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Chapter 8 Who made you stubborn?

She was afraid that her father would be soft-hearted and would leave Ye Zhixia that wild species.

Now that her strategy has succeeded, Ye Zhixia completely offended her father, and she waited to get out of the house, and never want to take a step here.

Ye Zhixia’s white fingers were flushed with force, and her fingertips pierced her palm, and she did not feel pain.

Tears fell silently from the corners of her eyes, the figures in front of them became a little blurred, but still dazzling, the pain and grievances on the apex were so clear for the first time.

After a while, Ye Zhixia wiped away her tears, she looked at Ye Zhenhua stubbornly, “Ye Zhenhua, anyway, I also called your father for so many years, since you don’t want to recognize me and your mother, you must turn your face ruthlessly, OK! Then I And when I don’t have your father, just leave! Don’t regret it later!”

Ye Zhenhua’s slap, as well as his indifferent and ruthless words, made Ye Zhixia very hurt, and his heart was like being cut by a knife, pain.

Her self-esteem does not allow her to stay any longer.

Ye Zhixia red with a beaten face, angry and wronged to leave the villa.

She straightened her spine, not looking back.

“Father, Zhixia is a bit self-willed, or would you let her stay…” Ye Qianying intentionally said.

Ye Zhenhua saw that Ye Zhixia said that she was really gone, but she was still angry, “Do you want to keep that wicked girl angry with me? If she wants to roll, let her roll, the farther the better.”

The sound of Ye Zhenhua’s swearing came from behind, making Ye Zhixia tearful again.

She yelled at her father for twenty years, even if she wasn’t his real daughter, how could it be so cold for twenty years?

“Ye Zhixia, stand still!”

When Ye Zhixia walked out of Yejia’s door, Ye Qianying’s voice came from behind.

Ye Qingying stood behind her with her hands clasped on her chest, her eyebrows were charming, the diamonds on the small skirt radiated a dazzling light under the light, she was beautiful and noble like a little princess.

Where is Ye Qianying now still the only young girl who has followed her?

For the first time, Ye Zhixia felt so embarrassed.

But her pride didn’t allow her to bow her head, her red eyes stared at Ye Qingying indifferently, “Ye Qingying, you have long known that Ye Zhenhua is your father, so you deliberately approached me and my friend, right?”

“Yeah, otherwise how can I visit my father often!” Ye Qianying did not deny that his voice was full of pride.

“You are really a raccoon dog, embarrassed. Ye Qianying, don’t be too happy, there will be times when you cry.”

“Hahaha…” Ye Qingying sneered. “It’s you who is crying now, the homeless and crippled poor worm, humming, really pitiful, or if you kneel down and beg me, I will let my dad keep you in my house How about a maid?”

Ye Qianying was wearing high heels, approaching her with a striking tone, “Ye Zhixia, kneel down, please, please, please…”


Ye Qingying froze, staring at Ye Zhixia incredulously.

“You… you dare to beat me, Ye Zhixia, are you crazy?”

The pain on Ye Qianying’s face made her recover. She raised her hand to give Ye Zhixia a slap, and then she waved her hand, but Ye Zhixia’s hand was pinched.

Ye Zhixia’s beautiful double pupils are a bit fierce, “Who makes you so bad?”

“You…” Ye Qingying was flushed with anger and wanted to fight back, but Ye Zhixia was not as strong.

Ye Qingying suddenly thought of something, and she grinned vehemently, “Ye Zhixia, I’m Miss Ye’s now, and you don’t deserve to give me shoes, your mother is now a waste person lying in the hospital, you dare to offend me, You wait and see for me.”

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