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Chapter 7 Discharged from the hospital and back to Su’s

Su Li returned to the hospital, feeling refreshed, and walked back to the door of her ward in a better mood. At this time, Wu Ma was waiting anxiously. After seeing Su Li returning well, she breathed a sigh of relief and went straight to Su Li.

“Miss, you are finally back, do you know? Madam, she will be here soon.” You

know, if Madam Su thinks that she hasn’t taken care of Su Li, and she is not in good health, she will run around. , She definitely can’t spare Wu Ma.

“She will come, why are you so flustered?”

After entering, Su Li closed the door casually and changed into her own patient gown. She was thoughtful, her expression gradually becoming solemn.

“By the way, Mother Wu, what did my mother do to me?” As

soon as the question came up, Mother Wu had an incomprehensible expression, and Su Li continued, “Oh, my memory has been up and down after a car accident. There are some things that I can’t remember.”

After explaining, Madam Wu no longer had any questions, and answered Su Li’s questions with ease, “Miss, Madam, how are you, the servants of the Su family” Here, everyone said that Mrs. Su is an iron lady, who managed such a big Su group so well, but in my view of Mama Wu, her more important identity is the mother of three children, especially It’s for you two sisters, you are a daughter slave.”

Daughter slave? When she heard these three words, Su Li was delighted in her heart. When Mrs. Su came to visit her not long ago, she felt a little bit about her good Su Li, but when Ma Wu said the three “daughter slaves” While writing, Su Li was full of expectation.

But… I don’t think I actually have a sister who has lived with Zhao Yaxi for almost a year of unpleasant life. Regarding the word “sister”, Su Li now resists. Fortunately, Su Li is about to face herself. Facing the situation, the soldiers are ready to stop.

“Mother Wu, bring me a computer to the people in the hospital.”

“Yes, miss, I’ll go right away.”

Mother Wu immediately went out and walked to the front desk of the hospital. The nurses in the hospital were still evasive, but she said When it was the daughter of the Su Group’s daughter, she stopped making too much rhetoric and gave a laptop to Ma Wu.

“Miss, the computer is here.”

Su Li took the computer and sat on the bed. Wu Ma stood by the bed, looking at Su Li.

“Mother Wu, I want to eat some fruit.”

“Good miss, I’ll cut it now.”

After sending out Madam Wu, Su Li opened the browser and typed “Su Group” in the search column. Four words.

What Su Li wants to know is not just how big the Su Group is or how extensive the field is involved. These things had already been heard when she was still Zhao Xiaoxi. She wants to know the internal family members of the Su family, because she knows very well that she will have close contact with those people soon, and she can’t let others doubt her identity like a headless fly.

“Ms. Su Tangying, Chairman of the Su Group, has one child and two daughters. The eldest daughter Su Yao is 24 years old, the second daughter Su Li is 22 years old, and the youngest son Su Cheng is only 20 years old. He is currently studying abroad.. ….”

Su Li kept going down and saw many pictures of media reporters interviewing Su’s family. However, the group photos of Su’s family exposed to the media were always pictures of Mrs. Su and his eldest daughter Su Yao.

Seeing Su Yao’s dazzling smile in front of the media, she seemed to be saying that Su’s darling was only her, and Su Li became more uncomfortable the more she looked at it. Then, she just covered the computer. At that time, Wu’s mother also came back.

“Miss, I cut your favorite apple.”

Madam Wu put the fruit on the table next to the bed.

“Mother Wu, let me ask you, how about my relationship with my sister?” After

asking, Ma Wu’s naturally relaxed facial features immediately picked up, with a somewhat scrupulous tone, “Miss, you…you Why do you ask this suddenly?”

Ma Wu turned around, already afraid to face Su Li on this issue. Seeing this, Su Li wanted to know even more.

“Don’t worry, Wu Ma, just tell me, in your opinion, is my relationship with my sister good?”

Wu Ma obviously didn’t dare to speak freely, and even wanted to end this topic, “Miss, you… .. Don’t ask this question. In that case, the eldest lady will definitely ask me to settle the account. I can’t live without this job.” Mother Wu was already a little pleading.

Although Ma Wu didn’t say it clearly, in her frightened few words, Su Li had already got the news she wanted to know.

“Okay, Madam Wu, I won’t force you, don’t be afraid.”

Madam Wu breathed a sigh of relief. At this time, there was a knock on the door, and immediately, Madam Su pushed in.

“Mom.” Su Li took the initiative to call Madam Su with a sweet mouth.

Hearing this energetic greeting, Madam Su was obviously happy and she walked quickly to Su Li, “Hey, Li’er, you finally remembered your mother.”

Su Li nodded. “I have fully recovered.”

“That’s really great.” Madam Su sat directly by the bed and hugged Su Li tightly. After learning what Madam Su was from Madam Wu, Su Li also enthusiastically responded with an embrace.

“Mom, I want to

leave the hospital.” Madam Su slowly let go of her arms, “So soon, Li’er, are you sure that you are completely healed? Would you like me to call you and check it out again.”

“Mom, no need What a fuss, the doctor has already said that all I have suffered are skin injuries. I am all well and can be discharged from the hospital. And… I want to go back to see my sister soon.”

“Okay, mother listen .” Yours.”

Madam Su turned to Wu Ma, “Wu Ma, you immediately call the driver at home to pick up the young lady back.”

“Yes Madam.”

“Li’er, mother will go to do the discharge procedures for you now.”

Su Li ordered. nod.

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