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Chapter 9 is not the same Su Li

Su Yao turned her head and pretended to be surprised, “Yeah, Xiao Li, are you back? My sister is busy at work. You haven’t visited you since the car accident. You can’t blame my sister?”

Su Li kept smiling, “Of course not. Yes, what is the relationship between my sister and me, how could I blame you?”

“That’s good.”

“Sister, what did Lin’s wife make you angry?”

When it came to this question, Su Yao immediately raised his hands. , Correcting her posture, “She didn’t do anything to irritate me, but she was not good at cooking, so I had to

fire her .” Su Li glanced at Sister Lin. She had always been pleading, and then Su Li squatted down again. At this time, Madam Su also came over, and after seeing Madam Su, Su Yao immediately got up from the chair.

Su Li picked up some pasta in the broken bowl with chopsticks and put it directly into her mouth, “Li’er, what are you doing? It’s all dirty.” Madam Su became nervous.

After tasting, Su Li immediately said to Su Yao, “Sister, I think this is delicious. There is no need to fire Sister Lin?” After

Sister Lin heard this, she smiled with joy, “Thank you, Miss.”

Su Yao was originally . It’s nothing more than a temper to beat the eyeballs. Now that Su Li tells the truth, Su Yao will be speechless for a while.

“But maybe it’s because my sister has lost her mouth. If her sister doesn’t like what Lin’s cooks, she will cook them for me in the future. For the Su family, can we afford to have one more cook?” Su Li turned to face Madam Su.

Madam Su nodded, “That’s natural.”

“That’s it, it’s so decided, elder sister, do you have no opinion?”

In front of Madam Su, Su Yao was still a little measured and had to nod her head, despite her unwillingness. Did not make any objections.

“That’s really great.”

“Thank you, two young ladies.” After

knowing that she had not been fired, Lin’s wife was relieved, and immediately squatted down and put away what Su Yao had broken.

“Mom, I’m a little tired. Go up and have a rest first.”

“Okay, Kaoru, take Miss’s things.”

“Yes, Madam.” A young girl immediately picked up Su Li’s luggage and didn’t look at her. The little one, with quite a lot of energy, Su Li paused for a while and let Xiao Xun walk in front of her.

Seeing Su Li walking up from the back, Su Yao thoughtfully, how dissatisfied he was, and thought to himself: Is this still the younger sister Su Li who unconditionally obeys herself and dare not fight against her?

“Mom, after the car accident, Xiao Li didn’t have any sequelae?” Su Yao pretended to be worried, but actually just wanted to verify whether Su Li had changed.

“Of course not. The doctor has already done a full-body examination. There will be no sequelae.”

“That’s good, that’s good…” Going

up to the second floor, walking to the door of Su Li’s room. Xiao Kaoru pushed the door open, and Su Li step by step, as cautiously as he was exploring a new world.

After entering, although he had given himself a lot of psychological hints, the Su family would have a lot of things that he did not expect. But when I actually saw it, I was still uncontrollably surprised.

Su Li’s private room looks larger than the house Zhao Xiaoxi used to live in. There is also a separate bathroom. Thinking back to Zhao Xiaoxi’s life in the past, even the bathroom was placed behind Zhao’s mother and Zhao Yaxi. It’s a bitter tears!

“Miss, I have put the things in place.” Xiaoxun said to Su Li with a smile.

Su Li nodded, “Okay, you can go out.”

Xiao Xun just walked to the door of the room, and then turned around and said to Su Li excitedly, “Miss, welcome home.” After

that, Xiao Xun He immediately went out and closed the door easily. Su Li felt a warm heart after hearing this.

Su Li walked to the bed. The size should be three times the size of the bed that slept in Zhao’s house before. Without thinking about it, Su Li collapsed directly on the soft big bed, completely emptying herself.

After a while, there was a knock on the door. Maybe he hadn’t fully adapted to the new environment. Su Li was a little frightened, “Who?”

“Xiao Li, it’s me.”

Listening to the voice, Su Li knew that it was Su Yao and was in Su’s house. , The most difficult to deal with, and the one who can’t get through with himself the most should be Su Yao’s, and Su Li immediately awakened his spirit.

Su Li tidied herself, walked to the door, and opened the door.


Su Yao smirked at Su Li, then closed the door and walked in directly, regardless of whether Su Li was willing or not, he was a little overwhelming.

Su Li was unhappy in his heart, but before he had a deep understanding of the relationship between him and Su Yao, Su Li had to observe it first.

“Sister, come to me, is there something going on?” Su Li asked with a cold expression.

Su Yao didn’t pay attention to Su Li’s question at all, but directly slapped Su Li severely, “What are you? You just confronted me in front of my mother and so many servants, did you go out? A car accident smashed my mind?” The

fiery pain on her face allowed her to fully understand her previous relationship with Su Yao.

Is this the life of the Su Group’s two daughters? If this were the case, it wouldn’t be much better than Zhao Xiaoxi’s life before. The current Su Li is no longer the previous Su Li! She didn’t know why the previous Su Li kept swallowing his breath, but if the current Su Li continues to do this, what is the point of being reborn?

Su Li turned to hate sharp eyes, slowly turned around, and faced Su Yao face to face. Su Li was slightly taller than Su Yao. Su Yao immediately felt a kind of momentum suppressing her from top to bottom, her face turned around. Also changed.

“Sister, presumably this time, you will hit me for the last time, and I will never let you have another time.”

Su Li’s tone is the same as her eyes, which is not for discussion. However, he has long been accustomed to the bullying of Su Li for more than ten years, even if Su Li had declared to Su Yao now, Su Yao did not intend to take it seriously.

No, Su Yao stretched out his right hand again, just about to hit Su Li’s face, but Su Li held it tightly with his left hand, “I have already said that, I will definitely not let you down. Second.”

Su Li didn’t know where the strength came from, so Su Yao could be completely immobile.

“Let go, let me go. You hurt me.”

Seeing the painful expression on Su Yao’s face, Su Li thought to herself that she probably didn’t dare to mess around for the time being, so she pushed forward and let go of Su Yao’s hand. Su Yao stepped back a few steps, completely confused. Forced.

“Sister, in the future, without my permission, you should not enter my room at will as you did today, otherwise you will be conceited.”

“You…” Su Yao was going to take the first two steps and talk to Su Li. After a contest, the pain in her hand prevented her from approaching Su Li.

“Okay, if nothing happens, sister, please go out.”

Su Yao walked out angrily with a cloud of anger that radiated from nowhere.

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