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Chapter 3 Car Accident Rebirth 2

Zhao Xiaoxi seemed to have lost her soul. She was supported by Ma Wu and walked back to her ward.

Zhao Xiaoxi sat on her hospital bed, her eyes blank.

“Miss, how are you feeling? How about I call Madam back.”

Without waiting for Zhao Xiaoxi’s timely response, Wu Ma had to silently walk aside and was about to call Madam Su’s phone. At this time, Zhao Xiaoxi spoke.

“Mother Wu, you don’t need to fight anymore. I’m just fine by myself. You can go out first.”

“Miss, this…” Madam Su urged you to take good care of Miss Su Li, but now Being dismissed by her back, this really made Wu Ma at a loss.

“I said, let you go back first. What can happen to me in the hospital?” Zhao Xiaoxi was a little agitated, and her tone was a little aggressive.

Ma Wu was taken aback. She couldn’t help wondering why her lady had such an unusual reaction. She picked up her things and was about to walk to the door of the room. She didn’t forget that she would talk to Zhao Xiaoxi.

“Well, miss, if you have any needs, please tell Ma Wu at any time.” In the

ward, only Zhao Xiaoxi was left, and she finally figured out what happened.

She got out of bed and stood in front of the full-length mirror, leaving tears,

Zhao Xiaoxi? The woman who was abused by her adoptive mother and sister and was always used as a maid; the colleague who was regarded as the victim of climbing up; the woman who was cheated by her boyfriend who had been in love for three years…In the end, her life was ended by a car accident. After thinking about it, Zhao Xiaoxi no longer shed tears, but sneered, lamenting the life of sadness… After

recovering, looking at the strange and attractive face to herself, the corners of Zhao Xiaoxi’s mouth raised slightly. At the beginning, the evil spirit smiled, thinking: It seems that God wants me to live again! I am Su Li now, not the previous Zhao Xiaoxi!


“Come in.” Su Li immediately arranged her appearance.

Opening the door was Xing Sige. Seeing Su Li walking on the ground intact, Xing Sige was happy in his heart, showing a sunny smile, “Miss Su, you are awake, it seems that you are in good condition. Ah.”

Su Li smiled coldly, “You may not believe it, you have never felt so good.” The

nurse came in pushing a wheel, “Miss Su, although you are in a good state now, but to find out. Why did you forget Madam Su, which is your mother, this morning, and we are going to do a full-body examination for you again.” The

nurse pushed the wheelchair to Su Li, “Come on, Miss Su.”

Now that Su Li has done it . Now that the whole thing is clear, since she has decided to live again as “Su Li”, now she does not want to be investigated as a patient by the doctor.

“No need for a doctor, I know exactly who I am now. The reason why I would forget my mother this morning is probably just because I just woke up and my consciousness hasn’t recovered. I now remember everyone clearly. “

“This is not possible, Miss Su, Mrs. Su has told our hospital not to let you have any abnormal situation.” Mrs. Su gave herself a warning, Xing Sige has always kept it in his heart, but you can’t lose Su because of this incident. Donation from the Group to the hospital.

“Doctor, are you blind? Didn’t you see me standing here now? If I said no, don’t use it. As a doctor, shouldn’t you respect the patient’s wishes?” Su Li’s attitude is very resolute. .

Su Li rarely expresses her demands so blatantly and unscrupulously. After speaking, she feels a lot of release in her heart.

This caused Xing Sige to fall into a dilemma of progress. Madam Su’s requirements could not be met, but it was impossible to tie Ms. Su to undergo a physical examination.

“But Miss Su, Mrs. Su’s side…”

Su Li understood why the doctor had to do physical examinations by herself, “Okay, I will tell her on my mother’s side.”

With Su After Li’s words, Xing Sige felt relieved.

“If that’s the case, let’s listen to Miss Su, let’s go out first.” The nurse pushed the empty wheelchair out of the ward, and Xing Sige followed.

After watching them all go out, Su Li immediately walked over, closed the door, then walked back to the bed, picked up the phone on the bedside table, and dialed a number in her mind.

“Hello.” It was the voice of some old middle-aged men.

“Hey, is this Uncle Zhao?” Su Li tried his best to control the voice that had already begun to weep a little.

“Yes, may you be?”

“I…I’m Xiaoxi’s friend, Xiaoxi’s business, I know it, and the grief will be changed.”

” I have a heart , I have a heart.”

“Uncle, Xiaoxi When will her funeral be held? I want to see her for the last time.”

“The day after tomorrow.”

“That’s fine. I’ll be at your house on time.”

“No, the funeral will not be held at home.”

“Not at home?” Su Li’s voice was very surprised. Shouldn’t the funeral be held at home when people die? At that time, some family members and friends will come to express their condolences.

Father Zhao was a little hard to tell, “Yes, because… because of some family reasons.”

Su Li knew the reason immediately, it must be because Zhao’s mother and Zhao Yaxi did not want their body to appear at home. Su Li couldn’t help feeling cold when he thought of this.

“After Xiaoxi’s body comes out of the hospital’s morgue, it will be directly sent to cremation, and finally placed in the Anxi Hall.”

“Okay, uncle, I know, goodbye.”

Su Li hung up the phone, she knew very well. Zhao Xiaoxi’s death will only affect one person, that is, Zhao’s father, and for her acrimonious adoptive mother and scheming sister, Zhao Xiaoxi is just a hindrance, and it is not a pity to die.

Su Li took a deep breath, and then dialed the number written on the piece of paper on the table, which was left by Ma Wu.

“Hey, Mother Wu, it’s me.”

“Miss, do you need anything?”

“Mother Wu, where are you now?”

“I haven’t left yet. I’m still in the hospital.”

“What you brought me here .” Inside, are there any clothes for going out?”

Mother Wu looked at the bag she was holding, and then replied, “Some lady, madam, she specially asked me to bring you some changes of clothes. But lady… …. Are you going out?”

Su Li’s eyes froze, “Yes, there are some previous things that need to be dealt with.”

“But miss, your health is still not well.”

“I’m okay. Come here quickly. Also, you are not allowed to mention to my mother about my going out. Otherwise, you will look good.”

Wu Ma immediately shut up and didn’t plan to call Madam Su. He rushed back to the ward like that.

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