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Tientsin Mystic Season 2 (2020) 河神Ⅱ

Tientsin Mystic (2019)
Other Title: 河神 / He Shen / 河神Ⅱ / Tientsin Mystic 2

Genres: Fantasy, Mystery, Fantasy adventure
China Mainland
Tian Li 田里
Chang Ben 常犇
Release Date:
Aug. 1, 2019
Related Show:
He Shen Gui Shui Guai Tan (河神鬼水怪谈) by Tian Xia Ba Chang (天下霸唱)


  • Jin Shi Jia as Guo De You
  • Zhang Ming En as Ding Mao
  • Wang Zi Xuan as Gu Ying
  • Chen Yu Mi as Xiao Lan Lan

Guo De You and his team continue to investigate the eight strange incidents of the republic. The Eight Great Cases of the Republic of China.

At the bottom of the Nine River, in the city of Jin in the Republic of China, “Little River God” Guo Deyou ( played by Jin Shijia ) and “Water Transport Master ” Ding Mao ( played by Zhang Mingen ) continue to investigate the source of the evil water explosion.

Unexpectedly, the lunatic Cui died and the diplomat ignited Burning to death, the underwater tombs rushed out of Haihe. Sumptuous cases followed one after another, and for a while, Tianjin Wei was full of storms and panic. During this period, the old man was stuck in prison, and the new man appeared on the scene. The intricate political and business relations between Tianjin and Wei behind the case are clearly revealed, and the shocking secrets about “nine cows, two tigers and one chicken” have gradually surfaced. Let’s look at Guo and Ding Er. Can a person reveal the secrets of the murder and continue the legend.

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