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Chapter 6 Do you think dad still wants you?

“Ye Qingying, why don’t you use your imagination as a screenwriter?”

Ye Zhixia is incredible.

Before she finished speaking, Ye Qingying glared at Ye Zhixia and interrupted her arrogantly, “It won’t be long before my mother and your father are getting married. To be precise, my mother and father have long been in love, if it were not for you before Mom inserted a foot, how could my parents be separated, so that our family can not be reunited!”

Ye Zhixia: “…”

“Ye Zhixia, your mistress’s life has come to an end. I am now Miss Ye’s family. As for you… Oh, it’s just a wild seed that your mother and other men are fooling around. Dad now knows that you are not his biological daughter. , Do you think Dad wants you again?”

Ye Qianying’s words fell into Ye Zhixia’s heart like a bomb, which caused a storm in her heart.

Her head was a little dazed, listening to Ye Qianying’s sarcasm, for a time, she couldn’t say a word.

How could this be?

Why, she came out of the hospital as if everything had changed.

Ye Zhixia clenched her fists, her pale face with a trace of stubbornness, “I will not believe you, I will ask myself when Dad comes back! And here is my home, you are not welcome here, leave now!”

At this time, the sound of the car stopping flames came from outside. Ye Zhixia glanced back at her father’s car, and she couldn’t help but feel excited.

Ye Qianying naturally saw the car outside.

At this moment, Ye Qingying’s eyes flickered, and he directly swept a piece of fine jade on the coffee table and shattered it.

“Ye Qingying, are you neuropathic?” Ye Zhixia glared at Ye Qianying. Although she didn’t know what she was going to do, Ye Qingying was very upset.

At this time, his father had entered the room from outside, and Ye Zhixia was too lazy to take care of Ye Qianying.

She quickly stood up and looked at her mother happily, “Dad!”

When Ye Zhenhua saw Ye Zhixia, she was stunned for a while. After confirming that it was her, she didn’t look excited, even with a trace of anger.

“You still have the face to dare to come back?” Ye Zhenhua thought of Ye Zhixia not listening to his plan to escape, offended President Zhang, and the company almost went bankrupt, he was full of anger.

Not to mention, Ye Zhixia disappeared for several months after escaping from the Ye family.

In the past few months, he heard Ye Qianying and Jiang Mengfei say that Ye Zhixia was fooling around with men who were inconsistent, and even went to the hospital to have an abortion.

Ye Zhenhua felt that his old face was about to be lost. He simply didn’t have this rebellious girl.

Ye Zhixia saw that Ye Zhenhua was angry, but Quandang was because she escaped from the Ye family.

She pursed her lips and apologized, “Dad, don’t be angry, I did have some waywardness before…”

“Don’t call me dad. I don’t have a daughter like you. I can’t afford to lose that person. You like to fool around outside, then you will always be outside. What are you doing here?”

Ye Zhenhua’s accusation was very harsh, indifferent and angry, which made Ye Zhixia feel a little strange.

Although Dad didn’t spoil her very much since she was a child, it was the first time she had such a bad attitude towards her, and she felt very uncomfortable.

Ye Zhixia’s nose is slightly sour, she is preparing to speak to explain.

Ye Qingying, beside him, exclaimed suddenly, “God, Zhixia, you…how did you break Yu Pei?”

The sound behind Ye Qingying was small, but enough for Ye Zhenhua to hear clearly.

Ye Zhenhua looked up and saw that he was about to give Yu Pei, who was planning to give it to President Li, and was shattered. The broken Yu Pei was in front of Ye Zhixia.

But he bought it at a great price and with a lot of effort, but he was broken by Ye Zhixia?

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