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Chapter 14 Sign the Word

So, she immediately took a taxi to Lijiang, Jiangnan, and wanted to talk to Fu Sihan.

Ye Zhixia arrived outside the villa, but the housekeeper stopped her outside, politely,

“Miss Ye, sir is not here, please come back!”

“No? Then I’ll wait for him to come back here.” Ye Zhixia shook her head, and she decided not to give up the things she decided to do naturally.

The steward persuaded him for a while, and Ye Zhixia didn’t mean to leave at all. Finally, he was too lazy to ignore Ye Zhixia and went straight away. Ye Zhixia also followed the steward into the villa and waited.

“Sir, the housekeeper said that his wife is still waiting for you at home.” Xu Bai continued to report that Ye Zhixia was in the villa.

A hand-made black suit wrapped his long and tall body, and his sharp face was very indifferent.

After half a ring, I glanced at the time, and it was already 6 o’clock in the afternoon to the end of get off work.

“Let the business department come over for a meeting!” Fu Sihan’s thin voice came.

“Ah?” Xu Bai wondered, shouldn’t Mr. go back quickly? Why do you work overtime?

Receiving Fu Si’s cold eyes, Xu Bai was excited, “Yes… I will arrange it!”

At ten o’clock in the evening, Fu Sihan had not returned, Ye Zhixia was so sleepy, but she did not dare to sleep, she came with sincerity.

At eleven o’clock in the evening, the sound of the car came from outside.

Ye Zhixia, who was dozing off, instantly got up and ran to the door. She saw that a pair of slender legs got out of the car first, followed by his devoted posture, and his handsome face that brought disaster to the country.

Seeing Fu Sihan, Ye Zhixia clasped her fingers nervously.

With the arrival of Fu Sihan, a low air pressure filled the villa.

“Mr. Fu, are you back?” Ye Zhixia tried to make herself gentle and her voice was soft.

Fu Sihan heard her voice, frowning slightly, as if not knowing that she was here, with a somewhat impatient tone, “Why are you here?”

“Mr. Fu, I have been waiting for you for a day. I want to talk to you about something.”

“I don’t have time to talk to you, but the housekeeper delivers the guests!”

Fu Sihan handed his coat to Xu Bai, with a cold face, he walked upstairs.

“Xu Tezhu, let me come.” Ye Zhixia smiled with a dogleg and quickly took Fu Sihan’s coat and quickly followed him.

Xu Bai looked dumbfounded, what happened to Miss Ye? Why are you so attentive to your husband suddenly?

Fu Sihan thought that the person Ye Zhixia went to find the first time last night, not him, but someone else, and the anger in his dark eyes was even stronger.

She came here, I am afraid to divorce him again.

Fu Sihan entered the door, but Ye Zhixia had not yet entered. The door slammed shut and almost hit her nose.

Ye Zhixia touched his nose, a little embarrassed, this is the legendary eating closed door soup?

But she was not discouraged. She took his coat and stood at the door to continue to wait.

After waiting for almost half an hour, Xu Bai went upstairs and said to her, “Miss Ye, sir asked you to wait for him in the study.”

“Okay, let me go now!” Ye Zhixia thought she must have moved her sincerely, and Bai Nun’s cheeks burst into laughter, and she hurried towards the study room.

After waiting for almost another half hour, the study door was opened.

“Xu Tezhu, what about Mr. Fu?” Ye Zhixia quickly stood up and looked towards the door, but did not see Fu Sihan.

Xu Bai handed a document to her, “Miss Ye, please sign this document.”

“What?” Ye Zhixia wondered. She hurriedly took the document in Xu Bai’s hand. When she saw the five words written on it, the whole person was ignorant.

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