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Chapter 9 I am afraid I will never see you on the last side

“What are you talking about?” Ye Zhixia frowned, a bad hunch rising in her heart.

She didn’t see her mother when she came back. She thought her mother was busy with others, but what hospital did Ye Qianying say?

“Your mother is similar to a dead person now, don’t you don’t know?”


Ye Zhixia’s pupils flinched in horror. Mom was hospitalized?

She only woke up yesterday, she didn’t know about her mother’s condition, and after waking up when she was ill, she found that it seemed that a long time had passed, and many things had changed.

Inexplicable and Fu Sihan received the certificate, his father and family were also taken away by Ye Qingying.

What happened during the time she was in a coma?

“Which hospital is my mother in?” Ye Zhixia stepped forward and grabbed Ye Qianying’s neckline.

The terrible momentum on her made Ye Qianying a little afraid, and subconsciously said, “In… at the First People’s Hospital.”

Ye Qianying saw that Ye Zhixia had left in a hurry, and was very puzzled. “Why did Ye Zhixia disappear in the past few months? She didn’t even know her mother was sick?”

She always thought that it was Ye Zhixia who was being kept outside, so she had the money to take her mother to the best hospital.

If it were not Ye Zhixia, who would it be?

Ye Qianying has not seen Ye Zhixia in recent months. As for the miscarriage of an abortion with a man, she found someone deliberately made up for Ye Zhenhua, just wanting Ye Zhenhua to disappoint her and not recognize her.

Ye Zhixia arrived at the First Hospital and found a nurse who found her mother was seriously ill and was hospitalized.

Ye Zhixia pushed open the door of the ward and saw her mother lying on the bed, wearing a blue and white stripe gown, still in a coma, and wearing an oxygen mask.

Sitting next to the bed, a figure slightly blessed, wearing a yellow and white flower dress, has been following her mother’s aunt from her mother’s house.

“Mom, Aunt Yu?”

“Mom… what’s the matter with you?” Ye Zhixia held her mother’s thin hands, her tears dropped, her heart was cut like a knife, and she cried without crying.

“Miss? Why are you showing up now? You are too ridiculous. My wife has been ill for several months. Why didn’t you come to see my wife?”

Aunt Yu was somewhat blamed for seeing Ye Zhixia. After all, her mother was seriously ill and she never appeared.

“I’m sorry mother, I’m sorry Aunt Yu, it’s all Zhixia’s fault, it’s Zhixia’s filial piety!” Ye Zhixia cried for a long time holding her mother, her voice cried hoarsely.

“Miss, where have you been in these months?” Aunt Yu asked.

Ye Zhixia felt that if she said she was in a car accident and woke up in hospital, Aunt Yu would certainly be worried.

“I… I went to the field, something was delayed.”

“Alas, what matters if a wife is sick? It doesn’t matter if you call you, and you don’t get a message.”

Ye Zhixia’s cell phone shattered long ago in a car accident.

She bowed her head in guilt, “I’m sorry, my phone is broken, I don’t know.”

Aunt Yu knew that Ye Zhixia had a very good relationship with her mother Qin Dai. She wanted to know that her mother could not stay without seeing it. It must be that Ye Zhixia really encountered something.

Now that this is the case, it makes no sense for her to blame Ye Zhixia.

“Aunt Yu, what’s wrong with my mother’s condition, what kind of illness did she have?” Ye Zhixia held her mother’s hand tightly, worried.

Aunt Yu sighed sadly, “Who is such a good person, who knows she will get these strange diseases? The doctor said that the lady not only has heart problems but also has cerebral hemorrhage. If it is not timely to rescue, fortunately there is a kind person who arranges the best for the wife. The doctor will treat it, otherwise, Miss, you may not even see your wife at the last time.”

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