao did not hesitate to work hard for the promotion of a scumbag, but he did not think that the scumbag had a secret relationship with his sister and was arrested. The pair of scumbags looked at the incident at the East Window, and they jumped over the wall in a hurry and even wanted to stop talking. Unwilling to be deceived in a rage, finally broke out, the tragic scumbag male White Lotus..

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As Lu Lingxue said, she handed a pillow-like thing to Lu Lingzhi, and said diligently, “Here you can reach in. It’s full of cotton. It’s very warm. The eldest sister copied the Buddhist scriptures for her grandmother, and her hands are cold in winter. You can use this to keep warm.

Lu Lingzhi took the warm pillow with an inexplicable expression in his eyes. Now this thing is not common in the capital, but almost every household will have it a year later. This is something that came from Mobei, it can be warm in winter. She also sews for Ye Maoran by herself, and because Ye Maoran’s hands are prone to chilblains, she put a lot of spices and herbs made by herself.

Put things? ! Almost instantly, Lu Lingzhi understood that this warm pillow was definitely not simple.

“Eldest sister, don’t you like it? Give it a try, this is what the third sister has done!” Lu Lingxue urged, a flash of anxiety flashed on his face.

Lu Lingzhi’s smile on her face remained unchanged, and she stretched her right hand into the warm pillow and smiled, “It’s as warm as the fifth sister said. I really like it. Thank you two sisters! Fifth sister, it’s better to eat here today. …”

“No!” Seeing Lu Lingzhi put her hand in, Lu Lingxue’s expression became relaxed, and she said cheerfully, “I have to go back to the third sister to get my life back, so I won’t bother the eldest sister and leave!”

He said, ignoring Lu Lingzhi’s face and hurried out. The steps are brisk, showing the owner’s happy mood.

“It’s really weird! It’s the first time I’ve seen Lu Lingxue with a bewildered look at Lu Lingxue’s back.

Lu Lingzhi sneered, “She is naturally happy! The conspiracy has succeeded, so she has to go back and claim credit!”

Lonicera was startled, his eyes fell on the warm pillow in Lu Lingzhi’s hands, worried, “Is this… there is something wrong with this thing? Miss, you…you know how you are still picking up her things. It’s over, she just forced her Miss the effect of trying this thing, Miss, you…how are you feeling now? Is there any discomfort in your right hand?”

Lu Lingzhi smiled playfully, and made another gesture of reaching in with his right hand, so scared that Liandong almost threw out the warm pillow.

“Stupid! Since I knew it, how could I still be hit? It’s just an action, covered by a sleeve robe, I didn’t reach in at all, I just showed it to her!” Lu Lingzhi said, handing the warm pillow to Lonicera. “Cut it with scissors, I want to see what good stuff is inside!”

Speaking of the last three words, even Lonicera felt the coldness in the tone of the young lady.

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