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Chapter 10 The Lady Was Cast Out by the Ye Family

“…” Ye Zhixia pursed her lips in reproach, feeling like she was pressing a huge stone in her heart.

“Goodhearted person? Isn’t Ye Zhenhua looking for his mother’s doctor?”

Speaking of Ye Zhenhua, Aunt Yu wouldn’t fight anywhere, and would rather dig him up to drink his blood, “Don’t mention Ye Zhenhua’s beast, if he wants to divorce and marry Xiaosan, your mother will not be mad, that scum, Since your mother was ill, he has visited it once in a pretentious manner. After a penny was paid, I didn’t pay! Yeah, Ye Zhenhua was not human.”

Aunt Yu’s words made Ye Zhixia’s brain explode, and his blood was boiling in anger.

She found that seeing Ye Zhenhua’s ruthlessness today was just the tip of his iceberg.

Aunt Yu continued to say angrily, “Since your grandfather died, your mother’s family had no dependence, he was ambitious, not only deceived your mother to gain full control of Ye Shi, but also ruthlessly seized your mother and your shares. He This is to allow your two mothers and daughters to leave the house!”

“According to the legal property should be divided equally, how can he do this…”

Aunt Yu glanced at Ye Zhixia, and her eyes were distressed. “The child is as simple as your mother. Ye Zhenhua wanted to divorce your mother. It was not overnight. He secretly transferred his property long ago. The former Qin’s company has now become Ye’s. .”

“He just bullied your orphans and widows, bullied your mother seriously and no one to debunk his crimes, when he really divorced your mother, know Xia you really have nothing!”

Aunt Yu was so angry that she almost finished being breathless.

Ye Zhixia’s fingers were white and her lips were shaking with anger.

Looking at the mother who was seriously ill in bed, Ye Zhenhua just wanted to get divorced and wanted their mother and daughter to leave the house and have nothing, her heart was full of hate.

She hated that Ye Zhenhua was just a son-in-law. He could be today because of her mother and grandfather. Why should he treat his mother that way?

Those things belong to my mother. Why can Ye Zhenhua seize the peace of mind, and why can Jiang Mengfei enjoy her mother’s hard work?

“Aunt Yu, today I went to Ye Zhenhua, he drove me out, and said that I was not his biological daughter, that I was born to my mother and other men!”

“Fart!” Aunt Yu almost jumped up angrily. “Ye Zhenhua doesn’t even recognize you? This king and bastard are really black eyes.”

“Zhi Xia, Aunt Yu tells you the truth. In fact, your mother has no fertility. Ye Zhenhua asked your mother to bring you back from the outside. Although you were not born by Ye Zhenhua, it was not caused by your mother and other men. How can he reverse black and white and wrong your mother?”

“…” Ye Zhixia’s eyes widened in shock.

It took a long time for her to relax, so Qin Dai and Ye Zhenhua were not her biological parents?

On this day, Ye Zhixia felt that she had fallen into the abyss from the altar and experienced the worst things in life.

The parents are not biological, she has nothing.

No, she still has a mother, even if Qin Dai is not her mother, she also regards Qin Dai as her mother.

Fourier Group.

Xu Bai entered the office, glanced at the precious desk, dressed in a black suit, handsome and expensive but cold BOSS, a little trembling in his heart.

Since Miss Ye left the villa, the gentleman has been cold-faced to the present.

“Sir, my wife returned to the Ye family and was kicked out, but also beaten by Ye Zhenhua.” Xu Bai thought for a while, or decided to inform Ye Shixia whereabouts Fu Sihan.

Fu Sihan’s movement of holding the pen slightly paused.

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