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Chapter 8 Living Years Series

Outside the door of Su’s house, a red Porsche stopped there for a while, and saw that the door hadn’t opened yet, there were a few horns. After hearing this, the butler hurriedly opened the door.

Porsche drove into the Su’s house, turned left, and drove into the basement garage. By coincidence, the driver of the Su’s house just drove out from the right side of the gate.

“Everyone, be smart, the eldest lady is back.” After hearing the butler’s reminder to him, the Su family servant immediately entered a state of tension.

The high-heeled shoes hit the floor, giggling…The sound is getting closer and closer, coming out of the underground garage, passing through the Su family’s yard, and walking into the Su family hall. Seeing the different scene today, Su Yao asked the housekeeper. .

“What’s the situation, cleaning and preparing so many ingredients, why? Is our family about to welcome guests?” He

looked calm and close, but the tone of the conversation with the housekeeper at this time seemed to be Some are bitter and mean, some butlers are somewhat timid, but he has been a butler in Su’s house for so many years, and he has long been accustomed to the appearance of Missy.

“Miss, the second lady is going to be discharged from the hospital today. Madam ordered to take good care of the house and prepare more things that the second lady likes to eat.” The butler just stated in a plain tone what the lady had explained, without adding any oil and jealousy. So as not to cause unnecessary war between the two young ladies.

After hearing this, Su Yao said in a disdainful tone, “Isn’t it just a few days in the hospital? Do you have to have such a big battle? My mother is really true, and who is the daughter who has contributed the most to the Su family has no points in her heart. Is it?” Su Yao bluntly confessed his dissatisfaction with Su Li, and murmured like that in front of the housekeeper.

“Miss, if there is nothing to order, I will continue to work.” The butler had to find a reason and voluntarily leave.

Su Yao rushed up to the second floor and said in a commanding tone as he walked, “Sister Lin, get me something to eat, I’m hungry.” After Sister Lin, who

was still doing sanitation, heard Su Yao’s voice. , Was sluggish for a while, and then hurriedly responded, “Okay, miss, I’ll go right away.”

Wife Lin quickly put down the tools in her hand and ran to the kitchen. You know, serving Miss Su’s family is a lot of trouble. It takes energy and work of brain cells. Don’t deliver it late, don’t make it weak, don’t make it too cold, don’t make it too hot…In short, it is difficult to make food that satisfies the eldest lady. When it is not satisfied, it will be directly pushed to the food. On the ground, Wife Lin had to clean it up in the end.

The eldest lady in Su’s house and the eldest lady outside are two different things.

After returning to the room, Su Yao changed his clothes at home. After waiting a little bit, he became a little impatient. He immediately ran downstairs and went straight to the kitchen. The pasta comes out.

“So how long? Is not lazy to go?”

Linsao carrying a plate, some panic, he hurriedly explained, “not a lady, I am ready to do just that Miss end up.”

At this time, Su Yao was so hungry that he didn’t have the strength to teach others anymore, so he said to Lin’s Wife, “It’s all right, bring me to the dinner table immediately. I’m going to starve to death.”

“Yes, miss. “Sao Lin immediately went to the dining table, and Su Yao followed.

As soon as I sat down and was about to take a bite, the housekeeper yelled from the door, “I’m back, I’m back, Madam and Second Miss are back.”

After listening, the servants all laughed, everyone hurriedly sorted out the work at hand, rushed to the door, and was ready to welcome the second lady.

Su Li got out of the car and stood at the door of Su’s mansion, her whole body dull.

The Su family mansion has three floors plus an underground garage. The ladies live on the first floor. The young masters live on the second floor. There are a few guest rooms on the second floor. The third floor is a place where you usually rest. Like the courtyard, many flowers are planted. , Placed a few stools.

“Li’er, let’s go in.”

Su Li hugged Madam Su and walked to the door of Su’s house. Su Li once again stopped. She was dumbfounded when she saw the scene inside. The hanging lights made the whole house even more so. It looks brilliant and luxurious, such a house is simply a lifetime series!

“Li’er, what’s the matter with you? This is your home, why do you make it seem like you don’t know it?”

Madam Su asked casually, causing Su Li to panic. She smiled and replied, “Mom, it’s not because Have I stayed in the hospital for a few days? Sometimes the memory of the family is a little bit broken, but mother don’t worry, it will be fine after a while.”

Su Li explained that Madam Su completely believed it, too, how could Madam Su? Will you doubt your daughter?

After looking at the house, Su Li glanced at the more than a dozen servants of Su’s family. Everyone cast a warm smile on themselves. Su Li guessed that it seemed that the image of this lady in front of the servants was very good.

Just as Su Li was delighted in her heart, there was a sound of breaking dishes.

“Are you still a cook? Why is the cooking more and more unpalatable?” Hearing this voice, everyone quickly put their smiles away. Su Li immediately looked along the source of the sound and saw Su Yao facing a servant. People lose their temper.

“Miss, I…I was wrong, I will definitely change it next time.”

However, Su Yaosi ignored the servant’s confession, and even sneered, “Do you think you can change the cooking stuff if you want to change it? Seeing that you are so stupid, it’s probably impossible to reach our Su family for a long time. You have to be level, okay, so be it, you wait to pack up and leave.” At

this time, Lin’s wife directly knelt down. No wonder, who wants to leave the Su family as a big family in these times? Let’s not talk about the salary that Su’s family gives me. If I am fired now, whether I can find a job is one thing.

Madam Su sighed, Su Li walked over, “Li’er, just leave your sister…”

Su Li ignored Madam Su, went straight to Su Yao, walked to her side, and took Smiley, first called out, “Sister…”

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