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Pocket Monsters Special XY Manga

Pocket Monsters Special XY Manga (Manga)
Other Name: Pokémon Adventures XY / Pokemon XY / ポケットモンスターSPECIAL X・Y / Pocket Monster Special XY

Genres: manga, Shounen, Action, Adventure, Kids
Hidenori kusaka
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As the new champion of the Pokémon Battle Junior Tournament in the Kalos region, X is hailed as a child prodigy. But when the media attention proves to be too much for him, he holes up in his room to hide from everyone – including his best friends. Then, his hometown of Vaniville Town is attacked by the two Legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal and a mysterious organization named Team Flare! What will it take to get X to come out of hiding?!

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