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Chapter 15 I Like You

The five words “Divorce Agreement” were printed on the top, followed by Fu Sihan’s signature.

At that moment, Ye Zhixia felt that a pot of cold water was pouring from the head to the feet, and his heart was cold and cold.

Ye Zhixia bit her lower lip. She is so miserable now. If she divorced Fu Sihan, then she really had no time to turn over. She needed Fu Sihan too much as a backer.

She couldn’t just watch Ye Zhenhua take care of her mother’s things, she must take back everything that belongs to her mother.

“I want to see Mr. Fu. I want to talk to him face to face.” Ye Zhixia’s eyes flashed with firm light.

Xu Bai frowned, “Is Miss Ye not satisfied with the price above?”

Didn’t Ye Zhixia want to divorce his husband?

The husband has satisfied her, and even offers such excellent conditions, is she still not satisfied?

“I don’t want money, I just… forget to tell you, I will go to Mr. Fu myself!”

Ye Zhixia took the agreement, strode out of the study, walked to Fu Sihan’s room and pushed in.

She only entered the room and saw Fu Sihan who came out of the bathroom after taking a bath.

He wiped his wet hair with a towel in one hand, and only wrapped a bath towel around his lower body. His upper body was better than the model’s figure.

Drops of water on the hair drips down, along with his sturdy and strong texture, and slowly sinks into the bath towel along the attractive mermaid line.

At that scene, Ye Zhixia’s face suddenly burst into red, and her cheeks were hot.

Even if he knew that Fu Sihan was GAY, he was still touched by his good figure.

Seeing Ye Zhixia, Fu Sihan also pretended not to see her, and her long legs moved towards the sofa.

“Mr. Fu, I don’t want to divorce you.” Ye Zhixia walked up to him and said, staring straight at him.

I don’t know why, her heart will jump “swiftly”, as if she is confessing to Fu Sihan, the temperature of the room makes her feel so hot, and her cheeks are red.

Fu Sihan was stunned for a moment, and immediately the coldness of his body spread out, and the temperature around him suddenly dropped. “Aren’t you going to divorce? After the divorce agreement is signed, you can go!”

“No…” Ye Zhixia shook his head blushing, “Mr. Fu… I was talking nonsense before, because my mind was a little unclear, because of amnesia. That’s amnesia… so I would say that kind of muddled words. “

“…” Fu Sihan’s eyebrows frowned slightly, without hurting his brain. Where did he lose his memory?

“I… I remember everything now, Mr. Fu… I, I don’t want to divorce you, don’t you divorce me?”

Ye Zhixia glanced at him with a sharp face, too handsome and dazzling, but he looked cold and unpredictable, making her panic unpredictably.

I remembered that I had divorced two days ago, and now I begged him not to divorce.

“Are you too scared of money?” Fu Sihan’s lips opened slightly, his voice cold and icy.

Ye Zhixia shook her head like a rattle, “No, it’s not because of money…”

“what is that?”

“Yes… it’s because…” Ye Zhixia bit her lip tightly. If she couldn’t say a reason, Fu Sihan would definitely divorce her. She resisted the panic, blushing, her voice with a trace of coyness Said, “Because…me, I like Mr. Fu.”

Like…Mr. Fu…

Although she knew that what she said was false, Fu Sihan still had a strange emotion across her heart, which soon passed away.

Ye Zhixia’s sudden change of attitude, although puzzled by Fu Sihan, soon he wanted to understand the original.

She has nowhere to go now, so I thought of him.

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