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Chapter 19 Junk Food

“Okay, Mr. Na’s breakfast will be handed over to you. I’ll take a look at the backyard!”

Butler Liu understood what she meant and smiled.

Yesterday I heard that Xu Bai said that Mr. and Mrs. Ye were divorcing.

However, Mr. tacitly acquainted Miss Ye with staying here, and still sending ice cubes. He must still be reluctant. This opportunity, of course, he had to give Ye Zhixia and help her.

Seeing Liu Guan’s back disappear, Ye Zhixia was relieved.

Avoid the eyes of everyone in the villa, go to the gate, and take back the ordered takeout…

“what are you doing?”

The box was being taken seriously, Ye Zhixia only felt a cold behind her, and the cold voice of the man’s question came to her ears, making her unable to hold her heart tight, how come down at this time!


It’s almost finished soon…

Eh? No, he can’t see!

“That… I’m making breakfast for you personally!” Ye Zhixia turned around and greeted with a smiling face. Anyway, he couldn’t see it. I didn’t know that she was taking out. At this moment, she was a little proud of his blindness.

Otherwise, Bai must have prepared carefully.

“You make breakfast yourself?”

The man looked at the boxes behind her and snorted in his heart. He was really blind to him. The kung fu that she talked about was just an insight.

The more she wanted to frustrate, the more he disdained, and now think of him as a backer, late…

“Yes, in order to express my rudeness and guilt for the previous few days, I personally prepared breakfast and invited you to eat it. How about it, sincerely?”

Ye Zhixia continued his doglegs, not fully aware of any problems.

“Madam, next time you talk nonsense, remember to throw away the take-out box first!” Xu Bai suddenly appeared behind Fu Sihan and took her apart in one sentence.


Ye Zhixia glared at Xu Bai, this guy, why is it so untrue, what’s your concern, even if it’s take-out, she decided well in the morning.

She clearly saw Fu Sihan’s face gloomy.

“Can junk food be eaten by people?”

“Junk food? Is this…”

She can give him such a good breakfast, it is already a lot of blood, he turned out to be junk food?

“Ye Zhixia, I warn you, don’t waste your thoughts here, and immediately sign off!” Fu Sihan opened his lips lightly, with anger clearly in his words, he turned to leave with a black face.

Although Ye Zhixia felt that he could not see anything in her eyes, she could see deep anger in his eyes.


Ye Zhixia looked at his back, rushing away, his lips curled up, and he waved at him.

Who? So uncomfortable, divorce, divorce, you know divorce!

Holding the milk sachet in his hand, Ye Zhixia bite fiercely, just like biting Fu Sihan bitterly, venting her dissatisfaction.

All day long, Ye Zhixia never had the opportunity to see Fu Sihan again. In order to win him as soon as possible, Ye Zhixia decided to attack aggressively and went to the company door to block him.

Romantic encounters, encounters, and fate will not convince you of the little waves in your heart.

Seeing Fu Sihan’s car driving out of the company, Ye Zhixia immediately drove a car and followed him. Through the rearview mirror, he saw the little head occasionally protruding from the rear car. laugh.

This trick!

Wester International Restaurant.

Ye Zhixia watched Fu Sihan striding into the hall with slender legs striding forward and immediately followed, but was stopped by a black arm.

“Miss, do you have an appointment?”

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