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Chapter 5 Don’t you just want money?

“It’s alright, I’m not calling you today to discuss with you what you did to Xiaoxi before and after her death. You want money, don’t you?” Su Li bluntly said about the Zhao family’s mother and daughter. demand.

Hearing the word “money”, the eyes of the two of them visibly lit up. After that, they tried their best to suppress their inner desire for money. However, at this time, they were in front of Su Li, and one of them had lived with them for almost 20 years. People of time, their character has long been revealed.

“Zhao Bomu, Miss Zhao, in fact, in front of us, you do not need to suppress their own, since you want money, then I can meet your needs this, of course, I only need to do one thing Miss Zhao.”

Two female The woman looked at Su Li’s clothes up and down, and they had no doubt about what she said could satisfy her desire for money.

“What’s the matter?” Mother Zhao’s attitude was much humble, and her tone was much compliant.

“I want Miss Zhao to give me all the things she grabbed from Xiaoxi.” As

soon as the voice fell, Zhao Yaxi jumped to the front of Zhao’s mother and faced Su Li, without knowing where he came from. When did I snatch things from her? Besides, are those things worth me to

snatch ?” Zhao Yaxi said those things with a flushed face, which really made Su Li feel sick.

“No?” Su Li approached Zhao Yaxi and stared at her without blinking. Zhao Yaxi finally began to feel a little guilty and his eyes flickered, but he would not take the initiative to admit that he had snatched something from Zhao Xiaoxi.

“I…I don’t even know what you are talking about?”

Su Li was really angry looking at Zhao Yaxi’s death pretending to be innocent. She grabbed Zhao Yaxi’s wrist with one hand and pulled it in front of Zhao Yaxi. , “No? Isn’t this?”

Zhao Yaxi’s eyes fell on the white watch she was wearing. It was the first gift Zhao Xiaoxi bought for herself when she was 18 years old, working to earn money, and the first thing that really belonged to her, but she just wore it in Zhao Xiaoxi’s hand. Soon after, he was ruthlessly snatched by Zhao Yaxi.

After taking it away, Zhao Yaxi threatened Zhao Xiaoxi and said, “If this matter is told, she will be kicked out.” At

that time, Zhao Xiaoxi had no independent financial ability, so she had to swallow her breath. Die by yourself.

I thought that this matter would not be known to a third person, but when the truth came out of Su Li’s mouth, Zhao Yaxi was obviously stunned and could not speak for a while.

She felt guilty and took off the watch in a panic. Su Li could obviously feel Zhao Yaxi’s hand trembling, “Isn’t it just a watch? Isn’t it rare for me? Give it back to you.” Zhao Yaxi handed the watch to Su. In front of Li, Su Li’s disdain was attracted.

“I’m sorry, I don’t want something that a woman like you has worn.” I

thought that Su Li had said so much and wanted to give her the watch by herself, but when Su Li said that sentence , Zhao Yaxi obviously had a bit of temper.

“What do you mean? I don’t want the watch anymore, are you playing with me?”

“I’m playing with you, do you have an opinion?”

“You…” Zhao Yaxi was about to move. But he was immediately held back by Zhao’s mother.

“This young lady, that’s what you told us from the beginning, you are playing tricks on us, right?”

Su Li glanced at Mother Zhao with disdain, then drew a stack of cash from her bag and took it. When he arrived in front of Zhao’s mother, “Why, do you still think I am playing with you now?”

Zhao’s mother stared at the pile of money in Su Li’s hand. It can always be revealed thoroughly, and today’s Zhao Mu and Zhao Yaxi are no exception.

“Then what do you want now?” Zhao Yaxi’s tone became much weaker as he looked at the money in Su Li’s hand.

“Miss Zhao, please, throw this watch into that lake. I don’t want Xiaoxi to wear it on your hand.”

Zhao Yaxi hesitated.

“Why? Don’t you? You know, the watch on your hand is not worth the money in your hand.” After

hearing that, Zhao Yaxi made a decisive decision and immediately walked to the lake, and directly moved his watch to the middle of the lake. Throwing, water splashed, and disappeared in a short while.

Zhao Yaxi walked back to Su Li, “Now you are satisfied, can you give us the money?”

Su Li shook his head, “No, there is another important thing that needs you to cooperate with me to complete it.”

“What is it? After a series of things before, Zhao Yaxi was obviously a little flustered, and couldn’t guess what tricks the woman in front of him was going to play with him.

“Call me and make an appointment with

Sheng Nan .” Sheng Nan?

That’s right, it was the scumbag who had been in love with Zhao Xiaoxi for 3 years, but finally cheated on Zhao Yaxi. Zhao Xiaoxi was probably blind at the time. It was not until after Zhao Yaxi sent himself a bed photo of Sheng Nan that he was upset with Sheng Nan. Cheating.

“Sheng Nan? What do you

want to ask him for?” “I want you to be in front of me and dump him.”

“What?” Such a request sounds obviously inexplicable in front of Zhao Yaxi.

“Don’t ask why, as long as you have completed the last step, the money in my hand will be yours. You know very well that you can’t get anything from Sheng Nan’s poor state. It’s better to break up with him directly, and you pay for it. You can get a sum of money.”

Zhao Yaxi showed some hesitation. Seeing this, Su Li had no choice but to do everything.

“Isn’t it? Then we can’t reach this deal.” After

saying that, Su Li turned around and was about to leave, but was immediately stopped by Zhao Yaxi, “No, I would.”

Su Li turned his back . The two mothers and daughters raised their mouths, showing triumphant smiles.

Su Li walked back to Zhao Yaxi, “Let’s call, leave it outside. The address is about the coffee shop near the bank, where there are many people.”

Zhao Yaxi dialed Sheng Nan’s phone, “Hey, my dear, what’s wrong? I missed me soon, didn’t we just met last night? “

Yesterday? Isn’t it the day when Zhao Xiaoxi passed away? Do you have to choose to stay warm on such a day?

Listening to Sheng Nan’s greasy name, Su Li now really doesn’t understand why Zhao Xiaoxi would have liked such a scumbag.

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