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Amnesia’s wife wants to divorce Chapter 20

The waiter looked at her with a sneaky look, and there was a trace of doubt in her eyes. It looked like they were coming behind the person in front. If you want to fish rich people, use this method. It’s too bad.


Sure enough, Ye Zhixia was stuck here, “I came with the previous gentleman!”

What a ghost place, you have to make an appointment for dinner.

“I’m sorry, miss, if you don’t have an appointment…” The waiter just heard her order from the headset when she wanted to clear her out, and the tone became gentler. “Please come in…”

The waiter spread his hands politely and made a gesture of please.


Ye Zhixia was a little stunned, didn’t she just want to say what would happen if you didn’t make an appointment? Why did she let her go in suddenly!

However, she was not in the mood to consider so much now. Taking advantage of this opportunity, she quickly accelerated her pace to find the figure of Fu Sihan, but she turned around and did not know that Fu Sihan was eating in that room.

The whole floor is so big, there are more private rooms than hotel rooms, and she cannot knock on them one by one.

“Yo, isn’t this Miss Ye? Oops…” The woman with a sharp voice covered her mouth and continued to ridicule, “No, I forgot, Qing Ying, now you are the real Miss Ye family. , This fake has been kicked out!”

Ye Zhishadun stayed on the footsteps and met Ye Qianying, who had just taken away her father and her family, and her girlfriend Chen Shanshan.

“After spending so many months out there, no one is willing to support you, and no one is willing to support you. I also got a restaurant to work as a waiter. Ye Zhixia, you have really failed in your life, no wonder Dad thinks you are so shameful!”

I was worried that the last slap of hatred had no place to report, so she met her here. Ye Qingying knew that she cared about Ye Zhenhua, and even satirized Ye Zhenhua even more.


Ye Zhixia sneered, proudly hugged his arms around his chest, “After entering Ye Family for two days, I really took myself as Miss Ye Family, right! Ye Qianying, don’t I tell you, will you regret it? ?”

She would never let them keep being so proud!

“Ye Zhixia, you are all reduced to being a restaurant waiter, and Qi Yan is still so arrogant? I don’t know who gave you the courage…”

Chen Shanshan gave her a dismissive look!

“Forget it, Shanshan, we don’t care about this kind of person, lower our identity!” Then, Ye Qianying stepped on her high heels and turned her body to Ye Zhixia, her mouth slightly raised, “Yai waiter, help us open the door, we will Take this box.”

At this time, she will not be called, when she will be called today, she will let Ye Zhixia not even a waiter here.

“Waiter? Which one of your dogs sees me like a waiter!”

Ye Zhixia is willing to be wronged by them, and the people in Haozhan Queque’s nest dare to show off their power. She Ye Zhixia must also let them know that she and her mother are not so bully.

“Not a waiter, can you still be here?”

Chen Shanshan looked disdainful, “Don’t tell me you are here to eat, do you know how much this dish is? Think you are Miss Ye Family?”

Turning his face, Chen Shanshan and Ye Qingying looked at each other and smiled as if they heard the big joke.

“Don’t I come here to eat to see two stupid pigs performing here?”

Looking at their grinning faces, Ye Zhixia felt sick.

“Miss Ye’s mouth is really not forgiving, but she doesn’t weigh her identity before speaking?”

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