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Chapter 7 Don’t be afraid that this will explode, so that you can’t mix

An anger instantly rushed into Ye Zhenhua’s brain. He stepped forward and slammed Ye Zhixia. “Ye Zhixia, what else would you do besides going into trouble? You sinner!”

That slap force was not small, Ye Zhixia was beaten down by Ye Zhenhua on the sofa, his white face immediately became red and swollen, and it hurt hotly.

She covered her red and swollen face and looked at Ye Zhenhua stubbornly, “I don’t have it, Yu Pei wasn’t the one I broke, but Ye Qianying broke it!”

At this moment, Ye Zhixia was aware of the purpose of Ye Qianying’s intentional shattering of Yu Pei.

It turned out to be a scapegoat for her!

“You dare to quibble about framing Qing Ying. Qing Ying is my daughter. She is so clever and generous. How could you never be sensible like you, and only cause trouble?”

Ye Zhenhua raised his hand and wanted to give Ye Zhixia a slap, but he was stunned with an angry and tough look at Ye Zhixia.

Ye Zhenhua’s words, but it hurt more than a slap in Ye Zhixia’s heart.

“Dad…you just said…Ye Qingying is your daughter, is this true?” Ye Zhixia red eyes, staring at Ye Zhenhua, still can’t believe it, snarled and shouted, ” what about me??”

“You?” Ye Zhenhua sneered. “Since you left Ye family secretly, I have only one daughter, Ying Ying.”

Ye Zhixia was not his biological daughter. He would recognize her before, because there are many interests involved.

Now she is disobedient and has no use value at all. What else does he recognize her?


Ye Zhenhua’s unforgettable words made Ye Zhixia feel like a thunderbolt, and his thin figure almost fell.

He only admitted that Ye Qingying was his daughter…

“Okay husband, Zhixia may have accidentally smashed Yu Pei. Don’t be angry with a child.” Jiang Mengfei stood up, patted Ye Zhenhua’s shoulder, and appeased him.

Ye Qianying also persuaded, “Dad, you just think this jade was broken by me. You’re so angry that Qingying and her mother will both feel bad.”

The sing and harmony of the two mothers and children stimulate Ye Zhixia.

She clenched her fists tightly, biting her lips tightly to keep her from crying.

Ye Qingying called her father her father, and Jiang Mengfei called her mother’s husband her husband, and she became an outsider in this house, nothing.

It’s really ironic!

Ye Zhixia used to think that Ye Zhenhua was very concerned about Jiang Mengfei’s mother and daughter. At that time, she simply thought that he was looking at her and her mother.

Ye Zhixia stared angrily at Ye Zhenhua, “Ye Zhenhua, do you still have a conscience, you betray my mother and want to marry Primary Three, are you worthy of my mother? You are not afraid of this incident bursting out, can’t you mix it up?”

“I have no feelings for your mother and will leave sooner or later. You dare to accuse me of not knowing anything. Why do I want to divorce your mother? Ask your mother first. I will help her raise children for 20 years. I’m happy to be a father for twenty years. Ye Zhenhua doesn’t have any regrets for your slutty mom.”

“Shut up, I won’t allow you to talk about my mother, my mother is not the kind of person you said!”

Ye Zhixia was shivering with anger, and she could not tolerate the slander of her favorite mother!

Now Ye Zhenhua doesn’t treat her as a daughter at all, and does not respect her mother’s people. Why should she give him a face and swallow her voice?

Ye Zhenhua saw that Ye Zhixia didn’t put him in his eyes at all. He pointed at the door and said coldly, “This house is my Ye Zhenhua’s, it’s not yours. If you go to your mother so much, just go with your mother and get out!”

Ye Qianying saw Ye Zhenhua rushing to Ye Zhixia, and there was a smug smile at the corner of her mouth.

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