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Amnesia’s wife wants to divorce Chapter 18

“Well, hold it!”

Liu Guanjia didn’t tell me that this was Fu Sihan’s meaning. After taking care of Fu Sihan for many years, he knew the temper of Mr. Zi’s family.

“Thank you……”

Ye Zhixia’s clear eyes were gradually covered with a layer of mist.

Although this was just a small move, it was a worthless thing, but at this moment, it made Ye Zhixia freeze for a whole day and felt warm.

The care of a strange old man gave her the power to keep going.

“Miss Ye, it’s not early, let’s rest early!”

Liu Guanjia nodded politely, and turned around to leave under Ye Zhixia’s grateful eyes.

The icy cold feeling was applied to his face, and Ye Zhixia felt the hot pain on his face gradually disappeared.

Fu Sihan saw through the monitoring that the woman was focusing on her face, and her heart was calm for a moment.

But it was really just for a moment, and the woman in the picture could almost make him breathe in the next second.

Ye Zhixia turned his back to him, and his two slender arms slowly lifted up. The T-shirt on his body gradually faded away, and his fair back was exposed in front of her.

He couldn’t help but hold his throat tight, and his mind flashed to the bed that night, the woman’s appearance under him, it seemed that the fingertips still had the residual temperature of her skin.

The look changed, and Fu Sihan immediately turned off the monitor’s picture with a black face. It was really unpretentious. In other people’s bedrooms, he dare to be so open…

I really didn’t see that Ye Zhixia was such a open woman.

Ye Zhixia in the room was miserable. She took off her T-shirt and found that there was really nothing she could wear in the room.

I don’t know if it was too hard when I hit Ye Qianying before. She actually found that her wrist was a little sore now. One was unstable and she knocked over the cup in her hand.

The water in the glass spilled all over her and she had to take off her clothes.

Throughout the middle of the night, Ye Zhixia almost wore a bathrobe, opened the window, and took a T-shirt to blow through the window.

The clock was pointing at six o’clock in the morning, and Ye Zhixia, who was still leaning in front of the window, opened her sleepy eyes, touched the clothes in her hand, and finally dried…

Ye Zhixia had already made up his mind on how to deal with dog legs Fu Sihan.


When my legs fell asleep, I didn’t feel it.

Holding the wall, Ye Zhixia slowly stood up, put on a T-shirt, and went downstairs into the restaurant.

“Good morning, butler Liu!”

The adjusted state of Ye Zhixia gave Liu Manager a big smile, “Thank you last night!”

Butler Liu looked back and glanced at Ye Zhixia.

With the effect of two ice packs, her face was much better early in the morning, and she had swollen down. If you don’t look closely, you can’t see the traces of the fingerprints.

Liu Guanjia sighed secretly in his heart. Don’t look at the gentleman, he was very careful and cared about people.

Liu Guanjia naturally dared not come up with these words, and responded to Ye Zhixia a little, “Miss Ye, you are too early!”

“Butler Liu, let me make breakfast! You’re busy doing something else!”

“You do it?”

This made Liu Guanjia surprised and questioned. Wasn’t it Ye Ye’s gift? Will she cook breakfast?

“Yeah, you see me and Mr. Fu are also married. Before I accidentally made him angry, would you give me a chance to show it?”

Ye Zhixia continued to please the old housekeeper. If he didn’t walk away, she wouldn’t be able to make dinner!

Liu Guan’s question is right. She doesn’t have instant noodles, but she really doesn’t.

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