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Chapter 4 Just Died, Coveted Property

In a room deep in the alley, a pair of mother and daughter in black came out, their faces were not generally ugly.

“Mom, why do we wear these black clothes, it’s ugly.” Zhao Yaxi kept complaining.

“Girl, Nunren, this Xiaoxi has just passed away, do you want to dress well? What do you want to see if the neighbor next door sees this? I don’t want to be made irresponsible for that unlucky dead girl.”

After hearing this, Zhao Yaxi felt reasonable, so he stopped complaining, although his face was still very ugly.

“Have you brought all the account book, ID card and bank card?”

“Of course, how could I forget such an important thing?” Zhao Yaxi was obviously happy when it came to this topic.

After the confirmation, the two mother and daughter ran towards the

bank …in the lobby of the bank.

“Two ladies, what kind of business do you want to do?”

“We are here to withdraw money.”

“Please come here.”

Zhao Mu and Zhao Yaxi came to window 1, and the teller smiled friendly and welcoming. “Please show

me the bank card and ID card.” Mother Zhao took out the ID card and bank card she found in Zhao Xiaoxi’s bag, and passed it through the small window. The teller took the ID card and bank card and looked at the photo of the ID card. With the two of them, I had doubts in my heart.

“I ask you, who is my ID card?”

Zhao mother and Zhao Yaxi have shook his head, “Miss, we are not, that bank cards and ID cards are my other daughter’s.”

“I’m sorry ladies, not my words Our bank can’t handle the withdrawal business for you.”

“What?” Mother Zhao shouted loudly, attracting other people in the bank to wait and see.

“Mom, what are you doing? You’re embarrassed, just keep your voice down.” Zhao Yaxi whispered in Zhao’s ear.

Mother Zhao calmed down. At this time, she changed to Zhao Yaxi to speak, “Miss, that’s the case. My sister is dead, and she has no husband or children. So, shouldn’t her property be inherited by us? You can be right. The photo on the household registration book, she is really my sister.” After

that, Zhao Yaxi passed the household registration book through the window. The lady at the counter took the household registration book and looked at the photo on the ID card.

The photo can indeed match, “Two ladies, do you have the will of the deceased or the inheritance document determined by the court?”

Zhao Mu and Zhao Yaxi were speechless, but they shook their heads one after another.

“I’m sorry, if that’s the case, we still can’t handle it for you.”

“What?” Zhao Yaxi was also excited now.

“Girl, our family is poor, and now a daughter is dead, but we don’t even have the money to do the funeral. You can’t accommodate it. Let us take out the money and let my daughter be buried in the beautiful scenery.” Mother Zhao began to use bitterness.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry about your daughter’s affairs, but the bank has bank regulations.”

“Oh my God, how can this be done? Does your bank want my daughter to be buried properly, can’t you?” Zhao’s mother was stunned. At this time, the lobby manager came over and the lady at the counter told him to clarify the situation.

Seeing that the bank staff still didn’t do anything, Mother Zhao continued to play nonsense, “Everyone is here to comment, my daughter is dead, and we survivors want to take out her money for a beautiful funeral. It seems that they are trying to monopolize my daughter’s money.” The

onlookers also began to tell the truth, and the banking business began to paralyze.

“Madam, please calm down, our bank has bank regulations.”

However, Zhao’s mother has long been unable to listen.

“Manager, what can I do? We can’t do business if we are so troubled, then our bank will be complained.” The counter lady began to worry.

“Are you sure they don’t have a will or a court-decided succession letter ?”

“They said it themselves.” The

lobby manager nodded and walked in front of Zhao’s mother and Zhao Yaxi, his tone hardened a lot, “Two Ladies, if you continue to behave like this, I can only ask the security to come and invite you out.” After

hearing the word “security”, Zhao mother and Zhao Yaxi were dumbfounded for a while, but had no plans to go out immediately. .

At this time, the lobby manager motioned to the two security guards at the door, and immediately, they appeared in front of Zhao Mu and Zhao Yaxi.

“Don’t touch me, I’ll go by myself.”

Zhao Yaxi hugged Mother Zhao and walked to the door dejectedly.

With no gain, the two mothers and daughters had to return home.

“Mother Zhao, Miss Zhao…” Hearing someone calling themselves, Mother Zhao and Zhao Yaxi hurriedly turned their heads. What they saw was a tall, well-dressed young woman.

It was Su Li, a woman who made Mother Zhao and Zhao Yaxi completely unfamiliar, but Su Li knew them well.

“Do we know you?” Mother Zhao said very puzzled.

Su Li walked in front of the two of them leisurely, “My aunt may not know, I am Xiaoxi’s friend.”

“She actually has friends, huh…” Zhao Yaxi said coldly and disdainfully. , Made no secret of his dislike for Zhao Xiaoxi, even in front of a friend who claimed to be her.

Facing Zhao Yaxi’s sarcasm, Su Li was quite calm at this time, with sharp eyes, and replied a meaningful smile, and the words made them even more unpredictable.

“Why didn’t Xiaoxi tell you whether she has any friends? I think in this world, you know best?”

“What do you mean by this? Are you implying that my mother and I are not treating her badly?” “Zhao Yaxi was a little uncomfortable.

“Miss Zhao, do you still need my hint about how you and your mother treated Xiaoxi?”

“You…” Zhao Yaxi was so angry that she couldn’t speak for the first time in the communication between a woman and a woman. Come.

“Why? Didn’t you just come out of the bank? Xiaoxi passed away yesterday, are you so anxious that you can take possession of her property?”

Mother Zhao stood in front of Zhao Yaxi, “This lady, I don’t know you and us What is the relationship between Jia Xiaoxi, but Xiaoxi is not married, what is “possession”? This is what we should call inheritance.”

Our Jia Xiaoxi?

After Su Li heard it, she felt a chill behind her back. She really didn’t know how she had lived with them two women in the past 20 years.

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