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Chapter 16 New Clues

The more she is like this, the more angry Fu Sihan’s heart is, and the surrounding breath becomes even deeper and scarier.

Ye Zhixia said what she had just said, holding her breath, not even breathing.

Fu Sihan said coldly, “But I don’t like you!”

“…” Ye Zhixia froze for a while, and then blinked and asked, “Then… why did you marry me before?”

“It’s not my intention to marry you. I thought you would be a good girl. At least you can play the role of a good Mrs. Fu. Now it seems… It’s better to change personally.”

Fu Si’s cold voice was careless.

Ye Zhixia stiffened, and the blood on his face faded gradually.

What illusion did he feel that she was good?

Is it because she was comatose and would not resist, so he thought she was good?

She knew that Fu Sihan did not like GAY, and she must have married her for a reason.

I thought it was her reason, but now it doesn’t seem to be…

What should we do now? Did she promise him a divorce?

No, no!

She can’t just give up!

“Mr. Fu, you really like you. Give me another chance. I will actively cooperate with you to let you know that I am the best person to be your wife.”

Ye Zhixia is out, she doesn’t want any face or dignity now, just want this man to dispel the idea of ​​divorce.

She knew that Fu Sihan’s power was so powerful that even if she didn’t sign, he wanted to get divorced, so she had to get out.

Therefore, she must find a way to stay with him, build relationships with him, and even let him help her softly.

“What do you like? Blind people can see the false feelings.” Fu Sihan uncovered mercilessly.

It was a bit embarrassing to be exposed.

However, she would not admit that Ye Zhixia naturally, she repeatedly said shyly, “Then I will pursue Mr. Fu, let you know that I have not lied! Mr. Fu is late, you rest early.”

After speaking, Ye Zhixia was shy and ran out of the room with the agreement.

In fact, she didn’t want to face Fu Sihan anymore, and she felt extremely suppressed when facing the iceberg, and the lies could not be edited anymore, so she just found a chance to slip away.

Fu Sihan looked at the figure of Ye Zhixia running away from the desert, and suddenly said to her that she was not divorced, and said that she liked him. In fact, his heart still fluctuated.

In a flash, his deep brows sank…

Out of the door of the room, Ye Zhixia felt that her exhalation was smooth, and she took a breath.

Thinking of what she said just now, she bit her lip and raised her hand to hold the heart that was beating very fast.

Ye Zhixia’s head was awake, and he raised his hand and knocked on his head depressedly, “Chasing Fu Sihan? He is a GAY, how do you straighten him?”

Fu Sihan, who wants to bend into the Panshan Highway, straightens it. Isn’t this whimsical?

No matter, she was out, didn’t she chase Fu Sihan? It is said that it is not difficult for women to chase men into yarn.

After half an hour.

Ye Zhixia carried a glass of milk and came out of Fu Sihan’s room with a sad face.

She was kicked out by Fu Sihan, but Fu Sihan still asked her to sign and leave…

This dead man is really desperate, saying that divorce is about to divorce.

But she won’t give up, she doesn’t believe that her thirty-six man chasing man is useless, Fu Sihan, let’s wait and see!

“She hasn’t left yet?”

Xu Bai reported, “Yes, it looks like Ms. Ye is planning to stay here.”

“I’m going to see, when will she pretend. What’s the matter for you to investigate?” Fu Sihan’s deep pupil sank.

“Some new clues have been found. The new clues show…”

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