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Amnesia’s wife wants to divorce Chapter 17

“We may have been wrong in our investigation…Miss Ye may not be the one the husband is looking for.”

Xu Bai feared and reported the latest news to Fu Sihan, afraid to look at Fu Sihan’s face.

Before, the mother of the husband asked him to marry Miss Ye. At the time, the information also showed that Miss Ye was probably the person whom the husband had been looking for.

If Miss Ye was not the person Mr. was looking for, and Mr. and her had no feelings, divorce would be right.

“Isn’t it?” Fu Sihan’s eyes glowed with cold light, and he was imposing. “Check again, I want the most definite answer!”

“Yes, I will go immediately!” Xu Bai did not dare to delay.

“That won’t work either, that won’t work either, this Fu Sihan is too difficult to handle!”

At the end of the corridor, Ye Zhixia held a small face with both hands, and looked sadly toward Fu Sihan’s room.

At the bottom of the eyes, there was a bit of contempt, high cold… high cold, so high cold every day like ice cubes!

If it weren’t for retrieving everything that belonged to her mother, she would definitely not be so doggie.

Finally, after thinking a few good words, he walked to Fu Sihan’s door and pushed it, but found that this girl directly locked the door.

As for preventing her from doing so?

No, she couldn’t just give up. She looked around. The long corridor can only accompany her with star lights, and there is no servant.

As soon as his eyes turned, he saw a gap in the door next to Fu Sihan.

Ye Zhixia’s black eyes turned slyly and directly pushed the door and went in!

Through the floor-to-ceiling windows, Ye Zhixia can see the scenery in the courtyard of the Belvedere of Jiangnan. Although the villa of the Ye family is not so glorious, the lighting in the courtyard is as dazzling as here.

Thinking of what happened in the past few days, everything is as unreal as a dream. Up to now, Ye Zhixia has so many unsolved mysteries in her heart.

A good friend became his biological daughter of his father in seconds, his father slaps mercilessly, his mother is seriously ill and is hospitalized, and her ex boyfriend is a good girlfriend…

Ye Zhixia smiled bitterly, it was really better than a TV series.

The arc of the corner of the mouth is so beautiful, but it looks so sad through the surveillance video.

In the next bedroom, Ye Zhixia’s every move was reflected in Fu Sihan’s cold eyes.

Seeing Ye Zhixia’s swollen cheeks, Fu Sihan’s black eyes darkened.

“Come on!”

The man pressed the black button at the head of the bed, and a calm voice sounded in the quiet room.

Within two minutes, the door was knocked regularly and respectfully.

Opening the door, it was the old housekeeper of the villa who stood in front of Fu Sihan.

“Sir, what do you need?” Butler Liu respected.

“Uncle Liu, take two bags of ice cubes and send them to the next door!”


The butler hesitated for a moment, then immediately answered, “Okay, sir!”

Although he didn’t understand too much, Liu Guanjia didn’t dare to ask more, but respectfully executed Fu Sihan’s orders.

When he knocked on the door of the guest bedroom and saw Ye Zhixia’s small, swollen face, he realized.

It turned out that Ms. Ye lived in this room. Mr. Family sent him to send care.


At the moment when he saw Liu’s housekeeper, Ye Zhixia was a little reluctant. After thinking about it, he must have been sent by Fu Sihan to push her out.

I knew I wouldn’t open the door.

“Miss Ye, I’ll give you two bags of ice cubes. Let me put it on.”

Butler Liu respects you politely, but she is not as harsh and serious as Fu Sihan and Xu Bai.

“Send me ice cubes?”

Ye Zhixia’s puzzled eyes stayed on the old man’s hand, and two white bags were reflected in her eyes. It turned out that the old man saw her face was injured and came to send her ice cubes.

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