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Chapter 6 Playing with a scumbag and a scumbag

At a cafe near the bank, Su Li chose a central location and sat face to face with Zhao Yaxi.

Seeing Zhao Yaxi’s anxiety and restlessness, Su Li herself was very calm, picked up the coffee on the table unhurriedly, drank it gracefully, waiting for the good show to come.

About ten minutes later, the protagonist of the good show appeared. Looking at the man with greasy hair and suit and leather shoes, Su Li couldn’t feel anything at this time.

Sheng Nan walked to Zhao Yaxi’s side, but his eyes were uncontrollably seduced by Su Li.

“Dear…” Sheng Nan called Zhao Yaxi.

Zhao Yaxi turned around, raised his head, and responded with a smile, “You are here, sit down first.”

Sheng Nan sat next to Zhao Yaxi, still staring at Su Li, pretending to mention it casually, “My dear, you don’t plan to Can you introduce me?”

“Uh…” Before Zhao Yaxi could finish speaking, Su Li took the initiative to stand up, “Hello, I am a good friend of Zhao Xiaoxi, Su Li.”

Su Li stretched out his hand. After going over, Sheng Nan was obviously stunned when he heard Zhao Xiaoxi’s name, and then he reacted, “Hello, I am Yaxi’s boyfriend, Sheng Nan.”

Su Li nodded slightly with a smile on his face.

“I heard Xiaoxi said that she used to have a boyfriend who was also named Sheng Nan. You were also named Sheng Nan just now. What a coincidence.” Su Li pretended to mention it casually, and then naturally calmly picked up coffee again and drank it. After taking a sip, watching the reaction of the dog and the man and woman, Zhao Yaxi almost didn’t pour the coffee out of her hand after hearing it. It seemed that she was panicked, wondering what Su Li wanted to do.

Sheng Nan smirked, “Yes, it’s a coincidence, the two of us have the same name and surname, maybe it’s fate.” Sheng Nan was fleeing from Su Li’s eyes.

“It’s really great to hear Mr. Sheng’s answer. If you and Xiaoxi’s boyfriend are the same person, and now they are Miss Zhao’s boyfriend, it is estimated that only scumbags can do such things, you guys …” Su Li paused deliberately, and then continued her own words, “I guess not?”

Sheng Nan and Zhao Yaxi both laughed forcefully, “Miss Su, your imagination is really too rich. This…how is this possible?” Sheng Nan’s tone was obviously trembling. In order to prevent Su Li from noticing his unnaturalness, he immediately changed the subject, “I don’t know if I talked to Miss Su this time. What is the purpose of meeting?”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter, it’s Miss Zhao that she has important things to tell you, right, Miss Zhao?” Su Li stared at Zhao Yaxi playfully. Of course, Zhao Yaxi knew what Su Li wanted to do by herself, so she came in this coffee shop. Before the hall, the two of them had already discussed in advance.

Seeing Zhao Yaxi seemed to hesitate, Su Li deliberately moved the bag that was placed on the chair next to him. Immediately, Zhao Yaxi turned to face Sheng Nan and spoke.

“My dear, I have something to tell you.” Zhao Yaxi’s tone gradually became serious.

“What is it?” Sheng Nan also turned around and faced Zhao Yaxi face to face.

“I…I want to break up with you.” As

soon as the voice fell, Sheng Nan seemed to be stunned.

Of course, his arrogant man always thought that he was the only one who wanted to break up with a woman, and that no woman would ever take the initiative to break up with him. In the past three years when Zhao Xiaoxi fell in love with him, Zhao Xiaoxi has been obedient to him, and he still feels that he is a lover. Now when Zhao Yaxi made this request to him, he even suspected that there was a problem with his ears.

“What did you say?”

“I said, I’m going to break up with you.”

Zhao Yaxi emphasized once again that only then did Sheng Nan be sure that he had heard it correctly.

“My dear, what are you talking nonsense? Were we okay yesterday? In front of so many people, don’t say these silly things.” While

saying this, Sheng Nan also looked at Su Li. At a glance, however, Su Li had already seen everything in his eyes. Sheng Nan’s face was not trying to save his love, but to save his own face.

You know, in the public, especially in front of Su Li, a woman who is unique to him, being dumped is a very embarrassing thing.

“Yesterday was yesterday, and today I discovered that the two of us are simply not suitable for being together.” Zhao Yaxi’s attitude is very determined.

Sheng Nan leaned into Zhao Yaxi’s ear and whispered, “Is it because of Xiaoxi?”

“Of course not, it has nothing to do with anyone, but I don’t like you now, do you understand?” Zhao Yaxi got up, the volume is also louder. Shao, after finishing talking, I walked directly to the entrance of the cafe.

At this time, everyone in the cafe looked at Sheng Nan, who was obviously uncomfortable.

He hurriedly looked at Su Li and smiled bitterly, “Miss Su laughed, we, we are just

arguing, this is a common thing.” “Mr. Sheng, you are really a bit too optimistic.”

After hearing this, Sheng Nan immediately put away a wry smile, his expression became more serious, and asked, “Miss Su, what do you mean?”

“Miss Zhao is not arguing with you, you are indeed dumped by her. “

Sheng Nan is still a little bit half-believing, but Su Li is chasing after victory.

“Mr. Sheng, do you want to know why Miss Zhao broke up with you?”

“Why?” Sheng Nan was eager to know the truth.

Su Li took the stack of money out of her bag and put it in front of her, “Because of this.”


Su Li nodded.

After getting the answer, Sheng Nan thought it was ridiculous, “It’s ridiculous, it’s really ridiculous. Because of the money, Yaxi will break up with me. How could this happen? Miss Su, you too Underestimate my charm, right?” After

Sheng Nan said the word charm, Su Li snorted and made no secret of her disdain for Sheng Nan.

“Mr. Sheng thinks too much of himself… If you don’t believe it, you will understand when you come out with me and find a place to hide by yourself.”

After Su Li paid the bill, she took her bag and walked out, Sheng Nan followed without hesitation, the expression on her face getting more and more serious.

Walking back to the lake, Zhao Yaxi was waiting on a chair by the lake. After seeing Su Li walking towards him, he immediately stood up.

Stretched out his hand, “I’ve done it according to your request, what about the money?”

“Miss Zhao, don’t worry, I will never break my promise.” After that, Su Li took out the stack of money and put it in Zhao Yaxi’s hands. on.

“Miss Zhao, now that our transaction has been completed, we have a chance to see you again.”

Su Li turned around, slowed her pace, and was about to leave. At this time, Sheng Nan passed by herself in an angrily manner.

“You bitch, you dumped me in the public for money.” After a sound of crusade, what Ma uploaded to Su Li’s ear was the sound of palm and cheek violently colliding with each other. That’s right, Zhao Yaxi was beaten by Sheng Nan. Slap hard!

The pain on her face obviously didn’t make Zhao Yaxi react. After finishing the fight, Sheng Nan grabbed the stack of money from her hand, tore it, and threw it into the lake. Let Zhao Yaxi caught off guard, “My money, my money.” “Are

you crazy? Why should my money to throw?”

“Zhaoya Xi, then I have never known you when this bitch.”

Falling With the last sentence, Sheng Nan turned and left without turning his head back.

The good show has ended, Su Li quickened her pace and continued her next life…

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