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Waiting for the wind Chapter 1


A scream of sorrow lifted the last curtain that covered the night.
Su Yao opened her misty eyes, what was it at the door? Zhou Tong?

Why is she here?

Su Yao sat up holding the quilt, and after she saw the people lying beside her, her brain was blank.

The messy clothes on the ground, the red marks on the men’s bodies, all show what happened to them last night.

Tears hung on Zhou Tong’s face, and his face was full of pain: “Su Yao, I have always regarded you as my best friend. How can you treat me like this?! I know you like Licheng, but he is my boyfriend. ! How can you do this…”

“I didn’t,” Su Yao explained quickly: “I don’t know what happened, but I definitely didn’t want to get in on you! Zhou Tong, you believe me.”

Lu Licheng was awakened, and after seeing everything in front of him, his eyes gradually became cold, and he scratched Su Yao like a knife.

Zhou Tong’s tears were even more severe, “Su Yao, you all want me to believe you if you are like this? Am I so cheating?”

“Tongtong, this is not what you see,” Lu Licheng looked at Zhou Tong distressedly, put on a coat randomly, got up and walked to her, “I have nothing to do with her, you listen to me explain!”

“I don’t want to hear it!” Zhou Tong backed away panicly: “Don’t come over, please, I don’t want to see you now!”

After saying this, Zhou Tong turned around and ran out.

“Tongtong!” Lu Licheng was about to chase him when he lifted his foot, but he suddenly stopped at the door.

He is so embarrassed now that his image is okay, but the image of the entire ST Group behind him cannot be ignored.

Lu Licheng made a phone call to send clothes, and turned to look at Su Yao as disgusted as he was looking at dirty things.

Su Yao felt a pain in her heart.

“Li Cheng, I really don’t know what happened, we all drank too much last night.”

Yesterday was Zhou Tong’s birthday. Lu Licheng deliberately wrapped up the whole night bar to celebrate her birthday. Although Su Yao didn’t want to see them show love, after all, he and Zhou Tong were friends for more than ten years, so it’s not easy to refuse Yu Yuli. Zhou Tong’s invitation.

During the dinner, Su Yao was filled with a lot of wine, and the memory had long since passed with alcohol. She could not remember how she and Lu Licheng got together.

Seeing that Su Yao couldn’t tell why, Lu Licheng’s face flashed with impatience, growing more gloomy.

This person, Lu Licheng, is resolutely popular, and can even be called cruel.

Since he took over the ST Group, he has become the most dazzling diamond king in the country, plus his outstanding appearance, there are many temptations to rush to the door, those women have exhausted all kinds of The means he made was only to gain attention in front of him, but all women who dared to count him did not end well.

Lu Licheng’s look in her eyes was no different from that of the women who wanted to seduce him.

He seemed to regard her as a kind of person who climbed into his bed by any means.

Thinking of this, Su Yao shuddered, but she still persuaded herself to lift her back, eyes staring straight at him and said: “Li Cheng, I admit that I like you, but I like a person, and I will never use this kind of cult. If you don’t believe it, you can call on the monitor and see what happened last night. Anyway, I’m very conscientious. I didn’t do it. I will never admit it.”

The assistant brought Lu Licheng’s clothes in. Lu Licheng walked out of the bathroom after wearing neatly and hooked his mouth contemptuously while buttoning the cufflinks. Not only have you lost your innocence, but now you will be wronged, is it wrong?”

When he said this, his handsome face showed boundless indifference.

“No, you didn’t force me…”

“So you admit it?” Lu Licheng walked over and struck Su Yao’s face with a cold wind. He was condescending, his hands were buckling her jaw fiercely, and the tone was cold frost: “Su Yao, ten years Now, you finally got my bed as you wished. In this way…you are so cheap!”

Su Yao was cold all around, as if poured down by a bucket of ice water.

She likes him, but she never thought of getting him in such a disgusting way.

Last night was also her first time, but now because she likes him, all the faults should be blamed on her, stepping on her dignity?

Su Yao’s face was pale as paper, and she stubbornly stared at Li Cheng: “Lu Licheng, I didn’t do it.”

Lu Licheng stopped looking at her, and threw a cold sentence: “You better pray Zhou Tong not to cause an accident, otherwise, I will not let you go!”

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