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Chapter 3 Mysterious Husband

Ye Zhixia was dragged by him, unable to break free with any force, and made her cheeks red.

“Why, you still want to escape?” Fu Sihan’s cold voice seemed to be impregnated with frost, which made people chill.

He held Ye Zhixia’s shoulders with both hands and pushed her to the back seat. “Ye Zhixia, don’t challenge my patience, you know the consequences!”


Ye Zhixia hadn’t had time to push him away, his warm lips kissed without warning.

The thinned lips, with temperature and softness, suddenly Zhi Zhi’s brain was blank.

After Fu Sihan’s lips left, she reacted.

Ye Zhixia didn’t expect the other party to come out suddenly, so terrified and disgusting.

She quickly pushed away Fu Sihan, sat up, stooped and gagged a few times.

Fu Sihan’s face suddenly turned black, clenching his teeth, “Ye! Zhi! Xia!”

She even disgusted him so much?

Fu Sihan clasped her chin, Ye Zhixia said uncomfortably, “Don’t, don’t touch me, I’m going to vomit.”


Fu Sihan withdrew his hand in disgust and ignored her.

In the following time, Ye Zhixia eased the feeling of vomiting in her heart and leaned on the far side, as far as she could be from Fu Sihan.

She dared not go to see him, fearing that after seeing his true face, she would leave a shadow in her heart.

Ye Zhixia did not know where Fu Sihan was going to take her until the car stopped in front of a large villa in the city of Jiangnan Licheng in city Y.

The man dragged Ye Zhixia out of the car.

He had great strength, and Ye Zhixia was almost dragged to the ground by him. His slender and powerful hands hugged her waist in time to stabilize her figure.

Ye Zhixia was about to push him away. At the moment she raised her eyes, she was stunned.

The man has a flawless and perfect face, the facial features are exquisite and eye-catching, cold and expensive, but this face Ye Zhixia will never forget.

She blinked and felt incredible, “It’s you? Are you… Fu Sihan?!”

This dog man almost swallowed her alive last time, and she didn’t have any leftovers. She couldn’t remember it wrong!

Fu Sihan’s deep eyes are very empty, there is no focal length, Ye Zhixia, who wanted to scold a few words, muttered when she saw it.

“Mr. Fu, here!” After Xu Bai got out of the car, he placed the guide stick in his hand, and at the same time, he gently supported Fu Sihan and led him towards the villa.

Ye Zhixia looked at Xu Bai’s series of movements, and then looked at Fu Sihan’s eyes.

She remembered that although Fu Sihan was of extraordinary background, he became blind because of an accident, and now he is not particularly favored in the family.

Even if Fu Sihan is no longer favored, he is also Fu’s family. How many people are beyond his reach?

She also knows Fu Sihan a secret-he is a GAY!

Fu Sihan apparently got the medicine that night. Although she and Fu Sihan should have done everything they should touch that night last time, she did not take the last step.

Later, Xu Bai took him away, it must be Fu Sihan and Xu Bai, otherwise how to cure it?

When Ye Zhixia wanted to enter Feifei, Fu Sihan was taken by Xu Bai, holding her wrist tightly and taking her into the villa together.

After she recovered, she had arrived in a strange room.

“Fu, Fu Sihan, what are you going to do?” Ye Zhixia watched him leaning against the door, pulling the tie slightly with his hand, unbuttoning the shirt, and he was a little flustered.

“What to do?” Fu Sihan’s voice was cold, “Of course it should be done between husband and wife.”

Ye Zhixia’s behavior in the car before really angered Fu Sihan. He wanted to tell her what he would do to offend him.

“Couple?” Ye Zhixia’s eyes widened and smiled, “What a joke!”

Fu Sihan’s blind eyes were like a pool of stagnant water, and his voice was a little lost. “Ye Zhixia, do you think it’s shameful to be my Fu Sihan’s wife, do you think I’m blind like everyone else?”

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