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Chapter 12 Betrayal

She was about to knock on the door, but found that it was open.

She pushed the door open and didn’t walk in. When she glanced at the sofa, the blood flowed back suddenly, and she froze.

A man and a woman on the sofa are kissing fiercely.

At a glance, Ye Zhixia recognized them.

She didn’t expect her boyfriend and girlfriend to get together during this period of hospitalization.

The two people’s ecstatic intimacy stimulated Ye Zhixia. There was a rage burning in her chest, and her eyes became scarlet.

Ye Zhixia wanted to find Fu Lingxiao to talk about his plight and ask him for help.

Ye Zhixia now feels unnecessary.

When the two of them in the room were desperately planning to take the next step, the door was suddenly knocked open and made a loud noise.

The two looked up and saw Ye Zhixia standing at the door with a thin figure and red eyes.

“Zhi Xia?” The two saw Ye Zhixia very shocked, quickly separated and sat down.

Ye Zhixia smiled at the two, calmly and indifferently, “Continue, did I disturb you?”

“I know Xia…you…you listen to my explanation…” The girl next to Fu Lingxiao, her cheeks were sharpened, her eyebrows were slightly bent, her cherry mouth was small, and she looked like a good girl.

Ye Zhixia has always regarded her as her best friend, but she hooked her boyfriend secretly…

“What can I explain to her?” The boy next to Su Jingxian interrupted her.

During the talk, Fu Lingxiao suddenly thought of something. He stood up from the sofa and strode towards Ye Zhixia.

Fu Lingxiao looks tall and handsome, and looks very clean and sunny, just like the big brother next door.

“Ye Zhixia, where have you been in the past few months, you have nothing to explain?” Fu Lingxiao stared at Ye Zhixia angrily.

“You don’t know that I was injured and hospitalized?” Ye Zhixia felt a little colder.

Fu Lingxiao chuckled, “Hospitalized? Are you hospitalized for abortion? Ye Zhixia You have been fooling around outside these past few months, I know everything. It is clear that you betrayed me first, what face do you have to question me?”

When she was hospitalized, he didn’t care about half a point, but instead believed in gossip outside and reprimanded her.

The heart is like a needle stuck in it, with a broken pain.

Even if other people do not understand her, she thinks that Fu Lingxiao is definitely different from others.

Su Jingxian’s eyes turned, she ran next to Ye Zhixia, weeping tears and cried, “Zhixia, Ling Xiao, don’t quarrel, you blame me, blame me for liking Xiao Xiao too, you can’t control it. Zhixia, rest assured, you come back I will quit, and I won’t disturb you in the future.”

Ye Zhixia’s eyes were slightly cold, she was the victim, Su Jingxian was crying more sad than her, she was crying wool!

At the end of the speech, Su Jingxian planned to run out, but Fu Lingxiao grabbed her, “Where are you going to Jingxian? It is her who should go, you are my girlfriend now.”

“…” Su Jingxian looked at Fu Lingxiao in tears, but there was a burst of joy in his heart, and he was very happy.

Fu Lingxiao had refused to recognize her identity before, she could feel that he seemed to regard her only as a substitute for Ye Zhixia.

Now she can finally be justified and raised her eyebrows.

Fu Lingxiao’s intimately embraced tearful face, Su Jingxian, said angrily to Ye Zhixia, “Ye Zhixia, my current girlfriend is Jing Xian, you don’t want to come back and fight again, I think you think nausea.”


Should she be sick?

“You may have made a mistake. I didn’t come here for you.” Ye Zhixia’s eyes were cold, and he said lightly, his fingers hanging on his side were whitened.

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