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Chapter 11 Does Not Need Her Gratitude

The emotion quickly crossed, and he continued to sign as if nothing had happened.

“I’m not interested in her business, go out!” Fu Sihan’s voice was cold and cold.

“…” Xu Bai was stunned, didn’t you let me monitor Miss Ye?

Forget it, he couldn’t even guess the BOSS heart needle, Xu Bai could only nod and retreated.

After a long time, Fu Sihan picked up the tablet and opened the video, which was exactly what happened before Ye Zhixia. She could see her walking under the hot sun, her white face was tanned red, and she was almost tanned hurt.

You can also see her being ridiculed, beaten, and beaten into the Ye family, and you can see it in every detail.

When he saw Ye Zhenhua playing Ye Zhixia, Fu Sihan’s deep eyes narrowed slightly, revealing danger and anger.

Fu Sihan dialed a number and said coldly, “Cancel all cooperation with Ye Shi.”

Before the person on the phone had time to respond, Fu Sihan had already hung up the phone.

Determined what the boss had instructed, the manager who answered the phone was confused, how could Ye’s offend the boss?

Fu Sihan saw Ye Zhixia go to her mother’s ward at this time.

“Sir…” Xu Bai brewed a cup of tea for Fu Sihan, preparing to lower the fire for him. Someone came in and found that Mr. was watching the monitor.

Zhenxiang came too fast at the scene, and Xu Bai was a little awkward standing there.

Xu Bai smiled to ease the embarrassment and said, “Sir, do you want to tell Miss Ye, who helped her mother? Miss Ye knows, and will definitely be very grateful to Mr. Ye.”

“I don’t need her gratitude.”

His Fu Sihan didn’t want her thanks…

Ye Zhixia didn’t even know that he was under Fu Sihan’s monitoring.

After she calmed down, she had a decision in her mind.

“Aunt Yu, I won’t let them take care of their mother’s effort and take control of what originally belonged to me and my mother. I won’t let them go!”

Ye Zhixia’s crimson eyes were very determined, and she also carried a strong force.

“Zhi Xia, what are you going to do? Don’t do stupid things. Ye Zhenhua is now big and powerful. You have nothing to fight against him? If he knew you had to deal with him, he would definitely not let you go! “Aunt Yu was so scared that she turned white.

Ye Zhixia, a 20-year-old girl and a seriously ill mother, who have no money and no rights, how can she fight Ye Zhenhua?

“Aunt Yu, don’t worry, I won’t do stupid things. I know what I’m doing.” Ye Zhixia already had an idea in mind.

“By aunt Yu, who is the kind person who helped us?” The kind person who helped mother, she wanted to thank her in person.

Aunt Yu shook her head, “I don’t know, I have never seen it, but my wife’s medical expenses have always been paid by good people. I have asked before, and the doctor said that the other party asked for confidentiality.”

“Aunt Yu, you help me take care of my mother. I’ll find a doctor to inquire.” Ye Zhixia was helped by someone, and she didn’t know who the other person was.

However, Ye Zhixia didn’t hear anything in the end. Obviously, the other party was a living Lei Feng, who did a good job without leaving a name.

Ye Zhixia thought that she had no money and had a seriously ill mother, and she was anxious.

Although there are good-hearted people to help her, she can’t do anything at all. She still has to live. Aunt Yu is paying for her mother. How can she be patient?

She now needs a sum of money to help her temporarily overcome the difficulties ahead, Ye Zhixia thought of someone, maybe that person can help her.

After Ye Zhixia and Aunt Yu greeted her, she hurriedly left the hospital.

Half an hour later, Ye Zhixia arrived at a luxurious apartment.

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