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Arsenal Military Academy Episode 28

Shen Junshan escapes Xie Wei Huang Song finds Xie Wei to see the show

After Shen Junshan wakes up, she sees Xie Tao at the bedside and walks out of the room with a headache. When Xie Wei wakes up and sees him not there, he looks around for him. Gu Yan said that Xie Tao took care of Shen Junshan last night and immediately became jealous. Huang Song saw Shen Junshan and called him to eat together, but he turned around and left. Gu Yan frame fell asleep during class. After being seen by the instructor, he called him up for activities. He did not expect to be beaten immediately after a move.

The instructor asked Shen Junshan and Xie Tao to get up and demonstrate. However, Shen Junshan was absent-minded. When fighting, Shen Junshan was indifferent to Xie Wei’s nosebleed. The instructor asked him to go to the infirmary to handle it. Xie Tao also followed. he. Xie Wei looked at Shen Junshan to escape from himself, and then asked him about the situation. It turned out that Gu Yan’s frame had told him that he liked Xie Wei. After hearing it, Xie Wei said that this was a joke made by Gu Yan’s frame, so that he should not take it seriously. Shen Junshan intends to go home for a few days, and let Ji Yun help him find a reason to take time off. Xie Tao just hit the water and hit it. Ji Yun is like a ghost and runs away.

Shen listened to see Shen Junshan coming back, told him that the Japanese Chamber of Commerce sent an invitation, invited them to go to the feast, Shen Junshan saw the identity of the new president after seeing it, but Shen Hebai did not know the specific situation. After Oda Hideki returned, she was dissatisfied with Kim’s practice. She smashed the glass and let her go to dinner for a while. Xiao Xiaolai came to the military school to find Xie Wei and saw Xie Wei and Huang Song coming out together. I quickly hid it and saw Huang Song’s departure before she dared to show up. It turned out that Huang Song went to school all day to find Xie Xiang. Xiao Yan had already found many reasons to reject him.

During the period of the visit, I came to the military school to find someone. I just met my brother Gu Yan at the door. I learned that Xie Liangchen was not inside, so he asked him to bring things to Xie Liangchen. Gu Yan frame does not pay attention to the period, secretly look at the contents of the box, but also deliberately damage her things can not eat, the period with an angry gift.

Huang Song came to the school to find Xie Xiang, happily handed the girl’s jewelry to her, and then reluctantly left, Xie Tao looked at the gift thoughtfully, do not know how to solve it. Shen listened to Mr. Oda, and the two men chilled each other. Jin Xianrong wore a kimono to see Shen Yinbai. She pretended to be calm if she pretended to be calm. She did not expect Shen Junshan to come in the house and was shocked after seeing Jin Xianrong. Staring at her, Jin Xianrong was very panicked and did not dare to look at him.

Shen Junshan claimed that he had something to leave in advance, and Oda Hideki let Jin Xianrong go out and send him. Xianrong took him and wanted to explain. However, after Shen Junshan learned her identity, she remembered those who had been killed by her and told her After that they can only be enemies, can’t be friends again, and then decisively leave. Qu Manting sang songs gracefully on the stage. Guo Jiaoguan was drinking in the audience and was addicted to singing. When Qu Manting returned home, she drove her home.

Guo instructor praised Qu Manting in the car to sing and listen well. In order to ensure her safety, she decided to use her full-time driver to protect her safety when she decided to perform. Xie Wei was in a daze in the dormitory. Gu Yan framed her with a doll to make her happy. Xie Wei took the apple in his hand and decided to forgive him. Guo’s instructor asked Qi to escort the treasures, and then drove back. When the car was on, let the jade sister be careful, and don’t mix it with those people.

Huang Song happily went out to find Xie Xiang to see the show. Xie Tao just came across the news and immediately panicked up and quickly went out to change women’s clothes to see him. After Xie Tao and Huang Song came to the theater, the actress accidentally stepped on the air and fell, and Xie Tao was temporarily pulled on. After the performance began, Xie Tao changed her scalp and went to the stage performance. Because Shen Shenshan had something to do, Shen Junshan took the place to see the big brother and saw the performance. I was very surprised to see Xie Wei on the stage and hurry to find her in the background.

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