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Chapter 13 Hugging Thighs

Her pride doesn’t allow herself to be sad. The more uncomfortable she is, the more proud they are.

“Then what are you doing here?”

“Fu Lingxiao, I lent you 200,000, it should be paid back.” Ye Zhixia said coldly.

“…” Fu Lingxiao frowned and looked at Ye Zhixia’s eyes even more disdainfully, “Ye Zhixia, are you crazy? Are you going to give me the 200,000 you still plan to take back?”

“I don’t just want to borrow your 200,000, I also gave you what I gave you before!”

Before Fu Lingxiao had not been recognized by his family, he was very poor. At that time, most of his tuition and various living expenses were given by Ye Zhixia.

At that time, Fu Lingxiao’s relatives were ill and needed surgery, so she asked her to borrow 200,000.

That two hundred thousand was also Ye Zhixia’s long existence, but he still lent it to him without hesitation. Because it was her boyfriend, she had never been embarrassed to ask him.

Since he wants to settle the relationship with Fu Lingxiao, he owes her, so he will naturally get it back.

“If you let others know that you are Fu Lingxiao and owe money to the woman, you still rely on women to help the soft eggs. What do you think they will think of you?” Ye Zhixia sneered.

“You…” Fu Lingxiao clenched his fists, his forehead twitching.

Ye Zhixia is telling the truth. In the past, he really lived on Ye Zhixia’s money.

He is a character with a head and a face now. If Ye Zhixia spread these things, it would definitely have a bad influence on him.

“Not just 200,000, my Fu Lingxiao should send a call to Hua Zi, as for the junk you used to send me before, you should hurry and take a roll!”

Fu Lingxiao furiously took out a card and fell on Ye Zhixia’s face.

The bank card rolled down from Ye Zhixia’s face to the ground. She was startled, and still bent down to pick up the bank card from the ground.

Later, Ye Zhixia found many things in the room that she had given to Fu Lingxiao.

In the past, I was reluctant to buy for myself, but all the gifts I gave him were famous brands, but now I can still use it to sell second-hand.

She needs money so much now that she doesn’t care about face, how much can face be worth?

Fu Lingxiao felt that Ye Zhixia had betrayed him and took away everything he had sent him before. This woman was disgusting and stingy.

Ye Zhixia was holding her box and looked back at Fu Lingxiao and Su Jingxian, seemingly smiling. “The second-hand Su Jingxian I used, if you like it so much, give it to you. May you be embarrassed for a long time.”

“And… Fu Lingxiao, remember that you are the old lady who dumped you, and the old lady does not want you to be a soft rice man.”

“Ye Zhixia!!!”

Ye Zhixia said that she left in a big step, without half an attachment, so angry that Fu Lingxiao’s face was white and white, and Su Jingxian’s face was also embarrassed, and his stomach was suffocating.

Walking out of the community, Ye Zhixia found that she wanted to cry but no tears, and could not help but laughed at her lips.

Ye Zhixia, you are stupid. You think that the one who will help you is the one who spreads salt on your wounds.

Ye Zhixia took a deep breath and sorted out his emotions so that he would not be sad for Fu Lingxiao’s scumbag. He was not worth it.

She took the lead to the second-hand store, sold all those brand-name second-hands, and sold more than 30,000 pieces.

Back at the hospital, she gave more than 30,000 yuan to Aunt Yu, let Aunt Yu go back to rest, and she took care of her mother at night.

In the afternoon, after Ye Zhixia and Aunt Yu greeted her, she went to the Civil Affairs Bureau and found out that she was married to Fu Sihan.

She thought of her current situation. If she wanted to take back what belonged to her mother from Ye Zhenhua, she needed a strong backer.

Fu Sihan is her nominal husband and definitely the first choice.

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