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Chapter 3 Bizarre colored stones

Yu Xiaocao, who was placed on the raft, looked at Liu’s loving kindness and didn’t know what it was. After a lapse of fourteen years, she finally had a mother’s pain. Although the girl was too weak, she looked not very reliable.

Yu Hang touched the head of Xiaocao, and said to Liu Shidao: “Mother, the younger sister is sick and sick from a small body. This time she has suffered such a big sin… You said, I want to make some good things.”

The house was in a short silence, and when she thought of her mother-in-law’s search, Liu took out the door with a bitter look. The small stone came over and touched her face with a cold little hand. With a childish voice, she whispered in her ear: “Sister, you are well wounded, I will give you an ostrich egg tomorrow…”

Yu Xiaocao packed up his mood and smiled at the head of the small radish. After talking with the cute little guy for a while, a burst of fatigue hit, at the moment of falling into a sleepy, Liu came to the yard and swallowed: “Mother, the doctor said that the body of the grass is weak, to make up. She is in the morning I drank two gruel, I want to stew her eggs…”

“Eat, eat, eat! The thicker family, is not enough for you to toss a few sick scorpions! Please doctors, take medicine, which kind of money? When the next market, the egg, you have to change the money. There are still some in the jar White rice, you grab a bowl of porridge and deal with it…”

Yu Xiaocao’s body was weak, and he lost too much blood. He eventually couldn’t resist the call of sleep, and fell asleep.

This feeling, she slept for a long time, even the porridge, medicine, did not wake her up. She felt as if she was stuck in a thick darkness, struggling but unable to escape the desperate despair.

I don’t know how long it took, just when she was about to give up, there was a glimmer of light in the darkness, an impetuous and sweet voice that appeared in her mind:

【Oops! How to make a mistake with a weak human being? How to do? How to do? Or… No matter her, she died when the relationship between the master and the slave was removed – but the next time I see the day, I don’t know when it is! 】

The **** spiritual ancestor, actually took this great tianjinshi stone, sealed most of the spiritual power, and discarded it to the human world that did not know which space, and waited for eight hundred years before being smashed by a human woman. I haven’t waited for the Lord yet, and I am dead again…

If it is to fight for the remaining power, bring the human woman’s soul to another space, find a fit and regenerate the body, and it is estimated that it will take another eight hundred years to be present.

Hey… weaker, weaker, better than letting it lie in the endless darkness. It’s just the wound on her head… It seems that it’s indispensable, and it’s going to consume a lot of spiritual power left behind…

When Yu Xiaocao was amazed by this talking light ball, he suddenly felt the wound on his forehead was cool and no longer hurts. The darkness around her gradually dissipated, and she slowly opened her heavy eyelids.

There was a dim oil lamp in the room, and it was faintly visible that the thin Liu’s beggar was on the sidelines, and her breathing was clear and audible in silence.

Yu Xiaocao remembered the bizarre dream, raised his arm and touched his forehead, and it really didn’t hurt. Isn’t it just a dream? Does the golden light ball claiming to fill the **** stone really exist? Also cured the wound on her head?

Yu Xiaocao was shackled in the quilt and felt a hot heat. He stretched his arm out of the bed, but saw a red rope with colorful stones on his skinny wrist. Isn’t this the only time she has traveled in her life to visit a small stone in the foothills near the Potala Palace?

The stone was only glass marbles, and it was smooth and rounded by the stream. At that time, she thought that the stone was very beautiful, so she went back to make a hole, and the red rope was worn on the wrist. Later, when she was in trouble with the stewed dish, she threw it away and ignored it. How could she go through her rebirth with her?

“Grass, you are awake! You have been sleeping for three days, and then you will not wake up. Mother will take you to the town to see the doctor.” Liu, who was on the sidelines, noticed the movement, looked up and saw that he was studying. She was a colorful stone, and she shouted in surprise.

Yu Xiaocao fixedly looked at Liu, giving her the first feeling is thin. The beautiful and gentle face, but thin and pale, helped her cover the quilt’s hand, covered with rough scorpions, and there were several scars on her fingers. At first glance, you know that this is the hand of long-term work!

“Mother…” Although Liu is not much bigger than her past life, her mother’s fullest gaze, but her heart is hot, can not help but shout out. Since the death of the fourteen-year-old parents, no one has ever seen her with such a gaze. Yu Xiaocao’s nose is sour.

“The grass doesn’t cry, does the wound hurt? Mother wants to blow you…” Liu Muyun blew twice on her daughter’s head wrapped in gauze, and quickly turned her head and wiped the tears from her eyes with her sleeves. .

When she was pregnant with twins, she accidentally fell into the water while washing her clothes and was born prematurely. Xiaolian is okay, she is slightly lighter but healthy and healthy. Only the child of the grass, just born and even milk will not eat, but also sick for two days, and several times almost can not support.

The child needs to take medicine for many years, but the family does not have a family. The money she earned from fishing and hunting must be handed over to her mother-in-law. Every time I want to buy medicine money from my mother-in-law, my mother-in-law is always reluctant to say a lot of ugly, and there is a big slap in the face.

For the sake of the child, she can stand it down. She never thought of This time the daughter almost died in the hands of Daxie. The doctor clearly said that he should give the child nutrition, but the mother-in-law did not even have an egg.

Liu Muyun looked at the dark night outside the eyes, and the brow was full of helplessness. She has been married to Yujia for thirteen years. She gets up earlier than chickens every day, sleeps more late than cats, and takes on most of the housework in her home.

Tired, she is not afraid, that is, no matter how she does it, she will not get the favor of her mother-in-law. She is always subject to her eagerness to pick and choose, and the sharp and cold words, even with a few children, are not to be seen.

Other people in the family can’t mean it. The grass was injured by the big cockroach. The child slept for three days, and the big brother didn’t show up. Only the little girl and the father-in-law came to the house and looked at it…

“Grass, hungry is not hungry? You Xiaogu sent an egg, I use hot water to help you squat.” Liu Muyun helped her daughter peel the eggs, watched her small mouthful to eat, and smiled with satisfaction.

Also said: “Hey daughter, you sleep again, mother to cook. Wake up, have your favorite white rice porridge. Mother gave you a thick, with pickles, give us a home grass On a big bowl!”

Yu Xiaocao thought that before she fell asleep, her mother asked the body’s grandmother to have only eggs, and they were all rejected. They guessed that their family would rarely eat fine grains such as white rice and white noodles.

For this bowl of white rice porridge, Liu did not know what kind of cold words to bear, but some distressed: “Mother, what do you eat, I will eat, don’t just prepare for me. Today I have not eaten an egg. ?”

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