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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 3

Long Xiao Qian gently and easily deal with the troublemakers

When Ma Menglu just walked out of the store, he almost fell and fell. Gong Chen saw the manager’s waist, but Gong Chen’s face was frowned. It turned out that Ma manager stepped on the foot of Gong Chen and helped Ma manager to accidentally hurt himself. Gong Chen is a famous chef who has a place in the kitchen. Gong Chen told the rest of the chefs that cooking is the same as being a man. Not only must he study hard, but he must work hard to make the chef a great cause!

Long Hao Qian came to the kitchen to find peace, saying that she is about to turn positive, the contract can be determined in the next few days, and will raise her salary next month, it is important not to wear strange clothes to attend the party at night. Anning is dissatisfied. With the contract as a slogan, he is not allowed to make fun of his own taste, and he is not allowed to give himself a nickname. Long Yuqian wants to bully her, but there is no way to take her. Yan Qian returned to the hotel and heard the waiter chewing on the back of the tongue. When he heard that the two of them were teasing peace and love the same sex, Long Haoqian was shocked and closed his mouth.

In the hotel, two men came here to make trouble by the source of the meal. The two have a different dish, but the hotel has regulations that VIP guests can only order a dish made by the chef every day. After listening to the guests, they were mad and screamed that the restaurant was not formal. When Ma manager saw the situation and adjusted, he couldn’t convince him. He had to ask the waiter to tell the chef, and he lied that two VIP guests had ordered two dishes. Gong Chen personally cooks and gives demonstrations to other chefs. Gong Chen’s cooking skills are very good, cooking is very different, not only that, but also the color and flavor of the dishes, is a rare good cook.

The two men deliberately picked up the incident and made a lot of noise in the hotel, causing dissatisfaction among the rest of the guests. Ma manager ordered the waiter to ask the chef to come out. Gong Chen saw two dishes on the table and slammed the manager of the horse to do things. Manager Ma’s temper came up and accused Gong Gong in public. By confronting one of the men, Anning reads that they are deliberately making troubles. As long as the image of Longteng Hotel is destroyed, Aon will be the partner of L Company forever. The man is worried that things will be revealed, and in the hall for a hundred years, the foxes will be swayed. Long Yuqian arrived in time and proposed to let Gong Chen make two dishes again, so that the guests present can taste it for free. After all, it is really good that only the others say good. The guests were very satisfied with the ingredients of Gongchen, and then they alerted the troublemakers.

After work, Long Haoqian took Anning to attend the party. Peace and temptation to explore how Qian Qian introduced himself at the party, is an assistant or a girlfriend. Before he answered the question, he was taken back by him. At the party, Long Yuqian and his classmates gathered for dinner, but left the tranquility aside. Anning proposed to pack the food, but he was not willing to face it. On the way back, Anning was soaked by the roadside sun-dried car because of the contradiction between the packaged things and the shackles. At this time, a pair of fathers and daughters are playing with fireworks on the roadside. It is a little uncomfortable to think of the scene when they were with their father. Qian Qian was in a hurry to comfort, and when he was thinking of the food in his memory, he felt helpless, and he took the hoe and left.

Long Yiqian recalled the words of the aunts in the aisle and decided to use women to buy peace of mind and let her keep secrets. Long Yuqian understands peace, she will not play normally, saying that it is not necessarily that she is not looking at other women, but that she is dressed as a woman. It is sinful to think about the picture.

The chef, Gong Chen, gave the chefs a problem, and they ordered them to win the game in three games. The first game was to test the arranging ability of everyone, and the peace won in the second game. Then he relied on a court dish to stand out, but how to be satisfied with Gongchen, but praised Yi Mingjun’s home cooking. In the third game, Gong Chen prepared the same ingredients for the chefs, and this time the referee is not Gong Chen himself. In order to make everyone convinced, Yu Qian proposes to let the customers comment, only the score is high enough, that is the game. Champion. Peace has lived up to expectations, as many Yi Mingjun won the game.

An Ning Ma felt a headache for a peaceful marriage, and she did not know when she would marry her daughter. Peaceful grandfather comforting Anning mother to marry her daughter should not be too fast, it is important to find the right talent. Anning mother refuted his point of view, because the stinky temper of tranquility made her never appear to be around her. The peaceful grandfather was blamed for being speechless.

Yi Mingjun received news about the summer and decided to take the initiative to pursue her. Long Yuqian recalled the words that Anning said to the troublemakers, and asked her to come out and cooperate with her. When the two came to the mall, Yan Qian did not like the aesthetic of tranquility and decided to take her to the clothing store to pick clothes.

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